Top 10 Summer Time Cocktails 

Lemony Spritzer JENRON DESIGNS

Top 10 Summer Time Cocktails 

Looking for a way to cool off ? Try one of my Top 10 Summer Time Cocktails, they are sure to refresh you.

During the heat of the summer months, I prefer to have a cold icy cocktail that is lighter or possibly even frozen. In this post I have gathered my favorite Top 10 Summer Time Cocktails to share with you.  Let’s start with one of my childhood favorites turned naughty.

1. The Boozy Dole Whip

This has to be my favorite all time summer treat, the knock off recipe of a Disney Dole Whip. Then I went and added Rum to the mix, making it a Boozy Dole Whip for a summer gathering I had a few years ago. It was such a hit I had to do a post all about it, which everyone loved. So to date I call this my favorite Summertime Cocktail and dessert in one. You can see the full post and recipe at the Boozy Dole Whip. Believe me you will not be disappointed at all!


2. Refreshing Aloe Margarita

Everyone loves a frozen Margarita, but have you ever had an Aloe one before. Talk about the most soothing margarita ever. You know aloe soothes a sunburn on the skin, just imagine that same soothing property in an icy drink with a smooth lime honey and watermelon. If you like the drink you should see the full tablescape that went with it over at my Summer Succulents Table. Here is the aloe margarita recipe:

  • 2 cups of Ice
  • 1 bottle of Aloe Water ( honey, watermelon or mango)
  • 2 cups Margarita Wine Cooler
  • 2 shots of Tequila (you can add more, this is just a starting point)

Put all ingredients into the blender and mix until you get the perfect slushy consistency.

Aloe Margarita JENRON DESIGNS3. The Beachcomber

This is like the perfect tropical vacation in a glass. This is really good the colder it is, so I recommend all the juices be chilled and serve over crushed ice or use a shaker. You may have seen this drink featured in my Beachcomber Tablescape post, see all the decor here!

  • 2 oz Pineapple Juice
  • 1 oz Apple Juice
  • 1 oz  Orange Juice
  • 1 shot dark spiced rum
  • 1 shot Banana liqueur
  • 2 oz Lemon Lime soda
  • Lemon Seltzer Water
  • a splash of Maraschino Cherry Juice

Sunshine In A Glass JENRON DESIGNS

4. The Boozy Arnold Palmer

This is a classic recipe that has been around for years and is not anything really groundbreaking.  There have been many variations on this traditional favorite of sweet tea with a splash of lemonade to make a spiked or boozy version. I recently featured it in my Summertime Yard Games post with a shot of Vodka but I have used, Whiskey and even Rum in this easy sipping drink. Top it off with a little fresh mint and voila!


5. A Simple Strawberry Sangria

This is always a seasonal favorite, especially when strawberry picking time comes around. This is a tasty recipe that is fresh, low calorie and always satisfying. You can see the full recipe on how to make this one from fresh picked berries over at my post on how to make a simple Strawberry Sangria.

Strawberry Sangria JENRON DESIGNS

6. Jack’s Honey Peach Pie

This is a crowd favorite, and super easy, I am still having people ask for the recipe from 2 weekends ago! You can see the full post at the link above. The ratio for mixing is 3 parts Peach nectar, 2 parts Sprite, 1 part Honey Jack ( you can add more if you like, but this is a basic crowd friendly version) So for easy party mixing use 2 peach nectars bottles, 1- 2 liter bottle of sprite, and 1 liter of Honey Jack.  My trick is to freeze the peaches for a icy treat and double as ice cubes, then top it off with a sprig of fresh thyme and dash of cinnamon. Jacks Honey Peach Pie JENRON DESIGNS

7. Banana Puddin’ Poptails

This is such an easy summer two for one treat and it tastes just like banana puddin’ . If you wait long enough it becomes a perfectly drinkable ice cold cocktail, or if you are a dipper you have a popsicle and drink at the same time. The Ingredients are simple banana pops, coconut LaCroix, banana liqueur and  light rum. See the full recipe at my  Banana Puddin’ Poptails post.

Banana Pudding Poptail Cocktails JENRON DESIGNS
8. The Lemony Spritzer

Yum, this little spritzer tastes like grown up kool-ade, and pairs perfectly with seafood. I featured this simple little recipe in my Summer Time Fish Fry for the Fourth of July.

Lemony Spritzer JENRON DESIGNS

9. The Shooting Star Cocktail

This cocktail is a show stopper simply by adding in a sparkler. I featured this cocktail back during my meteor shower Picnic Under the Stars, but this is perfect for a 4th of July celebration too! This tasty bubbly drink is 50/50 mix of:

  • 1 bottle Chilled Moscato
  • 8 oz Ocean Spray Sangria Mocktail
  • crushed ice
  • Frozen Kiwi stars and Blackberries for garnish
    The Shooting Star Cocktail JENRON DESIGNS

10. A Raspberry Remembrance

This is a fresh mixture of bubbly and frozen raspberry sorbet all in one tasty treat. The fresh fruit and herbs elevate it to a new level, always remember that adding these elements can make a boring cocktail, extraordinary.

  • Asti Spumante
  • 1 tbsp Raspberry Syrup by Torani
  • 1 scoop raspberry sorbet
  • Garnish with fresh raspberries, black berries & sprig of rosemary

A Raspberry Remembrance-JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. Cocktails are really one of the best part of summer, especially with friends on garden evenings. How many beautiful recipes to try! ttt

  2. You’ve given me some great ideas, thank you! Time to plan a party!

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  6. Rebekka

    Mmmm boozy dole whips! They sounds super good and can help with my Disney fix right now (since Covid-19). I will be making one or two of these recipes next weekend.

  7. These all look sooo yummy! Thanks for sharing! I pinned it for my next BBQ! 🍹

  8. Nkem

    These are very creative and look delicious! I’d want to try the banana puddin poptails.

  9. Wow all these summer cocktails are so awesome. I especially loved the Sunshine in the glass, will be trying it soon.

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  11. Idara joy

    Love this. I am not a drinker but love ideas on cocktails. Great post to save for future girls night out. Thanks for sharing

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  13. Loved aaall of them! Especially the sunshine in a glass, must try it soon! They are absolutely wonderful for a hot summer day!

  14. Heather

    These all sound absolutely delicious!

  15. All of these cocktails look sooooo yummy and refreshing! Thanks for sharing!

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  17. Karletta

    Boozy Dole Whip had me right from the start. I was going to click through to the full recipe – but I knew you’d have more amazing recipes. So I continued … then the Banana Puddin’ Poptails got me! Look no further. I wanted that recipe!

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