Jack’s Honey Peach

Jack’s Honey Peach

Join me for a cocktail? Today we are making the Jack’s Honey Peach cocktail.

Here in Georgia, the peach state, our peaches are at the height of their season. So of course I, being the native Georgia peach that I am, I will be making you a local favorite, the honey peach.   This is a great cocktail to go with those Cowboy Nachos I released at the beginning of the week, (link here

I made this super easy to make cocktail a couple of weeks ago for a weekly neighborhood event, we call Signature Sunday. Each Sunday we have a different bartender that provides a cocktail hour at the neighborhood pool. 

This cocktail mixes to of my favorite flavors, honey and peach. Now, I know some of you were thinking whiskey was one of my favorite flavors. Now, now, we all know that’s my husband’s favorite flavor!! That being said he loves this cocktail, it’s easy to drink and but can pack a punch, so be warned. 

To make this cocktail you will need to pick up the Simple Peach Nectar, available in the refrigerator department near the Simply Lemonade products, Sprite, fresh peaches and Honey Jack Daniel’s. I like to pre cut my peaches into wedges and freeze them if I am serving in a large pitcher. Then the peaches will act like ice cubes and don’t dilute the drink. However, today I am just using them as a garnish and I used the large single cube ice cubes, since I am only making four. 

The ratio for mixing is 3 parts Peach nectar, to 2 parts Sprite, to 1 part Honey Jack ( you can add more if you like but this is basic crowd friendly version) So for easy party mixing use 2 peach nectars bottles, 1-  2 liter of sprite, and 1 liter of Honey Jack.  Super easy and a crowd favorite, I am still having people ask for the recipe from 2 weekends ago!!

Jack’s Honey Peach

  • 1 Liter Simple Peach Necatur
  • 2 Liters Sprite
  • 1/2 Liter Jack Daniels Honey
  • 2-3 Peaches Sliced and Frozen


GLASS TUMBLERS-Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid STIR STICKS- Pottery Barn ICE CUBE TRAY- Martha Stewart TRAY- HomeGoods GLASS DESSERT CUPS- HomeGoods


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