Jack’s Honey Peach

Jack’s Honey Peach

Join me for a cocktail? Today we are making Jack’s Honey Peach cocktail. A great sipping drink for the summer time and peach season. 

Here in Georgia, the peach state, our peaches are at the height of their season. So of course I, being the native Georgia peach that I am, I will be making you a local favorite, the honey peach.   This is a great cocktail to go with those Cowboy Nachos I released at the beginning of the week.

I made this super easy cocktail a couple of weeks ago for a large neighborhood gathering, we call Signature Sunday. Basically each Sunday over the summer, we have a different bartender that provides a cocktail hour at the neighborhood pool. WE get to try a whole bunch of unique and interesting drinks and make a few new friends at the same time.

This cocktail mixes to of my favorite flavors, peaches and honey. Now, I know some of you were thinking whiskey was one of my favorite flavors. Now, now….. we all know that’s my husband’s favorite flavor! That being said, he really loves this cocktail, and it’s very easy to drink but can pack a punch, so be warned. 

To make this cocktail you will need to pick up the Simple Peach Nectar, available in the refrigerator department near the Simply Lemonade products, Sprite, fresh peaches and Honey Jack Daniel’s. I like to pre cut my peaches into wedges and freeze them if I am serving in a large pitcher. Then the peaches will act like ice cubes and don’t dilute the drink. However, today I am just using them as a garnish and I used the large single cube ice cubes, since I am only making four. 

The ratio for mixing is 3 parts Peach nectar, to 2 parts Sprite, to 1 part Honey Jack ( you can add more if you like but this is basic crowd friendly version) So for easy party mixing use 2 peach nectars bottles, 1-  2 liter of sprite, and 1 liter of Honey Jack.  Super easy and a crowd favorite, I am still having people ask for the recipe from 2 weekends ago!!

Jack’s Honey Peach

  • 1 Liter Simple Peach Necatur
  • 2 Liters Sprite
  • 1/2 Liter Jack Daniels Honey
  • 2-3 Peaches Sliced and Frozen

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  1. I just wanted to let you know I love this post as peaches are my favorite.

  2. Tasty Tasty, I’m obliged for the blog article. Really looking forward to read more.

  3. Very good blog, I really like this recipe a lot,thank you! It looks great.

  4. This is my type of drink I like the whiskey a whole lot.

  5. I saw this on a friends facebook and I had to come check it out, this looks really tasty, thanks for sharing.

  6. I just had to check out the tab for cocktails and I am surprised at your selection, you have a lot of options. Were you, or are you a bartender? You have loads of great ideas for parties and gatherings. I was really drawn in by this peach drink since I love peaches.

  7. I found this pin over on Pintrest and it looked perfect for a party I am having this weekend, I think I will check out a few more of your suggestion while I am here to see what else you have to offer, I really like what I see.

  8. Peaches are the best, and this sweet little cocktail is pretty for sipping on the front porch. Just like a Mint Julep in July.

  9. This sounds like a nice signature drink for a wedding or a birthday party. I think the frozen peaches are such a a nice touch to really dress up the look of the drink I guess you could even garnish with fresh basil, sage, or thyme to add a little green.

  10. These look so delicious we can not wait to try them out, we love the honey Jack.

  11. Pinned this recipe and I am so glad I did! It was so good and now I make it all the time! Thanks!

  12. I pinned this months ago and just got around to making them for the holidays, I wanted to say they are as delicious as they sound and look, the honey Jack Daniels is perfect in this drink, sweet with a little bite.

  13. Peaches are so delicious this time of year and this little drink concoction looks terrific. Freezing the peaches to add and extra chill is such a great idea to keep the drinks cold with watering them down, good tip.

  14. These sound so delightful, but I love anything with Jack.

  15. I am always doing a little entertaining and find myself in need a quick easy to assemble but impressive cocktail ideas. This one is perfect.

  16. Got to try these out, they look great and perfect for a summertime drink, pinning for later!

  17. My honey loves his Jack Daniels, although I am not sure how he would feel about all the extras, hee hee hee, but I sure do think they look good.

  18. This sounds like a southern specialty, like a mint julep, but the Georgia version.

  19. We need a great summer time drink idea for a bayou style family reunion on the water and this will be perfect. Thank you for the inspiration.

  20. Cute cocktail and great idea to freeze the peaches as ice cubes.

  21. My husband loves Jack Daniels Honey I will have to try this one and see what he thinks, and I might actually drink whiskey with him.

  22. Peaches are not just for cobblers anymore they are a trending fruit right now, grilled on salads or topped with ice cream and balsamic, they are hot.

  23. I was looking up signature cocktails for a his and her bridal shower,somthing they would both love. This is perfect!

  24. Well this looks absolutely delicious and my doctor has been saying I need to eat more fruit, ha ha ha

  25. This looks like a great weekend sippin’ drink by the pool. Great idea to freeze the peach slices to keep it cold.

  26. I love peaches and have only used them in salads or cobbler, now I have another fun way to add them in this season.

  27. I am not a huge whiskey fan but my husband likes it pretty well. Maybe I will give this one a try.

  28. This looks like the perfect summer time drink, pinning.

  29. “I loved this post, really great drink idea, thank you!”

  30. This looks like a great weekend sippin’ drink by the pool. Great idea to freeze the peach slices to keep it cold.

  31. I was looking for a nice cocktail that would pack a punch. I believe this one meets the bill. Sweet and tasty with the strong background of Jack.

  32. I want to voice my thought about this drink, it feels very southern which I like a whole lot. Georgia is the peach state so we do a lot of peach stuff here, and we love our Jack Daniels too. This little Friday afternoon pick me up, seems like the perfect way to start off the weekend.

  33. Thank you a lot for giving everyone a chance to discover important entertaining secrets from this site. It is so amazing, and jam-packed with a lot of fun ideas for me, thank for running such a great blog.

  34. I precisely wished to thank you so much once again. I am look for spring themed drink ideas for a bridal shower and not sure if we are doing a engagement party as well. So pinning all for later.

  35. Just checking out your recipe box and this little cocktail jumped out at me. Sounds delicious.

  36. Another great drink idea. I really like the idea on Honey and Peaches it just sound like a really good combination.

  37. UMMMMHMMMM I simply wanted to say thanks this is a really great drink idea with all my favorite things.

  38. You must take part in a drink contest, for one of the best signature cocktails on blogs. I’ll suggest this website!

  39. This looks super tasty and combines all the thing I love. Thanks for the share.

  40. There is noticeably a lot of cocktail recipes on your site 😉 I like it a lot. This one really appeals to me since I really like peaches.

  41. What a tasty treat you have come up with here. I love the new Honey Jack Daniels and I bet it tastes amazing mixed with peach nectar. A true southern treat.

  42. I like to party, not look articles up online. You made it happen, the perfect night with the perfect peach of a drink.

  43. Hi there! I just would like to give kiddos for the nice information you have here on this post. I will likely be coming again to your blog.

  44. I know it is almost November, but I have been search orange, as in the color, cocktails. I also love peaches so I had to check this one out on Pinterest, so glad I did you have a great site.

  45. I would like to express appreciation to this writer for this yummy cocktail. Just tried and will never go back.

  46. I want to express my admiration for your creative drink assortment you have. The frozen peaches as ice cube are genius. Thanks a lot, from everyone of us, here in Malibu.

  47. This website is like a summer stroll-via your blog. What a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. Thanks for sharing.

  48. You truly exceeded my desires fro a refreshing cocktail. I appreciate you for giving those necessary steps to replicate it. It’s semi healthy, tasty, and chocked full of easy tips.

  49. So this looks really good, and pretty simple to make. The frozen peach cubes are a interesting idea. I found your blog site on pinterest adding this pin for later.

  50. As you can probably tell by my screen name I am a hard core goose girl. However my hipster like the Jack, so we compromise over drink selections for party and get togethers. I think this one would be a perfect addition to our back yard barbecue line up. Plus it’s TN orange, so we can root for the home time too! I simply wanted to thank you very much for the advice.

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  52. Your concept is excellent, can’t wait to try it. I’m very happy that I stumbled throughout this in my search for one thing relating to this.

  53. My husband is a Jack man, so I may need to give this recipe a try. I am trying to get something else in the glass with nutrition. LOL

  54. This recipe looks divine, I love peaches and fruity drinks. I am not much of a whiskey drinker but the honey jack sounds tolerable. I must try it soon.

  55. Oooooo this looks so good. I love peach anything, I would never have thought to put it with whiskey and sprite. Must try it over the long weekend!

  56. I found this recipe on Pinterest, I am always on the hunt for some new and innovative whiskey based drink ideas for my Whiskey & Jerky Bar. Seems like you have some really good ones for seasonal options. You also have a very nice site too!

  57. Yum this looks so good I will pin for later on my Happy Hour board!!!

  58. I like whiskey but this drink may be a little be she she for me, as I like it on the rocks! I do think this would make a great cookout cocktail for entertaining guests, and I can use what I have on hand already 🙂

  59. You have a awesome blog, with great information! This drink looks amazing, I can’t wait to try it over the weekend. Hurry up Friday!

  60. This looks so yummy, and our family loves Jack Daniel’s. We do not have many drinks made with the Honey Jack so we will be adding this to our menu!

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