Upgrade Your Pantry Door

Upgrade Your Pantry Door

One of the simplest kitchen transformations is to upgrade your pantry door. 

So we decided to trade out of basic stock builder grade door to something with a little bit more personality. Below is a before picture of my kitchen, with the basic door.  You may also notice we have not even done the Wainscot panels on the island at this point either. That project can be seen at the 5 Budget Friendly Kitchen Upgrades link.  

First step in the process is to pick your door. I have been researching this for several months now. A standard size panel door is 24×80, which makes antiquing to find one very difficult. You can find a ton of remade in stock printed pantry doors, but I am going to be honest the wheat in a bread basket pattern was not floating my boat for this Industrial Farmhouse Chic kitchen. I landed on a basic frosted glass door, in stock for $145 at Home Depot

This door was already pre primed and ready to hang. So we removed the previous door to use as a template. You may have notice the new door does not contain any predrilled holes for the door knob or designated areas for the hinges.  We used the existing door as a template for the hinge set. Then my dear sweet husband round hand chiseled the exact opening into the new door hinges. 

Next step was to drill out the door knob. This part is a little trickier since you really need to make sure these parts align. We purchased a door knob jig from Ryobi to make this job easier, best $20 you will ever spend. 

You just hook it on to the door make sure it meets the existing strike plate. Then drill your door knob hole. For a solid wood door like this it will take a few minutes  to do this. 

Then with out moving your door knob jig, you drill out the lock set portion of the door. 

We removed the existing door knob from our previous door, for consistency and to save a few bucks. Then installed it directly on to the new door after painting to match our trim. 

As you can see this stock door we chose had been pre primed and was already taped off with a (very messy to remove) paper film. I found this step very handy and it saved me a lot of time on taping off. However, the easy remove film resulted in flicks of dried primer all over the kitchen, easy enough to vacuum up but still a mess. 

Once you have painted your door the desired color and removed that god awful film, the next thing to do is lay out your stick on letters.  I would recommend a vinyl stick on letter for easy wipe down. 

This step you will want to measure to the center of door both vertically and horizontally. Then based on your preferred spacing and number of letters determine your middle and start from there. I used blue painters tape in order to adjust and move letter’s until I liked the spacing and layout. 

This is the finished product and I love the way the light shines through the door to illuminate the writing. It also makes a great night light to find your way to the kitchen, especially if you have children, midnight snackers or guests staying with you. We hope you have enjoyed this easy DIY project as seen in the recent post 5 Budget Friendly Kitchen Upgrades.


So I wanted to update you all on the vinyl letters. As with some project things go astray and you end up revamping them on down the road.  After about 2 months, and cleaning the glass soon the door,  the vinyl letters started to lift and curl up around the edges, which looked horrible, and I found my self constantly fiddling with them or pressing them down every time I went into the pantry. In case you did this same project and I wanted to offer you my solution to this issue, which I think you are going to really love, I know I do!!!

So I basically used the shape and placement of the letters as a template. I traced the outside edge carefully with a fine point black sharpie marker. Then removed the letters and hand painted inside my sharpie lines with a black craft paint, which is waterproof and permanent. I am actually happier with this more rustic look of a hand painted door, as the brush strokes are apparent and the back light shines through them a little bit. Honestly, it’s authenticity reminds me of small town, old timey bakery, rather than just modern vinyl stickers I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  So this DIY was redefined and now has an even better ending. 


  1. Next pay day I am doing this project in my kitchen, I love it!! Thanks for posting all the details too!

  2. Look pretty easy the Mrs. would like me to complete this project over the weekend. Tell you husband thanks for the tips of the door knob rig.

  3. I absolutely love that door!! What an awesome update! I am very impressed that you did the door knob and latch all by yourselves. ­čÖé

  4. Wow, that looks great! I also really like the idea of leaving the light in the pantry on as a nightlight.

    • Thanks Kate, we love using it as a night light, and the lettering looks so pretty being lite from behind. ­čÖé

  5. I found your site via Cosy for You, one of my daily reads, and I am so glad I did. It is amazing what a simple upgrade can do to change the entire appearance of a room. You kitchen now has more of a quaint little bakery feel.

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