A Cinco de Mayo Celebration

 A Cinco de Mayo Celebration

How to create a sweet Cinco de Mayo Celebration by adding some authentic tastes of Mexico with Jarritos, Churros, and Cafe Ole’. 

I am so glad you are able to join us for our Cinco De Mayo celebration. Today we are creating a fiesta with Jarritos, Churros and after dinner Cafe Ole’s. These are great ways to spice up your basic Taco Tuesday menu and add a little spark to step up our game.  

I am sure I do not have to tell you about my infinite love of icy cold Margarita’s, and the fact that Mexican is one of my favorite cuisines. Honestly, I really love all the bright and festive colors that go along with a Cinco de Mayo celebration. To me it absolutely feels like a party, with out even trying hard to decorate. Simply by having all the bold and beautiful colors of the rainbow represented in one theme. 

My original vision for this Mexican Fiesta started off with my authentic Mexican blanket’s. They were brought back from our beach side vow renewal, trip to Mexico about 11 years ago.  Then I quickly realized, um I did not want to spill food all over them (aka salsa) since they might be tricky to get cleaned properly. So, I opted to find something less sentimental, in a similar color pattern and save the blankets for snuggling by the fire. I ran across this great multi colored rag rug at HomeGoods which gave a nice thick texture to the table top. 

The next layers came easy, I love the look of galvanized metal especially for outdoor patio parties. So, I layered the galvanized chargers I got last year at Hobby Lobby with these fun, brightly colored plates, I found at the Dollar Tree. I thought that these plates resembled Fiestaware, but I am not going to be heart broken if one gets dropped or broken outside. They were only a dollar a plate plus the $4.95 Flat Rate Shipping At Dollar Tree.

I decided to accent my new blue, outdoor patio cushions with a bright blue napkin.  This really makes the blue ring of the dish ware pop. Especially since the plates are predominately red and orange, perfect for Cinco De Mayo. 

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While shopping the Summer Party Section of Dollar Tree, I noticed they also had this fun matching glassware too, which I decided to pick up as water glasses for the table. I was not planing on even having glasses but my husband pointed out that one can not live on Jarritos and Margarita’s alone. Plus they will make a festive addition for summer patio grilling this year. Keeping with the theme I added a personal sized galvanized bucket for my homemade Guacamole per place setting. Then a basket with plenty of chips, salsa and tortillas for supplement. Since we are grilling fajitas on the Big Green Egg, I wanted to make sure that our guests would have plenty to snack on while the meat, onions and peppers would be grilling. You may also have noticed that in lieu of a flower arrangement I decided to make a center piece of churros. An edible centerpiece, I mean, why not? It is festive and are another great snack to munch on while grilling.Designer Tip: If I am being completely honest here, I had the best of intentions of adding a few handmade tissue paper flowers to the churros arrangement, but I just ran out of time. So I am not to proud to offer up this idea to you guys for your celebration. Since mine are still just tissue paper packets located in the bat cave, in my office lol.  In addition to all the standard Cinco de Mayo drink selections I want to mix things up a little bit and offer a authentic soda from Mexico. I personally love the Pineapple flavor, but they are all great. For a little added celebration you can offer them with a a side car of tequila, that can be poured directly into the the bottle or taken as a shot. 
As the fajitas come fresh off the grill your guests have the option to make traditional fajitas, nacho style fajitas, or for the more health conscience, a fajita salad. It is all up to your guests on how they choose to put the ingredients together.  

As you can see Ron opted for the traditional fajitas, with a flour tortilla and all the fixings. 

Let’s not forget the final course of your fiesta before you siesta, dessert. I decide to feature the churros, for dipping into a Cafe Ole’ nightcap. I call this my Mexican version of coffee and donuts, lol. Honestly since Margarita’s are kind of a given for Cinco De Mayo, I wanted to offer up something a little more unique.I came up with this fun recipe which is a spin on a traditional Cafe Au Lait, for Cinco De Mayo. When making a traditional Cafe Au Lait,  strong French pressed coffee, is used.  Then steamed milk is then added, it differs from a Caffè Latte, which uses espresso as a base.  Let me say I adore coffee from a french press, and would chose to make it every day if I had the time.We added a shot of William Wolf Coffee Whiskey to the brew. Then topped it with fresh made whipped cream, cinnamon, and a tasty espresso bean to garnish the drink. Served with warm churros and optional dipping sauces of caramel, fudge or cinnamon favored whip cream. Ole’!!

*I was compensated for this post. This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. These involve no extra cost to you, but may result in me receiving a small commission – for which I am very grateful! You can view my full advertising disclosure here.You may have seen me feature the Pecan Whiskey by William Wolf  last fall for the Pumpkin Pie Martini’s. This season we were super excited to be selected to try their new Coffee Whiskey. Which I must say is absolutely divine! I can see many great recipes in our future with this coffee flavored whiskey.  Be sure to check out their entire line of flavored Whiskies at www.thinklikeawolf.com


  1. Maysz

    I love this idea, the churros as a edible centerpiece are too cute! Then you used them as a drink garnish too, adorbs. Way to step up the basic tacos and guacamole game for cinco de mayo.

  2. I LOVE the idea of using a rag rug as a festive tablecloth. I am semi-obssessed with using something ordinary in an extraordinary way!

  3. Andrea, me too!!!! It is almost like a game for me. “How can I take this plain old _____ and make it FABULOUS!!!” Thanks for stopping by I love that I can connect with like minded people. 🙂

  4. Jubilee D Meyer

    Love all of this, Growing up in San Antonio Cinco de Mayo was a big deal! Love these ideas

  5. OMG this has me in a festive mood! I can’t wait for Cinco De Mayo! We are creating a fiesta at home!

  6. Alexandria

    This makes me ready for the 5th! I’m feeling festive! Haha. Love it!

  7. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    Jennifer, it is really great to see you back patio area all dressed up! Your new furniture is just lovely! Great idea to make a edible churros arrangement instead of expected the flowers or cactus centerpiece. It is things like this that keep us all coming back for more 🙂

  8. Awe shucks thanks Ally. It was difficult to make a edible centerpiece without snacking along the way 😛 I am lucky I had a centerpiece at all.

  9. Nailil

    It all looks so fun and inviting. I love those Jarrito drinks, they’re so refreshing.

  10. Countey Stockholm

    Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing some research on this for a gathering this weekend. Love you blog bookmarking for me later!

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    Can I simply just say what a joy it is to uncover someone who genuinely knows and loves what they are discussing on the net. You definitely raise the bar on home blogs so happy to have found your site.

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    Hello, love this post and recipes and give you a shout out from Lubbock Texas! Just wanted to mention to you to keep up the good work!

  13. The Marines Wife

    Thank you for the good writeup I love to see all the fun celebrations and party’s.

  14. Kimmy Leonard

    One of my favorite holidays because I get endless tacos and and margaritas!

  15. sunshine and daisies

    Girl this is just the cutest set up you did a great job for the Dollar Tree, they totally owe you for that one. 🙂

  16. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    Hello! I know this is late but I just saw this post and wanted to say how much I love the churro dunkers in the cafe ole that is too cute!

  17. I love to see what you guys are doing, love all of these color celebrations. Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve included you guys to my personal blogroll.

  18. A. Rayford

    Great patio area and nice outdoor entertaining ideas. Thanks!

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