Mama’s Favorite Tablescape

Mama’s Favorite Tablescape

What’s on your table? This month I have my Mama’s Favorite adorning mine. Honestly, this a hard time of year to come up with a tablescape.

It’s a tricky time of year, too early for fall, the kiddos are all headed back to school, family schedules are getting readjusted from the summer break and you finally have a chance to breathe.  So why not pay a little homage to the lady that was the glue in your family, holding it all together in times like these. Make some of your Mama’s Favorites.Setting the table these days is such a lost art these days. Most families are so busy they spend meal time going out to a restaurant or grabbing a bag fast food between school activities. I know a lot of my friends have started to specifically set as side Sunday dinner, as sit down family meal time, with no technology, only quality family time. (Envision kids rolling there eyes and moaning.)  I wanted to invoke a sense of nostalgia, and take you back to your childhood. These cute bowls inscribed with Home Cooking, Best Ever and Mama’s Favorite’s  were what inspired this entire tablescape. I found them at Hobby Lobby…. I know surprise, surprise I shop there a lot. I love that they are a white base, so I can mix and match them with our everyday china. I have found over the years, if you stick to only white dishware, you can always mix and match things at the drop of a hat. It allows you so much versatilely when pulling together tables for holidays and parties. I decided to add in the cute little milk jug glasses as an homage to drinking milk with every meal. I remember every home cooked meal my mom made when I was a kid, was always accompanied by a glass of milk. “It will make you grow up strong” she would say, with no fear of possible lactose intolerance, since that had not been discovered yet… it truly was an absolutely a different time period.Since I am already on the nostalgia train I would like to take you over for a closer look at the sideboard. I decorated with my mother’s old 1958 Betty Cocker Cookbook. I will tell you it has seen better days, but that is part of the charm which makes it an authentic family heirloom. The small fabric envelope in out front is as a set of handmade toile napkins. I featured these on my Instagram page recently as a teaser for this very post. Using the #myhouseinjuly, an online decor inspiration page for the month of July, under the topic of #vintage. I found these beauties at the local Green Bean Exchange Antique market and fell in love. I wish you could still buy napkins sets with these cute little storage envelopes. Just another lost art that exhibits the southern graces I grew up on.You may have also notice that I have a small shadow box on the sideboard. This contains my grandma’s prized Chess Pie recipe. It has been a staple in my family for over 50 years, often causing a fight over who got the last piece. I created the shadow box several years ago to protect her original handwritten recipe, on a envelope no less, along with some family photo’s and other kitchen keepsakes. Finally, no tablescape is complete without a element of fresh flowers. These beautiful limelight hydrangea’s were actually clipped out of my very own yard. I just picked up some red roses at the store and added them in to match the linens. If you read my Pet Friend House Plants (link here) post last week, you will notice I listed hydrangea as a poisonous plant for pets. So please know, that while these pretty lovely’s were only placed on the table, it was only for the photo shoot. They were promptly removed since my fur babies love to eat things they should not. So what’s for dinner? Well Mom’s meatloaf of course, with a side of homemade mashed potatoes and oven roasted green beans, and don’t forget the milk!! You can find my mama’s meatloaf recipe (link here) that I have converted to a more modern day take by using ground turkey. Here’s hoping you make the time to have your own family memories and the ability to share a little bit of family history and nostalgia with the future generations at the same time. Cheers!


  1. What a sweet little theme for your table. I love this idea of Mama’s Favorite dishes. It would make a great potluck dinner idea.

    • You are so right!!! Around this time last year I was involved in a supper club and when I hosted the theme was family favorites.

  2. I’ll have to say that you are doing a very great job in writing good articles like this.
    I’ve bookmarked you and will gladly follow your upcoming articles. Thanks again.

  3. How precious that you have these nostalgic items to decorate with and celebrate things of the past. We always had dinner at the table every day with our girls, no TV, no electronics, just all of us chatting and laughing. None of us would trade those dinners and memories for anything.

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