Upgrade Your Pantry Door

Upgrade Your Pantry Door

One of the simplest kitchen transformations is to Upgrade Your Pantry Door in your kitchen. This is a quick weekend project that will instantly transform your space.

We decided to Upgrade Your Pantry Door and trade out of basic builder grade door, to something with a little bit more character and personality. Below is a before picture of my kitchen, with the basic white paneled door.  You may even also notice we have not even done the Wainscot Panel Island Upgrade project yet on the island at this point.

First step in the process is to pick your door. I have been researching this for several months now. A standard size panel door is 24×80, which makes antiquing to find one very difficult. You can find a ton of remade in stock printed pantry doors, but I am going to be honest the wheat in a bread basket pattern was not floating my boat for this Industrial Farmhouse Chic kitchen. I landed on this basic frosted glass door, in stock for $145 at Home Depot. This door was already pre primed and ready to hang. So we removed the previous door to use as a template. You may have notice the new door does not contain any predrilled holes for the door knob or designated areas for the hinges.We used the existing door as a template for the hinge set. Then my dear sweet husband round hand chiseled the exact opening into the new door hinges.

Next step was to drill out the door knob. This part is a little trickier since you really need to make sure these parts align. We purchased a door knob jig from Ryobi to make this job easier, best $20 you will ever spend.

You just hook it on to the door make sure it meets the existing strike plate. Then drill your door knob hole. For a solid wood door like this it will take a few minutes  to do this. Then with out moving your door knob jig, you drill out the lock set portion of the door.

We removed the existing door knob from our previous door, for consistency and to save a few bucks. Then installed it directly on to the new door after painting to match our trim. As you can see this stock door we chose had been pre primed and was already taped off with a (very messy to remove) paper film. I found this step very handy and it saved me a lot of time on taping off. However, the easy remove film resulted in flicks of dried primer all over the kitchen, easy enough to vacuum up but still a mess.

Once you have painted the door your desired color and removed that god awful film, the next thing to do is lay out your stick on letters.  I would recommend a vinyl stick on letter for easy wipe down.

This step you will want to measure to the center of door both vertically and horizontally. Then based on your preferred spacing and number of letters determine your middle and start from there. I used blue painters tape in order to adjust and move letter’s until I liked the spacing and layout.

This is the finished product and I love the way the light shines through the door to illuminate the writing. It also makes a great night light to find your way to the kitchen, especially if you have children, midnight snackers or guests staying with you. We hope you have enjoyed this easy DIY project as seen in the recent post 5 Budget Friendly Kitchen Upgrades.


So I wanted to update you all on the vinyl letters. As with some project things go astray and you end up revamping them on down the road.  After about 2 months, and cleaning the glass soon the door,  the vinyl letters started to lift and curl up around the edges, which looked horrible! I found myself constantly fiddling with them or pressing them down every time I went into the pantry. In case you did this same project and I wanted to offer you my solution to this issue, which I think you are going to really love, I know I do!

I basically used the shape and placement of the letters as a template. I traced the outside edge carefully with a very fine point black sharpie marker. Then completely removed the letters and hand painted inside my sharpie lines with a permanent waterproof black craft paint. I am actually happier with this more rustic look of a hand painted door. The brush strokes are apparent and the back light shines through them a tiny bit. This gives the door an authenticity, and that reminds me of small town bakery, rather than just modern vinyl stickers I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  So this DIY was redefined and now has an even better ending. 

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DIY Frosted Hand Painted Pantry Door JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. Cosy Cosett

    I found your site via Cosy for You, one of my daily reads, and I am so glad I did. It is amazing what a simple upgrade can do to change the entire appearance of a room. You kitchen now has more of a quaint little bakery feel.

  2. This is an upgrade we could totally use in our house! Thanks for sharing the idea! 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am so glad you enjoyed it!!!

  4. Wow, that looks great! I also really like the idea of leaving the light in the pantry on as a nightlight.

  5. Wow…how nifty, cool and eye-catching is this! Love the idea and how you went about it – not to mention the great step-by-step instructions on how to do this. Just great for non-handy people like my fiance and I!

  6. Thank You Susanne!!! Yeah, that jig from Ryobi that my husband bought really made it easy.

  7. Thank You Nicole, and I am so glad you enjoyed the DIY. 🙂

  8. Thanks Kate, we love using it as a night light, and the lettering looks so pretty being lite from behind. 🙂

  9. I absolutely love that door! What an awesome update! I am very impressed that you did the door knob and latch all by yourselves. 🙂

  10. William W.

    Look pretty easy the Mrs. would like me to complete this project over the weekend. Tell you husband thanks for the tips of the door knob rig.

  11. Pam Brinkman

    Next pay day I am doing this project in my kitchen, I love it!! Thanks for posting all the details too!

  12. Lonny Hoeke

    I like this web site very much so much fantastic info.

  13. Lisa Murphy

    I followed your Instagram account over from your hydrangea post this morning. I just had to know more about this stunning pantry door.
    Also just want to tell you that I absolutely appreciate you honesty in the repost about the stickers, or clings that did not work. Plus the fact that you provided an alternative option to this project fail for those of that are following along to recreate this look. It is nice to know that your are human and have the say trials and tribulations that we all face. Thanks for your authenticity.

  14. cours de theatre paris

    Muchos Gracias for your blog.Really thank you! Great.

  15. Ally & Jed

    This can be so simple and yet it makes a big impression for the final results. I really appreciate the way you updated the post to include the door vinyl stickers did not work. It make you seem real, not like good luck with this bogus project I just gave you, lol. Thanks for caring about your readers and showing that not all DIY is easy.

  16. Flight562

    Your door turned out perfect. I really like the way you chose to back lite it as well and you are right it would make a great night light. The frosted glass is also a good touch so you do not have to see the inside, which I am sure yours is presitine as is the rest of your home.

  17. Metropolitan Maven

    Your pantry door is very well designed. The vertical lettering gives it more of a urban industrial feel which is so chic right now. However, I do think it also complements your farmhouse style very well too. Nice job!

  18. Ana Heaster

    This pantry door is perfection, it turned out so good. I also love that you edited your post when plan A did not turn out the way you had hoped, and your offered us a plan B. It is that type of follow through that will take you places, never give and always do good should be your motto.

  19. Sadie McGinty


  20. Mandy Cyrn

    This project to create a pantry door is so helpful. I have been asking my husband to put in a new pantry door for a while now. This tutorial is going to help facilitate this project and now I can get the door of my dreams, thank you!

  21. Addison Lipinski

    I would like to show you my appreciation, your kindness for visitors like me, that come here and really want guidance for home projects. Your new solution was extremely practical and will certainly make men and women like me want to complete their goals. Your entire warm and friendly atmosphere and helpful hints indicates so much a person like me about the type of blogger you are. Many thanks

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    There are some attention-grabbing diy’s in this article I plan to look into further. Good article, thanks! Added to FeedBurner

  23. Fix it Up

    We are following your site and have notice you have some really great DIY projects. This one in particular caught my eye. I love that you ended up hand painting those letters, the look is fantastic.

  24. Alicia @ What a Difference A Day Makes

    A powerful share, I just passed this site onto a colleague who was doing slightly different but similar project. The results of the new door make the kitchen even better. The backlighting is also really great too.

  25. Laurel Rinker

    I must do this to my pantry door. I love the way it is lit up too. Did you already have alight inside or was that an add on?

  26. Kendall | Is it nap time yet?

    A lot of thanks for your own efforts on this web page. You are carrying out a brilliant job and helping all of us along the way. Can’t wait see what you do next.

  27. Hey Laurel thanks for dropping in, to answer your question the light was already there. However I maybe be changing it out in there near future when I do my pantry upgrade. 😉

  28. golden goose

    A useful share, I was just given this link by a colleague, that knows I am doing an home renovation and doing this type of diy work. I really loved reading more on your pantry door project. It’s extremely helpful for me.

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  36. anyday anyway

    This is a fantastic DIY project I saw it on Pinterest too! I fell in love with the lettering, then to read about how you had to redo it was pretty cool. Most people would not admit to fail, you embraced it, owned it and moved on with a solution. Good for you!

  37. Spa@ St. Eden

    There are projects and assignments to be taken care by our contractors but we also saw this post on the frosted doors and thought this would be a nice addition to our spa’s, maybe write something like Relax, Breathe, Exhale, & Soothe. Thoughts?

  38. OptiotSpink

    Cool door, nice DIY install and overall great post.

  39. I think this would be a great idea, and I love the Spa themed text ideas. Are you thinking in a changing area? If so make sure to only back light the door, to give privacy for the client on the other side, and down light would be a poor choice and given an entirely different feel to a frosted door like that, LOL.

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    Oh my goodness! Thanks for the great idea for a new pantry door!!!!! I love the script you chose, and that it is vertical it gives it a very modern feel not country at all. Thnkx

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    I must express to you my absolute love for your pantry door! This is perfect, and exactly what I have been looking for, the fact that you had to create what you wanted is very inspiring to me. I agree that you can’t alway get what you want sometimes.

  43. pandora

    Okay I have been looking for a new more rustic pantry door but I think you have converted me to something like this instead. I like the frosted look, and vertical lettering it feels like a 5th Avenue Bakery.

  44. Wanda Floyd

    This is a great DIY I know so many people wanting to upgrade their pantry doors. Also you honesty about the letter Fail is so refreshing, we have all been there thanks for owning it!

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  47. Gloria Tearp

    Another great post, in that gorgeous kitchen! It is amazing how custom you have made your space. I love that you decided to hand paint your pantry door letters. It is too bad about the vinyl stickers, but at least you owned the fail and found a solution to share with your readers. We have all been there, and your transparency just makes you more authentic. Thanks!

  48. Gloria thank you so much for all the sweet comments they really do mean a great deal to me. Sometimes, you wonder weather you are actually reaching people out there, and connecting with what they want. I am so glad to here that my authenticity is shining through and striking a cord with my readers, that was my main objective. 🙂

  49. the play people

    Great idea to create a door it reminds me a little bit of set design, which is what I do.The hand printing by use of stencil is a good tip too to get block letters. I would love to do this in my kitchen. Great inspiration.

  50. Mumbai Market

    We love your pantry door and that you provided us with a free tutorial on how to create it, thank you.

  51. Optiot Spink

    I love this pantry door, thanks for providing a very informative how to post. It looks completely do able and gives such a great return to your kitchen.

  52. Stacia Kolkata

    This is such a great look for a pantry door, it fits well with farmhouse but also has a industrial modern feel as well. Nice job and great DIY, my husband is loving the door knob tool, and wants one. I guess Santa can bring him one, lol.

  53. Cooking with Kids

    I love this door and the fact that it also becomes a night light. I know our kids make nightly runs into the pantry for snacks. Let me know if you ever want to do a cooking with kids segment, I find that cooking is great for all children to learn about the kitchen and safety.

  54. Gabby Flacks

    The bliss this door brings me is unexplainable. I feel like it it looks like a old door from a bakery in my hometown. I know that this is a recreation from something new, but all it needed is an old-timey door bell and it would be an exact replica. Beautiful door! I have to ask, did you draw your inspiration from such a bakery?

  55. Hi Gabby, honestly I am not sure where the inspiration came from, I just always imagined it having vertical writing and block letters. I can tell you the hand painted part was a shear accident, after the epic fail with my stick on decals, lol. Maybe it is a residual memory from my childhood too, that has stuck with me over the years, and cam out in the form of pantry door design. I know that exact type of bell you are speaking about and I may have to scour some antique stores for one, since I really like that idea a lot. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  56. child like wonder

    Oh I really love this idea, it makes you pantry look like a magazine pantry. I also just read this post about your kitchen island post too! Our island gets trashed daily by all of our littles, the kicking, climbing and spilling has taken there toll. Just the idea to paint with a scrubbable paint that would wipe up spills is great, but the trim really adds some charter to a basic island.

  57. Stormy

    I love your door, it is perfect for a farmhouse, tradition house or even an modern house, you are able to float across several categories of design and it would work for all of them. I love that your ideas are not geared only towards a farmhouse design. Thanks for being different.

  58. A Mature Reader

    I can really appreciate your pantry door project I will have to ask my son is her could add one of these into my home over his holiday visit. I have been living with a drapery panel for far to long, and a door be the perfect Christmas present for me.

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    Well while I was here I decided to check out your pantry door DIY too. This is another home run project as far as I am concerned. I would have never thought about it being night light for the kitchen, but what a great double use of a new door. You have great ideas, thank you for sharing.

  60. Sheila D.

    The pantry door you have created is nothing short of perfection. I really appreciate that you kept it real too, when the original letters failed and peeled off your offered a solution and updated your post. I really like that, it makes your blog feel very genuine not overly staged. Sometimes being your self just pays off.

  61. sense & fuctionality

    You have created such a nice post to read laying out the how to portion this project.Even if the letter did not work I have to say I prefer the hand painted letters which give the door so much character. Great blog with great ideas and inspiration.

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    Such a beautiful kitchen and great job on the door. I feel like the it truly enhances the beauty of your classy farmhouse style kitchen. It is not overly rustic but still custom enough to be your own design.

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    I love you kitchen and this door is the cherry on top! So pretty and the perfect style too. I really love you blog I will be adding you to my feed to keep up with you.

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    Positioning of the door in the corner makes it such a focal point in this room. You were very wise to create a focal piece as you pantry door. I also love that it double s as a night light how handy.

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    I covet your door, and I must have it! This is absolutely perfect, and such an easy diy tutorial you have listed. Thank you!

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    Somebodies getting a New Pantry Door, I see it in my future! I have asked the hubby to add one of these in for me over the holidays as my Christmas present. Santa might have already purchased him a new drill and door kit. Thanks for the idea and inspiration.

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    I have such a good experience reading your site. I see this pantry door in my future. Thank you for also posting the diy portion of the project this helps out immensely. I just showed my husband and he is completely on board for this project next year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    I must tell you how much I love this door. I am actually thinking about created this as my front door to my new bakery. I have been looking at a lot ideas but I keep coming back to this on pinterest. Just want to thank you for all the inspiration.

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    A professional designer you are, clearly. I love this article and the door that you created from scratch. You and your husband need your own tv show. You really remind me of the The Gaines, which are no longer filming so there is an opening. I bet you are super fun when you are working together, I can tell just by a few of your funny antidotes. Take care and Happy New Year!

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    All in all, this is a simple upgrade that makes a big different in your home. I am excited to say I finally got my husband on board with upgrade the pantry door after showing hime this post. I think the DIY pictures made all the difference. Thanks!

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  116. Hi Christina, thank you so much for the great question. Sometime necessity is the master of creativity, it was simple due to a DIY fail that the logo came to pass.

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  121. Loved the before but it came out really great, unique and adds some personality to the kitchen! Well done!

  122. Bella

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