The Final Reveal Rustic Guest Bedroom

The Final Reveal Rustic Guest Bedroom

It has been a long 6 weeks, welcome to The Final Reveal Rustic Guest Bedroom.

Welcome to the The Final Reveal Rustic Guest Bedroom this season we opted to do a rustic guest bedroom located next to the on- suite Jack and Jill Bathroom featured in the One Room Challenge. If you have not seen this challenge be sure to check it out, to get some insight on where we are going this time.


WEEK 1     WEEK 2     WEEK 3    WEEK 4   WEEK 5   REVEAL 

In case you are wondering what exactly The One Room Challenge is, so here is the scoop. This event was started by Linda Weinstein @ Calling It Home  and is hosted twice a year, in April and October. For the past 14 seasons, the ORC has hosted over 250 interior design & decor bloggers, that have joined together to makeover one room in their homes.  The participants have six weeks, from start to finish, in order to complete a full room transformation. To date, more than 2,200 rooms have been transformed through the One Room Challenge and many spaces, have been recognized and featured by several of the hosts seen here:


This season we have decided to give a facelift to the bedroom located directly next to the on suite Jack & Jill Bathroom seen ORC Fall 2017, which desperately needed to have a sliding barn door installed and prompted the entire makeover.  As you can see the room was nice but lacked any kind of real personality or visual interest, so it was basically a boring vanilla box.


WEEK 1- Introduction, Inspiration Board, Project Outline, Starting Product Estimation & Procurement
WEEK 2- Clearing the Room, Painting the Walls Base Coat, Painting Tips Sponsored by HANDy Paint Products, CAD Drawing-Wood Wall Placement 
WEEK 3- DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall Installation
WEEK 4 – DIY Barn Wood Sliding Door Staining & Installation 
WEEK 5- Picking Up Custom Orders, Last Minute Accessories,  & Room Staging 

Inspiration Board & Designs Plan: 


Tad-Da, we have now turned that boring vanilla box, into a warm and inviting rustic style guest bedroom retreat. Filled with tons of rich wood tones and a variety of lush textures to feed all of your senses.

Using the sliding barn wood door as one of the main inspiration pieces for the room, we were able to create and carry through a very cohesive feeling using the same kind of wood tones. The reclaimed plank wall became a statement piece all on its own and by choosing to use a herringbone pattern created a more elegant version of a barn wood wall.

Textural variations throughout the room keep the space from feeling too hard or overly soft, giving a more eclectic chic twist to a design theme that historically leads itself to being a little bit tough and rugged. When one thinks of a woodland lodge or rustic retreat you usually think of a log cabin. While I appreciate that design stye, I did not feel like that particular vibe meshed well with the rest of my home, and I did not want each room to feel as if you were staying in a theme park. The more chic and elegant side can easily be spotted with the modern style white fur rug and the glam quilt desk chair. Which would not be the most expected choice to be paired with a modern industrial style pine desk. Even the more casual patterns we choose for the linens are still perfectly inviting and not overly done for this guest room.


We decided that this room desperately needed a small office space. Nothing crazy big, but just a nice space to set up a laptop or iPad to check you emails while you are out of town, just as if you were staying in a hotel. The main challenge was where to place a small secretary style desk. The first and most obvious choice was in front of the windows but that caused the bed to be off center, which was a no go for me. I really loved the idea of a small secretary style desk in the corner, however it had to be very narrow so the closet door would not hit it when opened. We were so lucky to find this industrial style hairpin leg desk at Home Goods along with the gorgeous chair, on two separate shopping trips.


One of my favorite things about this guest room is that it has an on suite bathroom, which was our Fall One Room Challenge. The new barn wood door installation has really made such a big difference to the Jack and Jill Bathroom. It truly looks amazing from both rooms, it is hard to say which view is my favorite.
Although I will say the more I stand in the Jack and Jill bathroom, the more inspiration I had for a few more DIY projects in there, but those will have to wait until next year!


All good design is always about the details. If you have ever toured a Designer Showhouse, A Parade of Homes or Street of Dreams; you know what I am talking about.
It is all the cool stuff  that really pulls a room together. We are also avid antique hunters and love to find old vintages things as well.
Things that have a story and cool one of kind stuff. Like this vintage car headlight which was refurbished into a nightstand clock, pretty cool right?


One of my biggest fears about all the wood in this room was that is might feel cold or hard and that is not very inviting for a guest bedroom.
So I made sure to load up on tons of luxurious textures like faux fur rugs, pillows and chunky knits.

However, I also wanted to add in some visual textures as well with the bark on the log lamp, the metal on the nightstands, even in the woven seats on the benches, giving a nod toward the return of macrame and crochet trends.

Over all, we are so happy with our new Rustic Guest Room Retreat, and that we have successful finished our 4th One room Challenge. We are already excited about the Spring One Room Challenge, and believe it or not, have started making plans for the next round!
What can I say, when you get the design bug it just becomes one designer challenge after another and you just can not seem to stop yourself. Besides, I have a huge project list of things I want to do with this house of mine, and when I finish with this one I may just get a new one, or start on our Florida property, lol the possibilities are truly endless as far as I am concerned.


  1. You’ve captured such amazing rustic details, Jen! The focal wall came out incredible and so did that barn door. Congrats on a job well done! Xo, Tee

  2. Jen this turned out amazing!! Your wood wall is incredible and I love the pattern you chose. Well done my friend!

  3. Jen! What a major transformation! So many rich wood tones! Great job and congrats to being done!

  4. Jen,
    This room turned out so warm and inviting!!! Love the rustic feel here. That wall was worth the work. I’m right with you and although at week 4 swore never again now I’m making Spring ORC plans. 🙂

  5. Okay, seriously Jen, can I just move in??? Every post makes me fall in love with your house more and more!

  6. Wowzers, Jen! That wall! That door! How fabulous is this room. And I Love the details that make the space unique and special. Super great job! ~~Susie from The Chelsea Project

  7. I love all the different textures and little details. My favorite piece is the desk–it’s so unique and fits in so well with the wood wall and barn door.

  8. Such a warm and inviting room! I love the bed against that gorgeous wall!

  9. This is absolutely stunning! I love the herringbone pattern you did on the accent wall. Such a fun and unexpected twist on the typical wood accent wall. I am also obsessed with the desk and chair you found. Of course good ole Home Goods to the rescue!!

  10. Oh wow, such unique looks for the rooms.

  11. I love your idea of the office space! I love cozy spots at the house where I can work and do my own things! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh my gosh Jill you are just so sweet to say that, and I really really appreciate your compliment it is so nice to hear that my you like my style. Thank you so much my friend.

  13. I know right? LOL we just love to put ourselves under the pressure of the design challenges, honestly I like the accountability and the deadlines for the projects.

  14. Ahh yay! So excited to see this… it turned out amazing. I love all of the simple little touches. The wall and barn wood door is fantastic!

  15. That accent wall looks amazing! Also I love having a desk in a guest room! So thoughtful!

  16. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    Great job on your guest room Jen, love the office nook you created! The whole room is just so rustic yet, gorgeous and that wall is really such an eye catching focal point for your space. I always love to see you full-scale designs.

  17. Yet another post that makes me fall in love with you…I mean your house! Seriously though come and do my house. The transformation would huge!!

  18. I love the coziness of this room! Looks like a place I would LOVE to stay. Congrats on a great finish!

  19. I’m in love with that plank wall! The mix of the wood tones plus the herringbone pattern…beautiful!

  20. Sara

    This is so gorgeous! I’m amazed at how seamlessly you integrated the warm wood vibe with the clean and modern look. It is just spectacular! Well done!

  21. Sara thank you so much I really appreciate your sweet comment.

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