DIY Sea Fan Art Work

Original Sea Fan Art JENRON DESIGNS

DIY Sea Fan Art Work

Welcome to Week 5 of  the One Room Challenge: Guest Bath, we are making DIY Sea Fan Art Work this week!

This is Week 5 of the One Room Challenge Guest Bath upgrade. Since we have been afforded a little extra time, for our friends and colleges to recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.  This week I plan to show you a fun little craft project I am doing for this bathroom you could recreate in any room of your home. We are making DIY Sea Fan Art Work, which if you have ever priced is ridiculously expensive.  So I decided to make my own and save a little dough.

Just to recap this happens twice a year, April/ October, the designers only have six weeks, from start to finish in order to complete a full room transformation.  Each week the guest designer’s will link their progress to the ORC host page Calling It Home , and share their room’s progress. The best part you will be able to follow along with JENRON DESIGNS and all the participants progress just by clicking the ORC . This season for the first time ever, the ORC has extended the REVEAL date to seven weeks, to help accommodate  our fellow designers in Texas, Florida and California effected by all horrific the hurricanes and fires (updated in WEEK 4). So now the final completion date and big reveal of our Jack and Jill Guest Bathroom makeover will be on Thursday, Nov. 16th!


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INSPIRATION BOARDGuest Bathroom Inspiration Board Pin JENRON DESIGNS


Okay so as we start in on WEEK 5, I am going to come clean with you all. LOL, thank god because I am in the bathroom, right?  I am  finished….yes I said it, I am actually done but in the spirit of supporting my fellow ORC participants. I am stretching out all my posts one more week so my final reveal will be in 2 weeks with everyone else. Whew, now I feel so much better getting that off of my chest.

adding shower rod JENRON DESIGNS

This week we started a few of the finishing touches like the shower curtain rod. Keep in mind this is a simple tension rod that we placed above the tile, which adds a little bit extra stability by having a tile lip below. I really like to use tension rods when possible. In our other home we had a very small bathroom and we used a curved shower curtain rod to create more space in the shower. However it had to be drilled into the wall, which after pulling the curtain open and shut became loose. There was no way to tighten it back down since it had loosened from striped holes in the sheet rock. Now imagine this same idea but with tile, thats going to be a bad day later down the road.  Especially if you have little ones that might be a bit rough on a shower curtain.


Please  keep in mind that this will mean you need to order a longer shower curtain. Most in stock shower curtains you can buy in a store are 78″ long.

Designer Tip: I personally think it gives a bathroom a more expensive look when you have a longer shower curtain. One that  goes up to 12″ below your ceiling height.  You can order shower curtains in 84″ , 96″ 104″ heights easily online. 


So, for about 3 weeks now, I have teasing you with the secret art project. Since we have an extra week I was able to do a post on the DIY of this art project. My inspiration was a large piece of sea fan/coral art I saw at a local Antique Market. I fell in love with it; however, it was too large for the space and carried a $1,500 price tag. I decided I would recreate that art in a more budget friendly fashion, plus I would be able to make them in a custom size to fit the room.


A secret art project can only be made in one place in my home, welcome to what I lovingly call my secret “Bat Cave”, LOL. This is where all the magic happens. You need a last minute floral centerpiece, bam here I am in the closet. You have a birthday party to go to and need to wrap a gift, poof it all happens here. So I need to built a secret piece of art work for the ORC, well step right inside and once we are finished I can close the door and it appears to be an ordinary closet….LOL

The Bat Cave of Crafts JENRON DESIGNS

Okay so enough about my secret closet of crafting, I have the glue gun all plugged in a ready to go. Below you can see these great Pottery Barn table top sea fans, which were on clearance close out at our local outlet store for $12.00, score!


So I cut the sea fans from their spool bases (which were pretty cool so I reused the spools on a front entry table) Then I trimmed up the sea fans so they would each have their own unique shape and not look so manufactured. Plus this would help them to fit perfectly inside my frames.


The frames were purchased directly off the shelf from my local Hobby Lobby at 50% off of course. They were regularly a $40 frame but got them for $19.99 each after the discount. Also while I was at Hobby Lobby, I had the framing associate cut some gray matte board for the 11×16 frame opening.  I plan to use the matte board as my backer board seen above.

Designer Tip: This is a great tip to remember; find a great frame with precut mattes, like these beautiful linen ones to make a shadow box effect.  Than just add a complementary colored matte backer for a custom look. 

Completion Sea Fan Art JENRON DESIGNS


Then all I did was line up the sea fan and hot glue it to the matte board. Once dried I closed up the frame, added picture hanging wire to the back  loops and voila, a beautiful set of sea fan art for a total of $70, that is $35 each, for art. I think it looks just like the expensive ones you see everywhere and I am very happy with the way this project turned out. It was super simple and really makes that wall stand out. Plus it is the perfect size to fit between the Board & Batten and the ceiling.


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how to make sea fan art JENRON DESIGNS


Week 1- Introduction, Inspiration Board,  & Plan of Action

Week 2- Order All Items, Buy All Supplies, & Frame Out Mirror

Week 3- Start/Finish Board & Batten Wainscot Mill Work

Week 4- Paint Board & Batten Wainscot 

Week 5- Install New Lights, Towel Bars, &Homemade Robe Rack

Week 6- Shower Curtains, All Final Touches & The Secret Art Project 




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