Adding a Herringbone Shiplap Accent Wall

Adding a Herringbone Shiplap Accent Wall

Okay, welcome to the ORC FALL 2018: Week 3 Adding a Herringbone Shiplap Accent Wall.

This week our primary focus this week will be Adding a Herringbone Shiplap Accent Wall which we have decided to add in a herringbone pattern. We are showing you step by step how we created this statement wall for our guest room.


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We are in ORC FALL 2018 : Week 3 Wood Accent Shiplap Wall.  In case you are wondering what exactly The One Room Challenge is, so here is the scoop. This event was started by Linda Weinstein @ Calling It Home  and is hosted twice a year, in April and October. For the past 14 seasons, the ORC has hosted over 250 interior design & decor bloggers, that have joined together to makeover one room in their homes.  The participants have six weeks, from start to finish, in order to complete a full room transformation. To date, more than 2,200 rooms have been transformed through the One Room Challenge and many spaces, have been recognized and featured by several of the hosts seen here:


Inspiration Board & Designs Plan: 

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Okay so picking where we left off from Week 2 our accent wall is painted with a darker base coat in case there are any gaps between the wood. We have marked the studs lines with a laser level and we have decided on our board placement as a quadra panel herringbone design, verses a  standard herringbone. Which you can see below in the drawings. What this means is each section will be grouped into a set of four boards to create a bolder herringbone pattern, which is not as busy for the eye.
The first step was to layout out our boards and pick a color pattern. We are using the Wall Board 1/2 in. x 4 in. x 4 ft. Weathered Hardwood BoardSince I want it feel random and not over placed I grouped the similar colored boards together so we could easily grab and go. This also helps to verify the length of your boards since some of the reclaimed boards can have slightly varying lengths as well. Then we pick the center line found our angle and tacked the first board into place. We decided to start at the bottom since it would eventually  be hidden behind the bed in case anything should go a-rye.
Ron layered the next 3 boards on top of the first and tacked them to wall using the studs lines as guides, and just like that we were off and running with our first quadra panel being complete. One thing that I did notice is the big color variation between the Weathered Hardwood Shiplap Board on the floor with direct sunlight verses the boards being placed on the wall vertically and the having light wash across the wood. For this reason I would have Ron hold up the boards after I would pre lay them out on the floor to make sure I was not getting too much of the same color in one area. The next quadra panel section would run in the opposite direction and the first set. The first board of this set started by running perpendicular off the baseline of the first set of boards. Which is how you make the pattern, once this is laid in the rest is a piece of cake. You just continue to line up the boards in alternating colors and tack them to the pre drawn studs lines. You will not have to start making cuts until to reach the ceiling or the walls, so the vast majority of the wall will go up very quickly.  Even when you get to next sections it is really all about lining up the boards to your based lines, as seen below. Then stacking the next four color alternating boards on top. We filled as much of the area as we could without making any cuts first, which was a huge time saver.
I do want to address the board color line up. As you can see I did not adhere to a specific pattern of light, dark, gray, brown. I also would use multi boards of the same type in the same quadra panel layout. Sometime I would use two light boards flanking each end or every other board, just to keep the patterns random.This will help to create an over all balance wall, so that you do not end up with too much of one specific color in one area. Which can give a over saturated effect and draw your eye to that particular placement of the boards. Also it is human nature to create a pattern, so it is very hard to make a randomized look too.

My Designer Tip: For me, I like to stand back and blur my eyes to see what color I needed in a specific spot. I do with everything from Christmas tree ribbon placement, floral arrangements, landscape design, to simple pillow place on a sofa or bed. This will help you to see large blocks of color in one area and get a more randomized pattern. 

As we reached the edges of the walls the ends of the boards needed to be shaved off to fit. This was done easily with a bevel and t-square to get the proper angle. Then we ran it through the miter box to cut the ends off. The same process was used for the vaulted ceiling which was a little trickier since it was sharper angle and a few of the boards had multiple cuts for the vault.
We did save all of the small pieces that we cut off and they came in handy for the small triangular wall pieces. In fact a few of them fit almost exactly, like the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle, lol. We are so in love with the way this reclaimed Weathered Hardwood Shiplap Board accent wall turned out. Then color are so warm and really capture that rustic retreat vibe we we going for with this room. The herringbone pattern also really elevates the feel of the rustic wood to give the room just little bit more of a chic vibe or even a little bit of mid century modern feel. Plus having all the variegation of the wood tones will allow us options for the barn door stain color, for next week and our gorgeous desk which I will reveal in week 5.
Although, I am thinking I hate those cherry wood blades on the ceiling fan! I do not like how they stand out at all, and I am not sure the black on the back side is where I want to go either. So I maybe be adding another project to week 4. I just will have to see how they sit with me this week, oh who am I kidding I hate them they are so going, lol!


WEEK 1- Introduction, Inspiration Board, Project Outline, Starting Product Estimation & Procurement

WEEK 2- Clearing the Room, Painting the Walls Base Coat, Painting Tips Sponsored by HANDy Paint Products, CAD Drawing-Wood Wall Placement 

WEEK 3- DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall Installation

WEEK 4 – DIY Barn Wood Sliding Door Staining Installation & TV Installation

WEEK 5- Picking Up Custom Orders, Accessories & Room Staging (Fan Blades to be refinished? TBD)


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  1. Well this is just stunning! Great job with the pattern and color placement. Your room is really going to be amazing! ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. This must’ve been a fun project even though it required a lot of planning! The accent wall came out really nice. Can’t wait to see next week’s progress!

  3. Thank you so much Susie! We are really loving how it looks so far and are so exited for the reveal!!!

  4. Thanks Tee, while it did require a fair amount of planning the result made it all worth while. I will put in the hours up front to have a pretty result in the end any day of the week, plus there is something so gratifying about watch it come to fruition.

  5. This is AMAZING! Wow! It’s so gorgeous! One of these days I want to do something like this with a wall in my house.

  6. That wall is amazing!!!! Great job, what a statement it makes. And I vote yes to get rid of the fan blades too, lol!

  7. Mariànne

    I’m loving the chevron pattern and different gradients of the wood. Very gorgeous

  8. I love the idea that is real wood and not just a wallpaper. It adds the texture to change completely the idea of the room!

  9. Thank You Susanne, we love this wall so much. Just wait until you see what I got up my sleeve for the fans blades… somedays I shock myself, LOL!!!

  10. Oooohh! I was so excited to see this go up! What a statement piece! The accent wall looks amazing 🙂

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  13. Wow, you guys are serious, aren’t you? That is going to look amazing and I like the proposed colours and materials on your inspiration board. it sounds like a great project!

  14. Sharvina

    Thanks for the step-by-step guide! The final result is so exciting to see.

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  16. I’m totally obsessed this is such a great design!

  17. Jennifer this looks AMAZING! I love the herringbone pattern. I toyed with doing that too but my wall just wasn’t big enough. I love it though. And the colors of your boards are so fun! I can’t wait to see the barn door.

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  22. So much Math but it’s worth it, so pretty!!

  23. Wow it looks so good!! Way better than the wall we took down 😂😉

  24. Jen, the wall looks FAB! Kudos on the pattern my friend.

  25. Thank you Sarah, that says a lot coming from you, since I know you are not a fan of the wood walls, LOL just kidding, you place is looking great 🙂 . See I promised I would try to class my up a bit with that herringbone pattern.

  26. This is timely for me as I was trying to decide between a decorative wall like this one or a traditional paint job. You’ve given me a lot to think about!

  27. Sarah I am so glad this post came at such a good time I only want to inspire others to be creative in their designs 🙂 Good luck!

  28. Leigh Ann thank goodness my husband is good at Math and did all of it….LOL!

  29. Thank you Wendy they were the color that came in the boxes so I did not have a whole lot to do with the colors other than the placement…LOL. I would have liked a little more gray which is odd on the floor they looked very gray and on the wall they did not, lighting clearly was key here.

  30. Thank you Emy we are going to have a lot of textures in this room.

  31. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    Wow this is really one of your best projects to date. You just keeping better and better and I find myself on the edge of my seat looking forward to seeing what you will do next. I can not imagine that I am the only one, great work!

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    Is there nothing that you two can not do? I am always amazed at your DIY projects they always turn out beautiful and your are always coming up with fantastic new design concepts.

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