Painting Tips 101

Board & Batten DIY Filling space with paint JENRON DESIGNS

Painting Tips 101

Welcome to week 4 of the One Room Challenge: Jack & Jill Guest Bath where I share all my best painting tips 101 with you.

Week 4 bring a plot twist now  we get 7 Weeks? Oh and I am going over all my best Painting Tips 101, but really 7 weeks? So here is the scoop:

Just to recap this happens twice a year, April/ October, the designers normally only have six weeks, from start to finish in order to complete a full room transformation. Each week the guest designer’s will link their progress to the ORC host page Calling It Home , and share their room’s progress. The best part you will be able to follow along with JENRON DESIGNS and all the participants progress just by clicking the ORC . The final completion date and big reveal of our Jack and Jill Guest Bathroom makeover would normally have been on Thursday, Nov. 9th!

HOWEVER, I just received the following email this morning:

Hello One Room Challenge™ Guest Participants!
You are receiving this email because you registered for the fall 2017 One Room Challenge™.

Hello Guest Participants, 
For the first time in the history of the ORC, the final reveal post is being granted the extension of one week! 
Never have there been so many natural disasters in so many states leading up to, and during the ORC. Between Texas, Florida and California, many participants have had to endure unusual circumstances. Product shipments, supplies, and previously scheduled work have all been compromised. Extreme circumstances require extreme measures. While there has never been an extension in the six years of this event, the fall ORC calls for some flexibility.Supporting each other during difficult times takes priority. The objective of the event is to cross the finish line as a united team with gorgeous spaces in which we can both enjoy living and sharing with our readers. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. If you were able to finish by the original date (November 9th), you now have an extra week of ‘sneak peeks’, additional DIY tutorials, and any additional details you would like to share. And, if you are one of the many who desperately wished for an extra week, your wish has been granted. 
Here's to finishing strong while creating the greatest amount of internet inspiration!
Thursday, October 26th - Week 4
Thursday, November 2nd - Week 5
Thursday, November 9th - Week 6 (NOT THE REVEAL)
Thursday, November 16th - Week 7  THE NEW REVEAL DATE

First of all I want to say this type of support, from the hosts, fellow bloggers and designers is the exact reason I LOVE being apart of this group. It is such a loving and nurturing environment to allow yourself  to creatively grow.  We all support and help each other out during good times or bad times, and I have made so many friends and joined awe inspiring groups of fantastic bloggers.  So, the moral of this story is; I get 7 weeks and the REVEAL will now be on NOV. 16th, so please adjust your calendars.


 WEEK 1     WEEK 2    WEEK 3     WEEK 4     WEEK 5     WEEK 6    REVEAL

INSPIRATION BOARDGuest Bathroom Inspiration Board Pin JENRON DESIGNS


( Please know that this post was written prior to the update email received this morning.) 


Okay everyone welcome to week 4, we are happy to report all things are going perfectly and according to schedule. In fact we may be able to push and get done early….. YAY!!! That would be great then I can start putting up Christmas trees….LOL. This week we concentrated on painting. Since the Board & Batten is suppose to match our trim paint, selection for me was very easy. Sherwin Williams Pure White which matches the rest of the house. Board & Batten DIYPaint Tools JENRON DESIGNSI would like to take a moment to show you my favorite paint tool. This small roller has a flip around paint guard. It works so well, I do not even have to use the blue tape for my edges. I have looked every where to find another one that works similar to this one, but no luck.  I have had it for about 10 years now and it is probably discontinued.Pet Supervisor JENRON DESIGNSI would also like to take this moment to mention that painting and pets is never a good idea. While you can see our safety foreman busy at work here, in the past we have had a feline that thought for a brief moment that white paint was indeed milk. That was not a good thing at all, while everything worked out fine and our cat was not harmed the amount of paint tracked all over our home was ridiculous, and the clean was unsightly. So even thought you love them I recommend when painting it is a pet free, and child free zone. Board & Batten DIY Painting JENRON DESIGNSAs you can see we also removed all the switch covers and the toilet tank to make the painting process easier. If there is one thing my husband hates, it is any kind of plumbing job. He is always saying “you can’t mix water and electrical and I am an electrical man”,LOL. Board & Batten DIY tank Removal JENRON DESIGNSHowever, the tank had to be removed to get the paint properly applied to the walls. It just makes painting so much easier and allowed me to get a really good coating behind the toilet. Board & Batten DIY behind a tolite JENRON DESIGNSI am sure all you mom’s out there know how important a semi gloss, scrubbable barrier behind and around the toilet can be, LOL. Here are a few pictures of the Board & Batten completely painted in the guest bath.Board & Batten DIY Painting in tight spaces JENRON DESIGNSIt took 3 coats to get a really good coverage, since it is a bathroom a good coverage and scrubbable surface is key to keeping this Board & Batten clean for years to come. Be sure to check out my Pin-able Paint Finish chart below which is a great tool for selecting the correct paint finish for your room. Board & Batten DIY Filling space with paint JENRON DESIGNSI really feel like the white paint has now made this shot gun shaped bathroom feel so much larger. First of all the white reflects a lot more light into a room giving a lighter and brighter feeling. By choosing to install the Board & Batten at a 5 foot hight,  this creates the illusion of a taller room. Which also gives the room a larger feeling as well. Keep these simple tips in mind if you are working with a tight or smaller space to add the visual appearance of more space.

Board & Batten DIY Coheivsive JENRON DESIGNS


Week 1- Introduction, Inspiration Board,  & Plan of Action

Week 2- Order All Items, Buy All Supplies, & Frame Out Mirror

Week 3- Start/Finish Board & Batten Wainscot Mill Work

Week 4- Paint Board & Batten Wainscot , Homemade Robe Rack & The Secret Art Project

Week 5- Install New Lights, Towel Bars, Shower Curtains, Rugs, & All Final Touches


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Painting Checklist JENRON DESIGNS



  1. Great progress on your room. Board and batten gets me every time. I never cease from loving it. Best of luck finishing 🙂

  2. The paint looks amazing and really brightens up the space!! My husband is an electrical guy too and he definitely appreciated your husband’s quote 🙂

  3. I love the look of board and batten and yours looks fabulous in this space!

  4. Love how those walls turned out! They look great!

  5. I love the board & batten!!! And you are correct the white really opened up the space.

  6. The walls turned out great and I need one of those paint tools! Thanks for the easy paint finish chart too!

  7. It’s those little details that do make a room appear larger. This bathroom is coming along so nicely!

  8. That board and batten!!! Wow, looks great already, looking forward to following along for the reveal.

  9. Kara @

    Wow…the bathroom is looking great so far! Very much in line with my own style. Will look forward to seeing the finished product 🙂

  10. Love board and batten – the bathroom looks so bright and fresh! I pinned your sheen chart to my paint board – thanks for a great resource!

  11. Your board and batten looks wonderful in white! I did mine in white match the other molding in the room (even though I still want to go back and paint it a dark color) You are so right about needing scrubable surfaces in a bathroom…and that paint roller, why would they discontinue it?! It’s a conspiracy with the painters tape companies I tell ya! Wonderful progress 🙂

  12. Your bathroom looks amazing! You’ve inspired me to do something about ours. If it turns out half as good as yours I’ll be pleased!

  13. It’s looking so good! That extra week is going to help everyone.

  14. You are marvelous, darling – and the remodel looks so professional and GORGEOUS!! I love your enthusiasm – it shines through in your blog and writing. The photos make me feel like I’m with you every step. Thank you for inspiring me!

  15. Arielle

    Loving the way this looks! We are getting ready to sell our house and I’ll have to use some of these ideas to make our bathrooms more appealing!

  16. Pippa’s Parade

    I’m so happy to read this. You are doing great in this challenge even if it takes a little longer to complete.

  17. Sib Daniels

    Why are Americans so worked up about this ORC business? I have never heard of it before, but trust me I am looking at it now. House Beautiful is a big sponsor but are kind of out of date by current standards, which you must know judging by your impeccable style. Good luck!

  18. Keith Pofen

    Ahhh I think I understand now you are in a completion to finish a room design in 6 weeks, good luck.

  19. Hildegarde Manor

    Hey there! Exceptional content! I love the method explained
    One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Week 4 . Remarkable!

  20. Brendantes

    Yep still here…… can’t put my iPad down must finish the ORC posts. When is the next one, because I am hooked?

  21. It will post late Wednesday night for Thursday morning. I am so glad you are enjoying my site, please feel free to subscribe to the monthly newsletter if you would like to receive updates and sneak peeks.

  22. Jerry Zopsy

    Well this looks like a lot of fun, and you board and batten turned out very nice. I will check in soon to see the finish.

  23. Oh my stars! The B&B really made such a wonderful difference! Love the white color, too. You are really going to have a fab bathroom! Can’t wait to see more. XO ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  24. Thank you Susie we are so happy with how it turned out!!!

  25. Kendra Maytree

    I am really enjoying the posts for the ORC, 2017 Fall challenge. Who ever dreamt this up was brilliant.

  26. Heather

    That project turned out great and the white paint really did open that room up more. Great idea.

  27. lia

    Okay the final painted batten board is really nice and looks so good.

  28. Sandra Dom

    Just reading my way through the entire segment of ORC, I am excited to see the reveal. I am sorry it was delayed a week, but it shows the support you all have for each other. Hugs to the designers that need that week!

  29. Beth

    You are doing such a nice job, I pop over her from Calling it Home. I have been following several participants this year and your pictures interested me so I had to check out your project. Good Luck!

  30. Ronda Glynn

    Ok wow that Board & Batten makes a huge different in that bathroom. I swear it feels bigger I guess because you kept the colors lighter. Ugh I just want to be your neighbor then you can give me all kinds of good advice on home decor. I bet they all love you, I know I would you would be cherished for sure.

  31. Raven Street

    Your Board & Batten turned out perfect. It really does make the bathroom seem so much larger and taller too. Wow I got to remember this trick.

  32. Deedee DelCarman

    This room looks great after the Board & Batten got painted I am really looking at several of these projects to knock out before the holidays.

  33. Darius Mets

    Yes, this is exactly what that bathroom needed. Kuddos for making good choices.

  34. Julius

    It turned out perfectly the white paint makes the room feel much larger than before.

  35. Josie Ryder

    WOW WOW WOW WOW that board and batten made a HUGE difference in this bathroom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Great job!

  36. Julie Timms

    The Board and Batten has a very nautical feel to it, but I can’t wait to see the way you are going to take it farmhouse!

  37. Rilley Gregg

    I like farmhouse but I live in a very urban area, however I think I could still get away with the batten board, it has a clean modern feel once you got it painted.

  38. Maria Gallo

    I have to say it looks even better all white. I did not know that was how you create that look with paint over dry wall, how easy.

  39. Roberta Wisk

    Batten Board is one of my favorite wall finishes. It makes me feel like I am at the beach which is my favorite place on earth.

  40. Marilyn Dugger

    This batten board makes a world of difference in this bathroom. It makes the room feel much larger in the pictures.

  41. Marcie Bonn

    White paint makes all the difference in the world. The all is now light and bright! Perfect!

  42. May Victors

    Oh that white batten board turned out so nice. I thinkI might want to do this in my guest bath too!

  43. Randi Duemo

    I am now a huge fan of batten board, I guess i never knew what is was called before now, but I love it. I am stewing up some ideas for my home now!

  44. Shante Sweam

    Okay I am starting to see where you are going now, the board and batten looks nice and makes the room feel so fancy now. Nice post.

  45. Reva Shapiro

    I really like how this batten board added interest to this room. It also seems like the walls will be a bit more scrubbable too, which is key for a bathroom.

  46. Rosanna Hinrar

    I had to check in and see it all finished, turned out great.

  47. dorla wood

    Nice job it looks great!

  48. Tricia Bonds

    Batten Board alway makes me think of my mother. She loved that stuff, and put it everywhere, as a kid I hated it, but now I hate to say I love it too! LOL #grownupproblems.

  49. Lea Kenneth

    I waited to comment here after the full Board & Batten project was done. It turned out so good and really makes a statement in your shotgun bathroom. The room now feels larger and somehow taller, amazing.

  50. Alexandrina Brittcar

    This turned out nice, I was wondering about it in the last post but now I see the paint pulls it all together.

  51. Ally Bernard

    This project turned out great. Would you do it again in another room or just let that room be a focal room?

  52. Verty Shinklun

    I like the final completion of this project. The paint really helps.

  53. Gayle Curtis

    I like that you took the entire bathroom light and bright. It is beautiful and everything a bathroom should be.

  54. Bethany

    Just checking out your site, from a Board & Batten pin. Such great information on how to do this project, Thanks!

  55. Hey Ally, great question. I think that will be the only Board & Batten application in my home. I like the way it turned out for this project, but I think if I did it everywhere it would be a little over kill. With that being said I will tell you that I love my millwork and have plans for other types though out my home, based on the design model or specs for each space.

  56. Michelle Viask

    See this turned out great, I should really do this in my kids bathroom. I like that you said the paint cleans up easy and who doesn’t need that, lol

  57. Cathy Clausan

    I really like how this wall turned out. It makes the bathroom looks fancy.

  58. Maurine Michaels

    Batten Board is one of my favorite interior finishes. It make me think of the Cape growing up as a kid.

  59. Rhoda Heath

    Yes sir this is perfect, I love the end result. The color is perfect, and the board & batten really makes your room.

  60. Nika

    Yes that paint makes all the difference in brightening up that Jack & Jill. Love it, sold on doing it.

  61. Eunice

    Oh this wainscot turned out so nice. It freshen up that space so much and gives a high end custom, feeling to the bathroom.

  62. Stormy Francis

    I love how this millwork tuned out, and the what paint made everything so crisp and clean.

  63. Loni Douglas

    The Batten Board turned our so good. I really like the way you walked us through the process step by step. I think we could actually do this.

  64. Reilly Donaldson

    Love this, it turned out fantastic. Great job, keep up the good work, good luck not he challenge.

  65. Rita Warren

    Your Batten Board project looks great! I am happy to be following along with you for this home reno. You produced a really nice tutorial in week 3 and had great finish this week. I will check back for the final reveal.

  66. Michelle James

    I am really enjoying the round of ORC this time. Great project, fantastic picture you all have really upped your game.

  67. Ally Rivers

    Good looking here. I really like how clean and fresh the board & batten made you bathroom look. Funny how little things can make all the difference in design.

  68. Willie Mae

    I have a bathroom just like this long and narrow, I am surprised at how the wainscot added a visual space which is not really there. It doe look bigger.

  69. Deja Watson

    Hi, every time i used to check weblog posts here in the early hours of dawn I find new stuff. Are you in a different time zone or do you schedule the publishing? I ask because I enjoy to find out more and more on how blogs work behind the scenes.

  70. edwardcampbell382

    If you want to take much from this paragraph, then you have to apply these methods to your home. This is a great idea plus you have done really well with your own blog!

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  72. Zandra Dennis

    Love the final look at the walls, it makes such a difference and was very cost effective too.

  73. Adrian Clancy

    I am now thinking about adding some Board & Batten to my kids playroom, maybe add a few chalkboard paint squares for coloring? What do you think?

  74. cathy stoia

    I have a small powder room that I think this would help. It is very tight and could use anything to make it feel bigger.

  75. Monnie Roberts

    This looks even better after you got it painted. I really like how the white paint opened the space up. Good job can’t wait to see more.

  76. I really like Batten Board, I mean who knew. I am hoping add some home improvements to our house next year, pinning.

  77. Adrian, I think that is a great idea the perfect finish for a playroom. The chalkboard paint is always a big hit with the youngsters. Maybe create a designated section, or if you like BOLD designs you could do every other section and create a pattern, or alternate between green and black.

  78. maybellesar1

    This looks great, it really freshened up the space and made it feel larger.

  79. Danielle Howard

    The caulk and paint really make a big difference in the finished product. Very professional looking, nice job.

  80. Deb

    YES, the final completion of the Board & Batten is perfect for this room. It lightens it up and makes it feel bigger. Great design implementation.

  81. jinnyw66

    This made such a huge difference in this space. It feels bigger.

  82. Tidewalker

    This turned out so good, I would love to try an add this at my beach house. I totally think it is the style for my little condo.

  83. Kensie Harbert

    This project turned out perfect and really made difference that long narrow bathroom, it looks more spacious now.

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    This is turning out to be a great ORC post. I love the way the wainscot turned out it is perfect for that room.

  85. Amber Matthews

    You are so smart, I am pretty sure I had no idea that that was just trim on drywall and then painted the same color. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!

  86. Ericka Coesk

    I think I am at the half way point and everything is looking really good. The batten board turned out so good and that mirror is to die for. Reading on to see what else you have in store.

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  88. Elmer Tucker

    This turned out very nice indeed, you have some talent their little lady.

  89. Carol Little

    Your guest bath now appears to look a lot bigger after this wall board installation. Amazing how a little good design goes a long way.

  90. Meg

    Your board and batten turned out perfectly, I think we may add some to one of our guests baths after seeing the finish results and how they turned out for you.

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    I love the Batten Board it looks so fresh and clean for a bathroom. Great job the tutorial in week 3 was great too!

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  95. Roori

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  96. Terry Rex

    The Batten Board look great in the crisp white color you have chosen. It really makes you guest look very large, which I think was the whole point, so good job!

  97. Jem Stevens

    I am looking to add wainscot like this at the beginning of the year, thank you for such a great tutorial, and the fact that it is free and not a ebook is even better.

  98. Erica Guast

    I love the look of batten board but was unsure of how to make it happen. Thank you for the week 3 & 4 of the ORC you have given me the knowledge to attempt this diy in my own home.

  99. Seun

    The batten board looks wonderful in that space and the white paint really fresh it up. Very clean and well designed.

  100. Abby Lynn

    it looks great once you got it painted and makes a big difference in your bath area. larger and brighter all good things for a bathroom.

  101. cassiarolfs1

    Your bathroom project is really looking great. That wainscot really dressed up that room a lot. I think you are really driving the decor industry right now, because now everyone is doing it too.

  102. Ruthanne Parce

    See this is perfect, the room looks taller and larger just with the paint. Wow it really made a huge difference I keep swiping back and forth between the two pictures. It really is amazing.

  103. Jeanie Finue

    Batten Board is one of my favorite wall applications, you did a great job installing and it looks great. Thanks for sharing the dets.

  104. Southern Sassyfrass

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  105. Katie Moore

    I love your bathroom with the addition of the Batten Board or Wainscot panels. it looks so good!

  106. Maysz

    This room looks so good with the addition of the board and batten. I am seriously considering adding this to a hall bath in our home. Do you think this could be done with a more rustic looking wood and still have the same feel. My husband prefers raw wood, or unfinished wood, like what you would find in a barn.

  107. Bruces kids

    I am amazed at how much of a difference the wainscot made in your bathroom. The room really does look bigger and brighter. I will have to pin this for later renovation coming up on our beach house this year. I think it will be the perfect look, thank you for sharing this information on how to do it.

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  125. Helen

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  126. Pearl

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  134. Lexy James@NUB


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  151. Nicole Walker

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  153. Hillary & Joshua Clark

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  154. Glennis Elton

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  155. So many good ideas thank you.

  156. Paulette

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