Accessorizing a Guest Room

Accessorizing a Guest Room

Yay it is week 5, of the ORC FALL 2018 and we are Accessorizing a Guest Room.

This week is Accessorizing a Guest Room which mean starting to get all the pretty accessories in place, which include our custom artisanal sign from Audrey over at Six Twenty Two!


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In case you are wondering what exactly The One Room Challenge is, so here is the scoop. This event was started by Linda Weinstein @ Calling It Home  and is hosted twice a year, in April and October. For the past 14 seasons, the ORC has hosted over 250 interior design & decor bloggers, that have joined together to makeover one room in their homes.  The participants have six weeks, from start to finish, in order to complete a full room transformation. To date, more than 2,200 rooms have been transformed through the One Room Challenge and many spaces, have been recognized and featured by several of the hosts seen here:


Inspiration Board & Designs Plan: 

This week I was super excited to pick up my commissioned rustic wood sign from my friend Audrey, at Six Twenty Two Designs. When I decided we were designing a rustic guest room retreat, I knew that I would need a custom made sign to hang directly over the bed. I knew exactly who I had to ask.

I decided for a guest room I wanted to put something inspirational on the wall. Lately I have been humming the song, Million Dreams, from the Greatest Showman and I find that the words really resonate with me. I guess because I have a million dreams I want to share with everyone and they truly do keep me awake at night, lol. 

I just love how the the custom gray frame pops beautifully on the rustic wood accent wall and how this beautiful  focal piece now takes center stage in our One Room Challenge. Thank you so much for helping me create this beautiful dream Audrey, I am so grateful that we were able to finally met and for this amazing sign!


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I was also very excited to be sponsored by Downlight Bedding for One Room Challenge and was able to try out this Spa Luxe® Cool Touch Bamboo Top Mattress Pad the luxurious bamboo blend top’s quilted fabric is silky to the touch and helps transport body heat away for a more comfortable night’s sleep. While the Infinity Skirt will accommodate up to an 18″ mattress resulting in the perfect bed topper that won’t slip. At a mean 17 ounces per square yard it is considered one of the thickest mattress pads on the market, versus a standard 6-8 oz square/yd model. Let’s just say, I love it so much I will be ordering one for my bed too, and the best news I also have a SAVE 15% code that I am going to share with you: DYGEN15.
I also picked up this great desk at my local Home Goods, I always have the best luck there. I found this guy around Week 1, then last week I ran across this beauty below, I plan to use as the desk chair. Check her out, then I will give you the unbelievable price!
So, since this gorgeous chair was what they considered a “one off” I lucked up on it just as I walked into the store, as a mark down, to $65. After I picked myself up off the floor…. I screamed for my husband to, hurry up and come get it, like a complete crazy woman out the front door of the Home Goods in Dawsonville, on a Saturday.
Not only did most of the parking lot and husband turn to look at me but and few people in the story started to snicker as well…. yep true story. But come on that is a pretty chair, and there was nothing wrong with it at all, not a scratch, mark, smell or stain…. nothing….. for $65 I will act like fool, I do not care!Now I am moving on to my finds from the Sugarboo Warehouse sale I promoted on my Instagram feed a couple of weeks ago. Above are the $29 benches that I picked up, I love them and the rustic legs are perfect. They also will fit the bill of a makeshift luggage rack for the room too.This log lamp was originally a $214.00 lamp that I snagged for $50, all I need to do is find the pretty shade for it and I can use it as a desk lamp and that corner is complete. A quick DIY, I wanted to upcycle this antique car headlight clock I bought several years ago at the Lakewood Antiques Market. Since the room will no longer have yellow in it, I felt like an industrial metal color maybe better suited for this piece.
I basically, restored it back to a more natural color for a headlight from this time period. I told my husband I imagined it belonged to a car like, Lizzie, the old 1923 Ford Model T 2-door sedan from Cars, so it needed to be more in that color range anyways. I am super happy with how it turned out, while the yellow was cool, it just was too bright for my taste.


You may remember last week after we finished this beautiful wood accent wall that I decide that I hated the color of the fame blades in this room. Well I was still undecided, but I officially hate the color so it is now a project.
Unfortunately, the reverse side is black and not really what I was picturing in the space either.  I am envisioning a natural or blonde colored wood more in the range of the light boards seen within the accent wall.
Knowing that I am not going to be able to paint a finish to look like blonde wood, I decided that my only real option, aside from ordering a new fan with blades that would line up to the existing fan, would be to cover the blades with contact paper. I have done this in the past with other projects and as long as you are not directly on top of the faux wood the results are usually pretty good. I found a pretty decent looking faux wood grain Self-Adhesive Film, Maple Contact Paper online and it was here within two days, which works out perfect for our timeline. I was able to get all five blades out of one roll with extra to spare.
I laid the blades out and cut narrow strips to affix directly to the blades. Then using a very sharp razor blade (brand new blade), I traced around the each blade to remove the excess contact paper.
You could also use an exacto knife too, however I could not find mine at the moment, so this would have to do.
Then using a film squeegee I pressed out all the air bubbles. I had this left over from a window film project from years ago, if you do not have one of these a credit card or old gift card works great too.
Next, I punched out a few pilot holes into the blades for the fan screws to pass through without tearing the contact paper. Heaven forbid we tear up the contact paper after all our work by punching the fan screws through the blades. LOL.Viola now the fan has pretty blonde maple wood blades that, from the floor, look just like any other faux wood pressed wood fan blades.
This project literally cost $9 for the contact paper and the results are truly amazing, I really wish I could have used this one for my $100 room Challenge I did last month, but it is still nice to save a little money on this project considering we added the accent wood wall, a barn door, all new linens, a desk, a chair, 2 benches, custom art and a flat screen television to the room.


WEEK 1- Introduction, Inspiration Board, Project Outline, Starting Product Estimation & Procurement
WEEK 2- Clearing the Room, Painting the Walls Base Coat, Painting Tips Sponsored by HANDy Paint Products, CAD Drawing-Wood Wall Placement 

WEEK 3- DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall Installation

WEEK 4 – DIY Barn Wood Sliding Door Staining Installation & TV Installation

WEEK 5- Picking Up Custom Orders, Accessories & Room Staging , Fan Blade Refinishing



  1. I have never heard of the One Room Challenge but I love all of the progress that you have made.

  2. I love the white desk chair with the tufted back… $65 is a steal! I would have been excited too. 🙂

  3. You’re space is looking beautiful! Love the fan remodel – such a clever trick!

  4. Give me all the bargains! I love all of these Fall designs and ideas!

  5. I think I actually scared a few people in the Home Goods, lol. You see I clearly don’t get out much, LOL!

  6. Wow, Jen! Love all these accessories! The artwork is perfection and the fan blades…..genius! Looking forward to next week’s reveal. ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  7. I love that you sourced a talented artist and totally dig that ceiling fan upgrade! I see the hint of the wall and love it

  8. I love your post. I can’t believe that those gorgeous whites chairs cost you $65
    That is a great deal.

  9. Loving all of these accessories! What a steal for that chair! Can’t wait to see reveal next week 🙂

  10. Nice job on the fan! I just upcycled mine too and it makes all the difference right!? Can’t wait to see it all put together next week. Cheers!

  11. You found some really amazing pieces Jen! Excited to see it all come together!

  12. Thank you so much Samantha this One Room Challenge has been such a fun process, and I have really enjoyed the journey. I think after four seasons I am finally getting the hang of it, LOL!!! Learning to enjoy the journey has made the process more fun.

  13. That lamp is amazing! I want one of those for my living room. Beautiful!

  14. Brie @Simply Briee

    I love the chairs. Awesome interior design.

  15. Wow, I had never heard of the ORC until now! I like the fact it has a timeline so you can *try* and stay organised and on schedule!

  16. What great finds! And I’m totally digging the feature wall in the room. Nicely done1

  17. That ceiling fan is beautiful! I have been trying to find just the right one! I will have to check into this one!

  18. Simple and elegant! Love it

  19. That accent wall is fantastic! And great DIY on the ceiling fan.

  20. What a great way to update a ceiling fan! Love all the details! Can’t wait to see them all come together!

  21. Georgia Gal

    So many great ideas and you always inspire me to more in my home I just love to see what you do in these challenges.

  22. sunshine and daisies

    This room is so pretty and all the extras you have picked out made the space really nice.

  23. Ellen from Ask Away Blog

    Shopping for accessories is always my favorite part of any room decorating. So many cute things and the chair was a steal, you did a great job.

  24. Issie Gower

    Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate your writing this post and the rest of the website is very good.

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