My Honey Bee Tablescape

Beehappy Tablescape Milkglass JENRON DESIGNS

My Honey Bee Tablescape

Today I am sharing my Honey Bee tablescape for the spring and summer season and the inspiration behind it.

So why exactly did I choose my Honey Bee Tablescape this season? I have had a slight obsession with honey bees, and fresh honey, along with the desire to have fresh tea in the house more often. So I decided that would be my spring and summer tablescape this year. I also felt like the sentiment of this sweet little sign fit the mood of this season perfectly, as well.

DIY Beehappy Tablescape JENRON DESIGNSNow that you you have that amazing Bobby McFerrin song stuck in your head, I will tell you a fun little story. I had the privilege of meeting him personally back when I was 13 years old, and he briefly sang a few lines of this exact song to me backstage in a film studio in Toronto, Canada. So not only did I love the environmental statement that honeybees have and the impact they have on gardens as pollinators, but this sweet little sign reminds me of that fleeting moment in time. Beehappy Tablescape JENRON DESIGNS I also loved the concept of fresh blooms that were in season throughout the spring and summer, of all kinds.  In order to have a fun little sampling of my cutting garden; I implemented my milk glass bud vase collection which is rather extensive, but an easy way to bring flowers to the table. This will allow me to cut single stems and arrange them throughout the season as new blooms occur. So the table will always look different depending on the blooms in season, like a fresh cutting garden.Peony & Honey Bee Sideboard JENRON DESIGNS

*Currently  in the pictures above, I had a few silks on the table since all of my garden blooms have not yet caught up with the growing season,  however I will be updating all my photos on my Instagram throughout the season, so BEE sure to follow along.Peony & Roses on Honey Bee Table JENRON DESIGNS Here are a few pictures updated cut directly from my personal Peony Cutting Garden and David Austin Rose Garden which made a stunning display with the deep burgundy and the yellow honey pots. I love the idea that this what it might look like to a honey bee as they fly through a garden, buzzing around all the different flowers. Flight of the Honey Bee Table JENRON DESIGNSAnother fun thing you might notice about my Honey Bee tablescape is the fun little DIY Runner I created using chicken wire and gold spray paint. You see I wanted to have a runner that looked like honeycomb, however I was just not finding what I wanted. Peony & Rose Honey Bee Tablescape JENRON DESIGNS So, in true Jenron style, if I can not find what I want I will make it instead. This turned out to be the easiest DIY runner I have ever made, since the chicken wire is already the correct shape it was cut to length and spray with gold paint. DIY Beehive Table Runner JENRON DESIGNSAnother little vintage item I would like to point out is the bee napkin rings, which are probably 25 years old. This was one of my very first purchases while in Interior Design school form ADAC, back in the day when bees where on everything: fabric, pillows, furniture and wallpaper. They cost a small fortune at the time and I have held onto them for all these years. Beehive Napkin Rings & Honey Pot JENRON DESIGNSI will admit it does seem odd that I am mixing such expensive pieces with chicken wire and wooden signs now, when back in the day they were part of a neoclassical empire design style. However I stand by this mix of styles and how they still work in this use. They have just been reborn into the modern farmhouse chic era. Placesetting Beehappy Tablescape JENRON DESIGNSAlong with the theme, I have also decided to make a few signature drinks to go with this table. Last fall Ron & I celebrated a speakeasy for the roaring 20’s at Dillards. We featured a 1920’s iconic cocktail called the Bee’s Knees, which is super tasty and perfect for this tablescape.  You can see this recipe at my 10 Great Cocktails post, also the Jack’s Honey Peach Pie Cocktail is another great option. The Bee's Knees Cocktail JENRON DESIGNSI will also mentioned that I plan on infusing a few fun tea’s this season for the ice tea bar. A nice inviting cold glass of tea sweetened with a honey stir stick . I also have a few great honey infused recipes to share this season too, like my  Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad.Beehive Honey Stir Sticks JENRON DESIGNSWhat is all the buzz about? Stay in the know by signing up for designer updates at our Email Subscriptions. We have recently taken a break from updates as to not overload your mailbox, but we will be resuming soon, so don’t miss out.

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Peony & Honey Bee Tablescape JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. That is so beautiful Jen! I love what you have pulled together and how perfectly it all goes together! I would have never thought to use chicken wire for a runner! I have used it for several things but not that!

  2. This is super bright and cool! I love it! Very good details in it. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  3. Bhagyashree

    It’s purely adorable idea. You know what I loved about your idea is what you do find you make it. 🖤

  4. I like the note on the board “Don’t worry, be happy” creates a sense of peace to even visitors and kids.

  5. This is so pretty! I love how bright it is.

  6. B. Ethan

    Very Informative & really nice post I really appreciated it.

  7. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    Nice table you know how I love vintage milk glass! Plus the idea to cut blooms all season to change the look is brillant.

  8. Everything you touch turns to gold. I love what you do … the creativity and beauty. The way you’ve arranged the flowers, they look stunning and I can imagine those bees flying into your home just to sit on those flowers.

  9. Oh my goodness you are just the sweetest, thank you so much!

  10. What a cute table! Love the honey stir sticks too!!

  11. This is so pretty. Great ideas

  12. My daughter’s baby shower was honey bee themed. I wish I would have seen your table decor first!

  13. How perfect for spring. I love all the details that brought the tablescape together.

  14. What a clever idea for a runner. You are clearly very creative. I’m in awe.

  15. Kristie

    This is gorgeous!! I love a good tablescape! And the DIY runner is AH-MAZING!! I would have never thought of that. Kudos!

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