Winter Wonderland Tree Decor

Winter Wonderland White Lights JENRON DESIGNS

Winter Wonderland Tree Decor

Welcome To The Fourth Annual Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop, come along for a walk in our Winter Wonderland Tree Decor in our Master bedroom this holiday season!

Hi Everyone, happy holidays! Welcome to our Winter Wonderland Tree Decor tour for our Master bedroom. This season we are joining 28 amazing home decor bloggers to share our festive holiday home decor on The Fourth Annual Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop hosted by our sweet friend Michelle, over at Our Crafty Mom. Be sure to check out the full list at the bottom of the page and visit all the participating bloggers for gorgeous holiday decorating ideas for your Christmas tree!Christmas tree graphicI will start my holiday journey by saying I was so ready for Christmas this year! Since 2020 has not exactly been the sparkly fantastic year we had all hoped for it to be this was my beckon of hope. My master bedroom tree actually went up very early, to give us some extra secret holiday enjoyment. I put it up around the end of September first week of October to be exact, which sounds really early but we needed a little extra happy.Winter Wonderland Bedroom Tree JENRON DESIGNSI just find something very magical about sleeping in a room with Christmas lights, I am not sure why but I really find them to be soothing for my soul. Maybe it just transports me back to my childhood and falling asleep while waiting up for Santa, back when you felt safe and untouchable, and your mom and dad protected you and the world was right.Winter Wonderland tree from bed JENRON DESIGNSI also love that my tree can flip between the white lights and the nostalgic colored lights, because those are what I grew up with as a kid, so I find a little comfort in those too. Even though this tree is designed in all white, and displayed with white lights, in the theme of “Walking In A Winter Wonderland,” since my entire home is themed in Christmas Songs this year.Winter Wonderland Retro Colored Lights JENRON DESIGNSIf you are a regular follower here at JENRON DESIGNS you know that every year I put up a Lenox tree, of all of our collected ornaments from the past 23 years. Every year we add a new ornament for the year. This year we added the annual 2020 Nutcracker ornament which was a cowboy nutcracker, which perfectly commemorates our Halloween costumes as Yellowstone’s Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton. Probably part of the reason I put this tree up so quickly too. 
Lenox Cowboy JENRON DESIGNSThe Lenox ornaments work great on any tree theme, but I do love how they look on an all white tree. So we opted to put our flocked tree upstairs this year and fully stuffed it with cotton fiber filler to add that glow from within, you can see my full DIY on how to Make Your Tree Glow here.Winter Wonderland White Tree JENRON DESIGNSAs we take a look at the rest of the room I added a fun Christmas quilt to our basic white and khaki bed linens to liven it up for the the season. I picked this rustic little set up at the end of season last year at my local Home Goods and just stashed it back, knowing that our previous quilt had pretty much seen better days after spending some time on the sleeping porch last season.

Winter Wonderland Master Bedoom JENRON DESIGNSSo it was strictly by luck that it happened to have a khaki stripe in the holiday quilt, which worked perfectly with the one we already had on the bed.   Winter Wonderland Holiday Bedding JENRON DESIGNSI decided that I would keep the sage green crochet pillows which match our crochet runner on the dresser. Even though the colors of the holiday quilt are a little more bold and in the hunter green and red range, the sage green still pulls one of the main stripes out of the quilt. Winter Wonderland Linens JENRON DESIGNSThe cheer pillow is from Pottery Barn and just a fun little way to remind us all to have a little holiday cheer on a daily basis. You know how I love to mix textures, so of course adding in a knit was a must for the ensemble. Khaleesi is in complete agreement, or whatever it takes to get me to leave and quit taking pictures, because I am disturbing her nap time.Winter Wonderland Kitty JENRON DESIGNSAnother fun little thing I added to our Walking In A Winter Wonderland bedroom this year was our snowball fight bucket, which I have to say is a fun way to wake someone up in the morning, lol! Think of it like a pillow fight but smaller and it does not ruin your pillows.  Winter Wonderland Snow Ball Fight JENRON DESIGNSWe also decided that this year we would just keep our private gifts upstairs, instead of down under the maintree. This just seemed like a fun idea to keep them in our private space this year.  Winter Wonderland Gifts JENRON DESIGNSYou may have noticed that we added a few wreaths this year to our barn door window shutters which slide behind the bed when not in use.

Winter Wonderland Shiplap Wreaths JENRON DESIGNSI have to say that I rather like the greenery on the whitewashed barn doors, it adds a nice touch, so don’t be surprised if you notice in my spring refresh next year that I add greenery wreaths to these permanently. This is honestly how inspiration, and design ideas are born.Winter Wonderland No Lights JENRON DESIGNSWell I hope you have enjoyed my portion of the Christmas Tree blog hop, as we took you on Walk into our Winter Wonderland master bedroom holiday retreat. I can not wait to check out all of my friends listed below and see how they have been decorating for the holidays.


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Welcome To The Fourth Annual Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop

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  1. Your tree is gorgeous and I love that you put it in your bedroom where you can enjoy it every single night. Your bed looks wonderful decorated for Christmas.

  2. I love your tree, Jennifer! It looks so pretty in your bedroom, I think I would never leave that room 🙂

  3. How beautiful it is already at the Christmas tree I still have to do it but I admit now the expectations are high I want to recreate the same atmosphere! Love it!

  4. Your tree is just gorgeous with the heavy flocking. Bright and cheerful and gorgeous, I could look at it for hours. Pinning.

  5. Jen, you have truly created a winter wonderland in your bedroom! I love how you stuffed it with fiberfil to make it glow. Thanks for the tip…I’m going to have to try that! I didn’t know they make trees that are both white and colored. How cool is that? I love all of the cozy plaid on your bed, too. Pinned 🙂

  6. I love love love a flocked tree! They’re messy but they’re so beautiful! I love the tartan bedding too!

  7. Oh my goodness, I love this! Don’t you love it when you buy something new – bedding, ornaments, etc. and it just blends with items you already have like they were made for each other. I almost put a tree in my bedroom this year; it may just be a must next year.

  8. I can really picture how magical it would be to fall asleep by the glow of Christmas lights! So pretty!

  9. You’ve decorated your tree wonderfully! I know what you mean about the magic of the holidays and feeling transported back to childhood. It’s lovely!

  10. You nailed it….it is very much a winter wonderland, just stunning, really! I can imagine just sitting with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoying the tree all lit up at night. And your bedroom retreat is gorgeous, well done!

  11. Jen, your tree is gorgeous! I would love to have a tree in my bedroom, but alas, my husband bans all Christmas decor from the bedroom. BUT, with my bedroom double doors open, I can see our tree in the family room!! My tree isn’t nearly as beautiful as this lovely flocked tree with the wonderful color changing lights! Lovely!

  12. Amazing! This looks like a magazine layout. Love the flocked tree and the all white decorations.

  13. Pingback: Mandy
  14. Jen, I’m amazed by your stunning Christmas tree!! Your entire bedroom is so festive and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us!

  15. What a beautiful bedroom Christmas tree. Pinned

  16. I absolutely love your tree Jen! I had to put a tree in my master bedroom this year too, I just love reading by tree light at night before i go to sleep! Your tree is so pretty with all the whites and I love how a quick flip of the lights makes it look so different… it’s like two trees in one!

  17. A tree in the bedroom, that is so cool. Your tree is beautiful, and I love, love all the plaid on your bed. Your cat looks very cozy there too. I’m new to discover your blog so I had to pop around. Your ORC turned out great, I love the bookshelves you added.

  18. This is stunning! I love the winter wonderland theme for it. Your idea of using cotton for filler is great. Your bedroom decor is lovely!

  19. This is the perfect winter wonderland! It looks so pretty and I can’t imagine having this amazing tree in the bedroom. Wow. You did such a great job.

  20. I simply would not leave the bedroom. Everything is gorgeous including your tree.

  21. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    Jen, I love this look for your bedroom for the holidays it is so cozy and beautiful. I agree sleeping under the Christmas lights is magical.

  22. Such a beautiful tree!:) i love when trees have a theme, and yours is perfect.

  23. Pingback: Bianca
  24. Lane

    It’s really very pretty to see an all white tree I love how it glows and all the added flocking. Great tips!

  25. Maura

    I’m a big fan of your site and these beautiful trees. Your home is always so pretty at the holidays!

  26. Tisha

    That tree is a dream tree!!! Stunning !!!

  27. Amber

    I like having a tree in the bedroom too with the lights. It is, what you said, magical. Loving the all white look with a touch of red. So pretty!

  28. OK I am OBSESSED with your tree!!! My biggest struggle is not having space I want to dedicate to storing all this stuff the rest of the year… I need to get over this and just dedicate a corner to some big boxes I guess! Beautiful decorations bring me so much joy!

  29. This is truly a Winter Wonderland! The tree is absolutely gorgeous. This gives me so many decorating ideas.

  30. Yas, I feel like saying to every Christmas tree, “MORE SNOW!” I love how frosted and full your tree decor is.

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