Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry Room Makeover

Today I am sharing our laundry room make over, from last summer. Now that I have finally got all the finishing touches installed and done, I want to post about all the details.

I am sure most of you are like me, and hate doing laundry. Which is why a laundry room makeover can do wonders for your laundry inspiration. I always had dreams of creating a Pinterest style laundry room. Well I finally was able create a space that not only makes laundry easier, but it’s such a great room you never want to leave.

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As you can see below our original laundry room was very basic and boring. However, I was very excited that it had a window as I have always wanted one in my laundry room. Natural light is so important in decorating, it will make a major difference in ambient light, especially in a tasking zone.On the plus side we did  have enough forethought to install a mop sink while we were building. Even though it was ugly and very utilitarian, at least we would have the plumbing in place for a future sink. You may also notice the really pretty tile, I was so lucky to be able to pick hand pick this tile. It maybe difficult to see, but it actually has a lovely gray on gray linen pattern printed into the tile. This adds just a touch of lux to this hardworking  space. I also love the large 12 x 16 rectangular tiles, they create the illusion of a bigger space.To start off my project right, one of my sweet neighbors, referred me to Scott Sibenaller at Absolute Custom Cabinetry . Which is how all my Pinterest laundry room dreams started to unfold. Scott was able to custom make each and every cabinet to my exact specification. We were even able to have a custom space made for our rolling cart to transfer all the clean laundry back to our closet. This makes putting up laundry so easy when your laundry room is on the opposite side of your home. We can hang up all of our clothes and fold the others and simple roll it across the catwalk to our owners suite. Our cabinet contractor also add shelves, build in recycle and trash receptacles, and created large cabinets to house my stock pile of laundry detergents and other cleaning supplies.  He is so talented, and I can not say enough great things about him. I am absolutely positive that my laundry room would not be the beautiful room it is today, if we had not worked with Scott.Scott even made my farmhouse sink dreams come true. I can not tell you how excited I was to finally be able to have my long awaited farmhouse sink. We picked a Kraus Farmhouse Sink that came with a very industrial faucet and protective sink grid. This is so important since this sink is used to clean all kinds of things I prefer not to talk about. Which reminds me it even has a deep filter basket, made with long lift handles so you don’t ever have to touch the things that should not go down the drain. You know what I am talking about.This gorgeous slab of granite for our countertops came from Atlanta Stone Creations. We the help of owner Leo, we chose a beautiful slab of Black Pearl, which creates a stark complement to the simple white shaker style cabinets, plus I don’t have to worry about them getting stained or etched in my hardworking laundry room. As you can see below, I was able to add in a very large area for folding laundry, which also doubles as my sewing desk. I have a cute little cushioned barstool that tucks completely under the desk, and my sewing machine conveniently fits perfectly in the upper cabinet above the baskets until needed.I must say I am also really love this great beadboard drying rack available from Ballard Designs. I had been eyeing them for a very long time, now with a laundry room large enough to utilize it, I had to have it. I always knew this would be a non negotiable item, that must go in to my dream laundry room. I can now say after actually using the drying rack that it is very handy. Great for all your delicate hang to dry items, and when you finished it folds right back up into the wall, a makes a decorative statement piece.
I have always said that decorating is all about the details. The details are what gives a space personality and  this room is not short on personality at all. Check out all of the other fun details we added to carry out the laundry room theme and complete this lovely space. These sweet little clothespin cabinet pull were available online custom made by artist Michael Aram. They are currently not available any longer since they were a limited edition, sorry.We added these super handy storage baskets for all the daily essentials that you don’t want rolling around your cabinets.  I currently house my loose wallflowers from Bath and Body Works inside one basket, and those fragile lightbulbs are divided by types into the others. So we have a LED basket, candelabra bulb basket, and one for those compact fluorescent and incandescent that are still hanging around.  Speaking of my Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works, do you have a yearly schedule of scents? This may seem like an odd little sidebar but I like to have certain smells in my home at certain times of the year, here is my favorite rotation list:

  • January- Bourbon & Bowties
  • February- Cinnamon
  • March- Flannel
  • April- Fresh Linen
  • May- Lemon
  • June- Beautiful Day
  • July-  Turquoise Waters
  • August- Apple
  • September- Kitchen Spice
  • October- Cinnamon Pumpkin
  • November- Fresh Balsam
  • December- Winter

Now I am sure all the Joanna Gaines fans probably recognize this next beauty. The lost sock sign has been featured in some of Fixer Uppers most beautiful home renovations and was a must have for this space. Of course this is available to order from Magnolia Home as can be shipped directly to you via Happy Mail from the Silos of Waco, Texas. 

I really love to vintage pieces and my husband and I love to go antiquing, so we have added a few of our treasures to this room as well. I decided to repurpose an old antique ironing board into a full window topper. I really felt like this window was a little bit too low for any kind of valance or drapes and this is really perfect for the space. I added the fun vinyl logo to the board just to make the board a little bit more custom and add some character to the room. We also found this sweet little antique CLOROX bottle circa 1931 which makes a great vase, to which I added a stem of fresh cotton, to create a cheeky floral piece. It is touches like this that bring this utilitarian home to life. 

Let’s face it when doing laundry you are spending a majority of the time standing and folding. This padded floor mat is such a welcome relief to my tired feet and back, while folding up the fresh laundry. I just love the laundry symbols, and to honest I really did not know what half or them where until I read the mat….LOL. This must have item is still available at Ballard Designs.
Of course the most important part of the laundry is the functionality. This room will see the biggest messes, dirty things and catch all the unwanted sealing tools that make the rest o the house pretty. I tried to tuck away most of my work horses so they are still visually appealing but not just tossed into the room. Everything has a home.Here are a few of the behind the scenes work horses, that I would not normally post pictures about. While this may not be the prettiest part of my laundry room, let’s face it, it is the where all the functional items that run your home are stored. This where all my mops, brooms and  other large assorted cleaning supplies are are stored. I think it is important to give you a full picture of the complete laundry makeover, and these key items had to be included too.I hope you have enjoyed this post, as much as we have enjoyed our new laundry room! It’s all super organized and April fresh over here at #chateaugainer. Also we would love for  you to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter,  to keep up with all of our latest projects, and be a part of what’s happening now in our lives.

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*Please note that this post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. These involve no extra cost to you, but may result in me receiving a small commission – for which I am very grateful! You can view my full advertising disclosure here.



  1. I did a makeover of my laundry room a fee months ago. Yours looks great!

  2. Looks amazing!! Love the little details like the clothspin knobs! So adorable!! Also love the farmhouse sink 🙂 I just redid my laundry room and put one in too, definitely my fav feature 🙂 Also love the space for the laundry basket! Great job!

  3. You have a dream laundry room. Great job on your makeover. Those cabinet pulls are the best!

  4. Thanks Amanda I really love my laundry room now. It makes laundry so much nicer 🙂

  5. We have always rented so we haven’t ever had a “Laundry Room.” I would love this style. I am definitely pinning this for later. Thank you for sharing this beauty.

  6. Sergai Potek

    I have literally stalked you entire site in one evening. That says a lot about your fantastic content. I feel like I have stumbled upon a gold mine before it’s gotten overly popular. Kuddos to you and you excellent blog!

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  8. Little Farmgirl

    I have seen it all now. Your laundry room would actually make me want to go do laundry, it is Pinterest Perfection!!!!!!!!! I love the clothes pin handles and that drying rack, OMG and the rug and the sink…..LOVE IT ALL

  9. Addison Wheeler

    Thanks for the share I have to say I have a little bit of laundry room envy going on over here. Your is beautiful, I am sure it makes the chore of laundry that much easier when the space it pretty.

  10. Aubrey Andrews

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  13. Angie PIckler

    Well isn’t this room pretty. I would totally do laundry more often if I had a room like this one. Thanks for the share.

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  19. Thanks for dropping by, I wish I could have used this room for the ORC, but at the time I did this renovation I had no idea about the challenge.Heck I didn’t even have a blog at the time, or know that I would enjoy blogging the way I have. LOL I actually wrote up the post a year after the actual renovation just to have some content for my new started page. Started my blog in January of this year, heard about the ORC in March,and dove right in, the rest is history.

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