Is June Still the Traditional Wedding Month?

Is June Still the Traditional Wedding Month?

Is June still considered the traditional wedding month? Join me as we take a look at some traditions and trends for the happy couples of today. 

Not so long ago it seemed like everyone traditionally got married in June. I know that my grandparents, my parents and even sister were all married in June. I remembering thinking to myself young girl, I wonder why  that is? While June is still one of the most popular months to get married, these days according to U.S. statistics, it is closely followed by August, July, May and September.

The wedding picture below is of my parent’s June 1958, this year they would have celebrated their 60th anniversary.

So why June? Just what is so special about June? One school of thought derives from the historical goddess Juno. For whom the month of June was named. She is considered to be the protector of women in all aspects of there lives, but especially in marriage and childbearing. So, a wedding in “Juno’s month” was considered to bring you good fortune. Another more obvious trend comes from when young adults would graduate from school, usually around May or June. Usually a decade ago most young men would enlist directly after high school, which promoted a lot of high school proposals, and elopements, prior to shipping out. This trend also produced a lot of March babies, too. 

WHAT’S HOT? Today’s Wedding Trends


I have been doing flowers for weddings for over 20 years now, and I can say that trends do change from year to year. Some years it is all about brighter colors, while others it is more about pastels, and it is a coin toss as to which trend is on top for any given year. Currently we are in a pastel era with a primary focus on silver sage and eucalyptus green. We have also seen a lot of soft blush pinks and a variety of shades in gray. Of course there will always be a small percentage that always goes with the classic, never fail black and white, or the newer twist on that classic which is to insert navy in place of the black. Now personally, I think on the heels of the royal wedding we might see a additional uprise of lemocello to this pastel scene, and tons of golden tone for the fall.


Of course farm style weddings are still going strong and will probably continue to be king in the southern and midwestern regions, since they are the perfect way to embrace our family style traditions and lifestyle.  Most brides are also opting for outdoor weddings, weather permitting, which is surprising given the sweltering temperatures during the hotter months. We are also still seeing a lot of destination weddings with smaller guest lists, which embrace the view of  “quality over quantity”. The brides and grooms would rather have a smaller private affair, with a few close friends and family and fabulous vacation almost like a elopement. The twist on this is then the couple will host a large reception upon their return with all their friends. So you still get the fun party but none of the boring wedding part. The other benefit is you also get amazing one of kind wedding photos. I think you will begin to see a huge uprising in this particular trend. 

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Your Invitations are what set the entire tone for your event, so make sure that you choose them wisely. You always want them to be printed on a high quality paper and I highly recommend a Foil-pressed Wedding Invitations to add a sense regality. Honestly, just think to yourself what would Meghan Markle do?  

Minted is a great online option, that works with artist to create one of kind invitations. The other nice thing about Minted is you can request a free sample kit of up to 5 designs, so you can touch and feel the invitations to truly decide for yourself.  

WEDDING PLANNER TIP *You may also want to consider having custom bridal party intinearies printed. Especially if you have a large bridal party, this will keep everyone on time and organized. This was done for my wedding by my sister over 20 years ago (thank you) and was a complete lifesaver. Now I think it has become more mainstream, in fact, I think they make an app for it and if they don’t they should! 


Very botanical, fresh picked and hand tied seem to be the current trend of the year. We are seeing a lot of Silver Dollar Eucalyptus in everything from table decor to bouquets. Also, a large trend toward lush ferns, orchids or succulent as centerpieces with candles instead of the more traditional flowers.

  • Halos for brides have become very popular especially for receptions. A lot of brides are opting for them after the removal of the traditional wedding vail.
  • Bullet boutinonere’s have been very popular for the farm style weddings.  
  • Mom’s are still preferring a nosegay or single rose to a prom style wristlet, while Grandmother’s still want a pin on traditional corsage.


This area can be as simple as a grab and go box of chocolates or as elaborate as a personalized engraved frame used as the place card holder for your tables, really anything goes. I do recommend that the favor should reflect something personal about the wedding or couple. Here are just a few that I thought were interesting, on point and unique. 

 1. Live Succulents   2. Botanical Wrapped Soap & Trinket Dish  3. Champagne Gummy Bears


  4. Lucky Elephant Luggage Tag  5. Personalized Shot Glass/Votive   6.Custom Macarons

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Signature cocktails are still very much in style. The thought process behind a signature drink is that you can offer you guest the vibe of an open bar but with out the expense of an open bar. So you might provide a few beer options, a red and white wine, along with a Signature Drink which gives your guests a hard liquor option. The trick is selecting that perfect drink, again it should represent you and your fiancé’s taste and over all vibe. 

A few fun options that work well with large groups:

  • Lynchburg Lemonade- Lemonade and Jack Daniels (Jack & Coke or Jack & Ginger Options) 
  • Sangria – you already have wine just add fruit and Grand Marnier or Midori
  • John Daly- which is an Arnold Palmer add vodka 
  • 7& 7- Seagram’s Seven Crown and 7 Up 


This tradition began as the bride and groom would share a piece of cake before sharing it with the guests, to symbolize their union and their promise to forever provide for each other. The wedding cake symbolizes good fortune, fertility and a rich happy marriage. It also brings good luck to everyone who eats it. The bride cuts the first slice of cake to provide good fortune in the marriage. These days a traditional version of a grooms cake has taken on a lot of different dessert options from donut cakes and pie bars to a DIY ice cream sundae buffet. I have even seen a Belgian waffle bar at a wedding brunch that was the grooms choice instead of cake. So, do the traditional wedding cake with different flavored layers if your must, but keep your options open for the grooms dessert table.

Also, consider ordering a few of these sweet Personalized Cake Slice Boxes, the perfect way for your guest to take home a slice of your cake. This is a great way to make sure that your cake is completely eaten by your guests, even if they are too full to consume it at your wedding reception. 

Candy Buffets are also still very popular since they provide a nice grab and go option for late night snacking and dancing. It can also fill the need of favors for your guests as well, by adding a fun trinket box that could be reused by your guests later.


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Of course whether you are giving or receiving, gift registries are always an important part of the wedding process. If you are in need of some great kitchen gift inspirations I would like to recommend my 12 Kitchen Essentials for Every Home,  post, which outlines some great basics that every kitchen should have. Here are a few other things you should really consider registering for, that every new couple really needs, but they may not know that they need them yet. 

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Gift Registries have really come a long way. I am hearing a buzz from my brides about registering on Amazon since the gifts are all delivered directly to their home. This means no worries about carrying out a bunch of gifts at the end of your wedding day. Plus your guests get Free shipping on orders over $25 or fast, FREE delivery on millions of items with Prime. Receive a wedding gift after your event date- Get 10% off most products on Amazon for a savings up to $100.

Making it Personal-

Another really old tradition that you might want to consider when registering for linens is monograming your sheets and towels. This may seem like a tradition that our grandmothers started, but today everything old is now once again new. Brides to be are really loving the idea of custom embroider sheets and towels for shower gifts. Luxor Linens combines some the highest quality linens with today’s hottest trends. Think along the lines of monogramed Turkish towels, check out a few of the links below to see for yourself. 

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  1. I have always thought June was the popular month for weddings, so I got married in October in hopes that venues wouldn’t be so booked up. I remember all the planning. We went with the colors pink and green with burlap and lace. It had a lot more country-wedding vibe. It is crazy though how things go in and out of style!

  2. I absolutely love the floral trends of this season. So lush and boho! Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the colors and the idea of having a signature drink. If I could go back and do my wedding over…I’d probably add that to the list!

  4. andi

    I think the romance of it never goes out of date, we all hope to find that perfect someone to marry.

  5. In my country weddings tend to start around June but can be held until October, since we have a nice weather… As for trends, I read ruffles are the thing this year and bold colors for guests (green, red, purple)


  6. Lau, that is really cool to know. I must say I love the red green and purple color theme I have done several of those here and they still remain one of my favorite combinations especially for fall weddings. I love the trend for ruffles on bridesmaids dresses and off the shoulders as well, these are all really great additions to the list for sure 😉

  7. Oh Sarah I know my list of wedding do overs is so long it is ridiculous, lol. My husband says save them all for one of our silver or golden anniversaries and we will redo everything, he is a total keeper!!!

  8. I have never wanted a summer wedding. Coming from San Diego, it’s usually way too hot! I decided on October (8 days after my birthday) but we still died in the heat. I wouldnt change it for the world though. I think October is starting to become the new June

  9. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    Love this post Jen! You know my son is getting married next year so I will be contacting you soon! Thank you for all the great advice! 🙂

  10. I can that, and I totally agree with you Jessica. We were married in July and I now this a October wedding would be my pick too!

  11. Memos in a Sparkly Notebook

    It is really a great post for all brides to be, filled with so much helpful information. I am very satisfied that you shared all of this helpful information with us. Please keep continue to keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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    Howdy very cool site!! Excellent .. Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your web site and take the feeds also I am glad to search out numerous useful info here within the post, we want work out extra strategies on this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  13. Lucille Naranjo

    Getting married soon and found this read interesting and informative, thanks for all the tips

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  15. Yes this has been a very common question and I get emails about it everyday from my brides that a scheduled this year and now next year. Most have rescheduled to next year in hopes that things will be better. A lot have moved forward with LIVE online Zoom weddings in backyard environments or in front of green screens and opted for large reception parties for the one anniversary. I think it depends on where you are and what your timeline looks like, but the most important thing is to be safe and keep your family safe. Your grandparents would move heaven and earth to be at these kind of events, why put them at risk? Why expose small children or babies to this virus? Until we really know more about it better to be safe than sorry, and I say that as a member of the wedding vendor community, and I accept the loss of money that goes along with that statement, you can not put a price tag on people.

  16. Cindi Stilwell

    This is still a lot of great information, how do you feel about the current wedding climate right now? Are you planning on doing a piece about the new normal?

  17. Hi Cindi thank you, I think there is a lot of things still up in the air, and the new normal may revert back to wedding of yesteryear with more backyard weddings, smaller bridal parties and more elopements. I may do a follow up piece to this one on the current climate as you are the second person to ask.

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