DIY Summer Hoop Door Wreath 2 Ways

How to Make A Welcoming Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNS

DIY Summer Hoop Door Wreath, 2 Ways

This easy DIY Summer Hoop Door Wreath is the perfect way to welcome the warmer months and guest to your home. After all, you front door is you first impression. See how I styled it 2 ways for your summer porch!

Many of my Instagram followers may remember where I created a poll a few months ago asking who wanted a DIY Summer Hoop Door Wreath for your doors. Let me say thank you for all those that participated and by an overwhelming majority you all wanted to see the magic behind the door wreath.

Silks to Make A Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNS So here is what you need to get started, these are a few of the supplies you will need:

  • 1-  24″ metal embroidery hoop
  • 1-  10ft bolt of twine
  • 1- tube of floral glue- no hot glue will not work
  • 1 binder clip
  • 3- branches of greenery
  • 1- floral spray or 4-5 floral picks
  • Wooden “Hello” 18-20″ long
  • Paint & Brush (optional for painting lettering)

Hoop Wreath Glue JENRON DESIGNSYou are going to want to to start by tying a knot on to the hoop, repeat this step three times, so you have three knots. Then glue, all three knot to the hoop, secure with binder clip and let dry for 2 hours.

Designer Tip- The reason I do not recommend hot glue for this project is my porch gets a lot of sun. Hot glue, by nature melts when it heats up. So if your porch gets a lot of afternoon sun your wreath will fall apart. Floral adhesive is meant to hold up to all types of  temps, hot or cold, so it is an all around better choice. Hoop Wreath Rope Wrap JENRON DESIGNSOnce your glue is dry then you want to wind the twine onto the hoop until it is completely covered. once you reach the end you will tie off 3 knots again and glue, the same way you did above.

DIY A Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNSThis will give you a completely twine covered hoop. If you find this step too tedious and time consuming you can omit this part and just purchase a basic wood embroidery hoop, which looks great too.

Attaching Words to Wreath JENRON DESIGNS

The next step is to attach your greeting. I choose hello since it was for my front door, but you can pick any wood lettering you like as long as it fits inside the hoop. The main thing you want to look for is letters that have loops so you can attach them to your hoop. You can see I used the, H and one of the L’s to keep the word centered.

Designer Tip- While you can leave the raw wood for a rustic look. I decided to use a white milk paint wash just to seal the letters. This is where you get to be creative and make it your own.  Pick a pretty color that will not only compliment your flowers but pop on your front door. Don’t forget that the final product needs to have curb appeal from the street and not blend in with your home.

Words Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNSI adhered the lettering by tying several knots and wrapping the twine around the letters. The reason for this decision is simple, (1) it goes with the style of the hoop and (2) I have a glass door, so everything I make for my front door can be seen from the back.  Which means it has to be pretty on the backside as well. No ugly wire or tape can be hidden on a simple design with this much open space so it had to be natural twine and look like it was a conscience part of the overall design.

How to Make A Glass Door Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNSAs you can see we continued this process even into the assembly of the floral stems by tying them in with twine versus using wire. It kept the entire wreath looking very natural. It is also very sturdy too, we had a few gale force winds that I thought might destroy my poor little wreath but it did not even drop a petal. Attaching Greenery to a Wreath JENRON DESIGNSOkay, so when adding the floral stems, let me give you a few tips. Alway, always, always divide and cut your stems. No where on the planet did the manufacture expect you to keep them in the exact form you bought them. Take a look at the picture below, this is a full stem, that I have separated into sections, where I will be cutting.

Greenery Wreath JENRON DESIGNSThis will allow one stem to become three pieces for you wreath.  While you can certainly use it as one piece and bend it to meet your needs, I find that cutting the stems up allows for better coverage in a design.

Natarlizing Greeenery for a Wreath JENRON DESIGNSWhen I talk about coverage, I am referring to the ability to layer the pieces on top of each other. This will allow you to easily hide the mechanics of a wreath design. Below, I have taken all three pieces and layered them to create a thick lush foliage on the hoop.

Greenry Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNSI then repeated the exact same process to the other side of the hoop for a nice balance of greenery.  This will create a nice nest to place your flowers into. Also by cutting the stems to smaller pieces this keeps the foliage closer to the hoop giving you a denser look and fanning out all over the place.

Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNSFinally you will add in your flowers. I selected a pre-made swag that had grapevine, pheasant feathers, dahlias and roses. While I could have easily constructed one very similar, it was actually less expense to buy the pre-made swag at half off than all the separate pieces I would need at full price.
Adding Flowers to a Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNSOne last tip I would like to talk about when selecting silk flowers, is color. If you are trying to create a natural look, like a real live arrangement. You will want to stick with flower colors that are naturally occurring in nature. What I mean by this is not all silk flowers are made in colors that mimic real flowers. My favorite example is hydrangea, it comes in white, blue, pink, purple and green, that is it! Nature does not make orange, red, burgundy or yellow hydrangea. So, if you are trying to make a piece look real these choices are not going to do that.

How to Make A Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNS

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Upgrading A Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNSI also decided to upgrade this wreath into a spring Maypole Style wreath for by changing out the the fern style greenery to lambs ear to look like the floral crowns worn by flower maidens. Then attaching various styles and varieties of pink, ivory and aqua colored ribbon along with some pearl strands to catch the breeze,  as seen above.Reworking A Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNSIt was the perfect way to reuse the base of this wreath but give it a new life and look for a whole new season. I loved the idea of using the maypole style of ribbon for early spring in pretty pastel colors to carry my front door wreath through the season for Easter, and Mother’s Days and now I do not have to think about changing until Memorial Day weekend, when we break out the Amercana summertime decor. Maypole Tassels Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNSThe upgrade was very simple using the same tie on technique as seen in the DIY above. I affixed the lambs ear garland to the entire wreath. Then added strands of ribbon at various lengths by tying them to the bottom of the hoop by using a simple larks head knot. I thought it would be sweet to tie knots in the base of the pearl strand to look like necklaces and add a little bit more visual interest to the ribbon, for a garland like effect. Now when the wind blows the ribbons it makes me think of a maypole on this sunny spring day.

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    This is seriously so cute! I want to try this!

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