How To Hang Holiday Window Wreaths

Wreaths Installation on Windows JENRON DESIGNS

How To Hang Holiday Window Wreaths

Hi friends, today on Ask The Designer I am sharing, How To Hang Holiday Window Wreaths like a pro!

Happy holidays everyone, hope you are all having a wonderful festive holiday so far! Today, as you may be starting to add your holiday decor to your home, I have been asked How To Hang Holiday Window Wreaths and keep them up during strong winds. Over the years I have always placed wreaths on my holiday windows, and this is a common question I am asked all the time, so I decided it was time to make a post out of it.

Wreaths on Windows JENRON DESIGNS While most people opt to use a very easy to use Command window hook; I will be the first person to tell you they do not hold. After a week in the sun, or any kind of wind you will be playing a ever popular game of “pick up your holiday decor” from your yard and bushes. Which really boggles my mind considering on sheetrock applications it rips off the wall board everytime, leaving you needing repairs. I have HOA photos to prove it from our clubhouse rental! As you can tell I am not a 3M fan, LOL!

Years ago, I use to professionally install holiday decor for high end homes, in addition to my commercial visual displays that could be seen all over town.  So, let me tell you the mechanics of keeping the decor up is and will always be my number one priority. Probably why I always get this question, when my neighbors play pickup holiday decor, and my wreaths stay firmly attached to my home. So here is my secret.Hanging Wreaths on Windows JENRON DESIGNSWe have always picked an installation set upon purchasing a home, I personally like window wreaths for their simplicity and ability to change looks every year simply by altering bow ribbon color and picks. This year I decided to create a new pair of window eyebrow garlands for my feature windows so they would not block the “leg lamp” and retro tree. I wanted them to match my wreaths; so, they still carry the same color story with the ribbon and similar installation.Wreaths & Eyebrows Windows JENRON DESIGNSThe key is to have permanent hooks, we used a large, white, teacup hook installed in the fascia boards above all the windows. Since our trim is white, they can stay up all year and disappear into the house and are never seen. This saves you from constant hole drilling, like a crazy carpenter bee into your home. No staples, nothing that will destroy the exterior of our home.Wreaths Cup Hooks Windows JENRON DESIGNSOnce you find the center and set your hook it is all about creating the hanger for the wreaths properly, so they hang at the correct length for each window. While you can use ribbon, I will warn you it is not very strong and likely to rip or tear in high winds. If you are lucky enough to have a moveable top window, you could use a metal wreath hook out of the top window, however the window does not close properly causing a winter draft.

*This is also true for ribbon method of hanging from the windows as well. Some windows allow you to open and tilt to hang while others are fixed. Our top windows are fixed making this method a bit too low for the wreaths to be centered on the windows, which can look odd being on the lower half only. Also while this method is easy to install the ribbon is likely to slide out during the season unless you duct tape the opposite side which is not so pretty unless hidden by a valence of drapes and also causes mess inside your home. Cup Hooks Windows JENRON DESIGNSI use metal wire or in the floral business: chenilles (aka: pipe cleaners) you can also use aircraft cable wire for heavier installations. These are the strongest option for a heavy wreath and hold up for the elements. Yes, eventually the metal can rust and break, but this truly is the best option and what all floral designers use for all the heavy stuff like wedding greenery sprays, etc… so they will hold up to approximately 25 lbs.Wreaths Hooks JENRON DESIGNSAnother pro trick is that I label each of the wreaths for the windows, since they are all different heights. This allows the wreaths to be center on the windows every year. Then for installation the wreath can be installed directly from the window simply by removing the screen and reaching out with the wreath to hang the wreath directly on to the hook. No ladders needed, yes, it is that simple.Wreath Loops JENRON DESIGNSAnother tip is I leave my screens out for the winter months, this allows more sunlight into our home and a clear view, I only add the screens back in during the spring months when I can open the windows and need bug catchers. This is actually an interior designer tip to make your windows seem cleaner and brighter. Lots of people do this when selling a home or showing a home to make the windows seem bright and airy.Screen Removal Windows JENRON DESIGNSWhichever method you choose we hope you enjoyed this segment of Ask the Designer. Sign up for future Ask the Design ideas and more seasonal tips, and inspirations, here at our Email updates at this link!

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Daily Double “Ask The Designer” – most berry picks do not do well in outdoor weather the plastic coating splits to show the styrofoam base unless you invest in weatherproof solid plastic berries which can be more expensive. You either need to plan to replace the less grade berries every year or pay more depending on design your needs. 


  1. Amber Myers

    How pretty! I need to hang some window wreaths. I never have before but they’re pretty and festive.

  2. They are one of the easiest ways to decor the exterior of your home year after year. They are a classic southern style of holiday decor.

  3. Great tips and learned a lot!! I love the screen tip too! Your windows look really great!

  4. You are the second person to say that about the screens! I got a private email from a neighbor thanking me for the very same tip! I am so glad I added it in, to be honest I really had not thought about people not knowing this little home hack.

  5. Tisha

    SOO pretty Love all the wreaths! Makes it so festive

  6. Thank You I love sharing decorating tips to help decor go up quicker and easier during such a busy time.

  7. Genna

    5 stars
    I wanted to thank you, I read this post before the holidays and I hung my wreaths with your tips. We had the worst wind and tornados this week, my house was the only with the wreaths still on the windows afterward. So I directed all my neighbors and friends to your site to get the scoop.

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