12 Kitchen Essentials for The Holidays

12 Kitchen Essentials for The Holidays

As Thanksgiving is looming closer and closer, I alway try to take stock of what I have and make sure that all my kitchen essential’s are in good working order. Since I tend to be the primary cook in my family these days, I have to make sure that I have everything I need to recreate that quintessential Thanksgiving dinner my friends and family have come to expect.  I decided to release a list of some of my favorite things for cooking in the kitchen and for ease I have added links so you can order them too if you wish.   

#1 Stand Mixer

This is by far one of the most important things to have in your kitchen. I use mine all the time, now I do not have this lovely copper one seen above since it recently just came out. I assure you, that if I was to buy a brand new one this would be the one I would get.  I do, however, have the Matte Black Professional Series which has the same 5 quart stainless steel bowl; along with the very useful attachments and 10 mixing speeds which ensure that I can select the right speed for any task.

 Kitchen Aid KitchenAid Custom Metallic Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer KSM152PS

#2 Rubber Spatulas 

I use my spatulas for everything in the kitchen, you name it I have probably done it with these bad boys. The heat-resistant silicone is perfect for all stirring and sautéing. The flexible edge is great for scraping down the sides of mixing bowls, and the sturdy beechwood handle has a nice grip while mixing. It also protects the finish on my professional grade cookware, so no scrapping or scratching here. 

Food NetworkTM 13.5-in. Silicone & Beechwood Spatula


#3 Roasting Pan

Now this one is a little bit of a splurge, considering that I do not use my roasting pan year round, it only sees the light of day at Thanksgiving, LOL. However, this newer model of mine includes a roasting rack and lifters for easy turkey flipping and removal; I so wish had theses. It is oven and broiler safe, (oven safe to 450 degrees) and carries a Lifetime warranty which is perfect so if it gets messed up I get a new one. 



#4 Electric Knife

Now this one is on my wish list. I have always wanted to present a beautifully carved turkey and have been told this is the key to picture perfect slices. The ergonomic handle supports a multi-purpose 10 1/2″ stainless steel blade, it has a 5″ power cord and One-Touch operations. Hey it sounds like a winner to me. 


#5 Durable Oven Mitts

Okay, I will admit these are not the highest quality oven mitts known to man, but they are affordable, wash up great, and come in variety of colors. I don’t feel bad at all when I burn them up or stick the thumb in a casserole on accident about throwing them away and replacing them seasonally. Currently I have them in black which for me have held up pretty well, as far as stains go. 

Williams Sonoma Campus Oven Mitt & Pot Holder Set


#6 Whip Cream Maker/Dispenser 

This is one of the most useful things in my kitchen. Yes it is a little pricey,  but to me the ability to be able to make my own homemade, sugar free, pure organic fresh whip cream, is priceless. I am totally surprised more people do not have them, especially with all the food allergies and health conditions out there. It uses N20 cartridges (sold separately) to create swirls of whipped cream, frostings, soup, soft cheese, pastry cream, jellies and more, if you have dreams of being a chef this one tool separates the men from the boys. You can add Gourmet Injectors (sold separately) to use the Gourmet Whip for filling pastries, poultry and more. Crafted of dishwasher-safe brushed stainless steel and it has a Hygienic airtight system, HACCP qualified.

Williams Sonoma iSi Gourmet Whip



#7 Silpat 

This product has been around for years and I know I have had mine for a while, so it is indestructible. Baking has never been so easy with this fiberglass and food-grade silicone baking sheet approx 18 x13. You can reuse it thousands of times, I know I have over the last 20 years and it just wipes clean.  It can go from freezer to microwave to oven with temperature resistant from -40 to 482 degrees FDA, NSF and Kosher certified with a Limited lifetime warranty.

#8 Nutmeg Grinder

I personally think that nutmeg tastes best when it’s freshly grated, not store bought. A little bit of this aromatic spice goes a long way. Tis the season, if you don’t have one, give yourself a treat.  This one is easier and safer to use than handheld graters, like the one I have. The simple hand-crank operation, finely grates fresh nutmeg in the desired amount and the top doubles as a storage compartment for whole nutmegs.

Williams Sonoma William Bounds Nutmeg Grinder


#9 Color Coded Cutting Boards

I do not own this exact set currently, but this is the set I have on order to replace my older cutting boards that have seen better days. Color coded for food safety to avoid cross contamination, which I am pretty big about in the kitchen. This 4-piece set and holder enables you to store your boards without giving up counter or shelf space. They are a good size at 11¼ x 7¼ x 1¼ and are dishwasher safe, which is great since I put everything in the dishwasher.

NATICO Natico Executive Chef Multi Color Cutting Board Set


#10 Pyrex Bake Ware with Lids

I purchased this set for myself almost 20 years ago and I love it! This also makes a great wedding gift, and I have been known to buy this for a couple whether or not it is on the registry. Easy-carry handles on the oblong and square pans give you more to grip, making them easier to pick up and transport, and plastic lids let you easily store leftovers. Perfect for all my holiday cooking, just put a lid on it and toss it in refrigerator.  It is non-porous glass won’t absorb food odors, flavors or stains and it’s contemporary design goes from oven to table in style.

Pyrex 15-pc. Bake and Prep Set



#11 Ring Holder

This is something you may not expect to see on a Kitchen Essential list. I love my  signature hand-cut crystal ring holder.  Most people do not think about a ring holder in the kitchen, let alone a ring holder that is this expensive, LOL. Let me tell you, I have this one in my bathroom and I love it, I have a stainless steel one in my kitchen that matches my faucet. I am constantly using it weather I am scrubbing dishes or prepping a turkey you can be sure that I have removed my rings, and why not have a holder worthy of holding the symbol of your marriage while adding a sophisticated touch to your décor.

Waterford ‘Lismore’ Lead Crystal Square Ring Holder – White

#12 Bar Mops

You can never have to many of these guys around especially during the holidays. These bar mops are made of  top-quality ribbed cotton terry, these towels absorb like a sponge. They’re so handy for mopping up  spills that occur, and they air-dry quickly, so the towels are ready to use again in no time. They are 18″ x 16″ and come in sets of four. These are a Williams Sonoma exclusive, which are by far more superior than any other bar mop I have ever used and  they wash up great and tend to release stains easily, I know I was impressed. 

Williams Sonoma Bar Mop Towels & Dishcloths, Set of 4

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WALL PAINT- Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams TRIM PAINT- Pure White Sherwin Williams FLOORS- Mohawk 3″Forrest Lake Oak Color: Oxford CABINETS- Georgetown Maple (Color- white) COUNTERTOP-Polished Carrara Marble OVENS- 27″ Double Wall Ovens Kitchen Aid  BACKSPLASH-  3×6 Gloss White Subway Tile Interceramic  BARSTOOLS- Allen Barstool Ballard Designs   ISLAND PENDENTS- Addie Pendents Ballard Designs MIXER- Kitchen Aid Professional 6 SPICE RACK- Kamenstein Heritage 16-Jar Revolving Countertop Spice Rack with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years BLENDER- Oster 004270-615-NP0 Beehive Blender – Stainless TOASTER-Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome COFFEE MAKER- Keurig 2.0 575 CUTTING BOARDS- Teak Cutting Board – Rectangle End Grain Butcher Block (24 x 18 x 1.5 in.) – By Teakhaus





  1. Great list. I could not survive without my Kitchen Aid and I have the color coded cutting board, highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new set!

  2. Now I want to go shopping. I need to invest in some better baking supplies especially the stand mixer. I have read up about it . I think it is an awesome investment.

  3. This list is fantastic! I personally couldn’t live without my kitchenaid mixer. And I would LOVE to have an electric knife and whipped cream dispenser! These would also make for a great list for engaged couples setting up their registry! Happy Holidays in the kitchen!

  4. 3 years ago I bought a stand mixer after hearing over and over again that it was life changing for bakers. I was so skeptical, but I made all of our families bread and the kneading was a lot of work! After I bought it, I was still like- “do I really need this??”. After a couple months, I realized that I couldn’t live without it and if it ever dies, I will buy a new one that week.

    • Rachel I am so on the same page as you, in my twenties I though I will never used this, Now I breaking it out at least once a week and it has a proud place of honor on my kitchen counter.:)

  5. I use every single one of these things! All are wonderful! I think I would die without my kitchen aid mixer tho.

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