Cowboy Nachos

Cowboy Nachos

I don’t know about you guys but we had some leftovers from the Fourth of July hanging out in fridge. To good to toss out but they needed a new look, this is how Cowboy Nachos were born. 

It is no secret that I like to concoct crazy things in the kitchen every now and then. You should just feel sorry for my poor husband.  He just smiles and eats what ever put in front of him. I must say the first few years of marriage were probably pretty tough on the ol’ boy. Now with 20 years of cooking experience under my belt the culinary faux-pas have been kept to a minimum, with an occasional “Oh no I forgot the rolls…. oh, I charred the rolls” in occurrence. This was our menu from the Fourth of July, as seen in my tablescape post (link here). So my latest kitchen creation consist of some of our Fourth of July leftovers. I basically created nachos, by adding chips and cheese. I utilized the bourbon baked beans with bacon chunks, in place of the refried beans, shredded the brisket like fajita meat, and sliced the corn on the cob off to make a corn salsa. I topped it with a little sour cream and BBQ sauce. 

My husband loved this one so much I had to post it to share with everyone. The best past this is not limited to just 4th of July leftovers you can use this trick all summer long after any backyard BBQ. Whether it is chicken, pork or beef all of them would be great.  Don’t forget to pin this one for later!



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  2. These look so good. I love that it is a leftover recipe, I can never find enough of those that are good! Pinning for later.

  3. Well don’t these look yummy! I love that you used the baked beans in place of refried beans that is a unexpected twist. Great recipe!

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