Summer Time Yard Games

Summertimer Yard Games Set Up JENRON DESIGNS

Summer Time Yard Games

Fun summer time yard games that are perfect for you staycation during the pandemic!

Are you finding days that you are get tried of the pool being over crowded, or too many boats out on the lake? Is it just too much hassel to load everyone up in the car to go to the park to get caught in pop up rain shower which drives you all back to your house? These are the perfect days to try a fun summer time yard game.Yard Games Croquet Mallets JENRON DESIGNSI remember as a little kid I loved playing croquet with my family. My father was always the red mallet since it was his favorite color plus red always went first, my mom was yellow, my sister was green and my brother was blue, which left me with either orange or black. Being the rebel I was, and not liking orange very much, I always picked the black ball, ironically.Vintage Croquet Balls JENRON DESIGNS

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In my later teen years I watched the movie Heather’s, a 1988 cult classic, which uses this seeming simple British based yard golf game as a social cask system for high school teens, LOL. I guess you would have to see the movie. Anyways, I learned all about the dirty side of croquet and how to “knock out” your opponent, which my family had never played in our simple garden variety version. Ahh the 80’s what a time…Knock Out Croquet JENRON DESIGNSLike I mentioned above, there are several forms of Croquet; from the Association versions, Golf versions and Garden versions. They each have their own sets of very specific rules. You can see more details on types of Croquet and all the game definitions and rules here.Summertimer Yard Games Croquet JENRON DESIGNSThis particular croquet set is an original vintage set and has clearly seen better days, so I did give it a little face lift and refinished the worn and tattered mallets as seen here in the before pictures. Refinishing the Vintage Croquet Mallets JENRON DESIGNSThis was done by taping off each of the bands and painting the colors back onto the mallets. As you can see a nice coat of fresh paint made all the difference to give this sweet set a whole new life. Sometime things just need a little love, and you do not always need to buy the newest of everything to find pleasure and enjoyment, it is about the story, history and journey. Vintage Croquet Mallets JENRON DESIGNSWe also decided to take the stand apart as well, and added a fresh coat of new Rust-oleum red paint to brighten up this vintage set and protect the wood from any further damage. The rust-oleum paint+primer will give this vintage wood a longer life and better protection for years to come, so we can have many more happy days of yard games with this family set. Refinishing Vintage Croquet Stand JENRON DESIGNSI also used a galvanized metal spray paint on the wickets, along with a trick my mother used to do to make them easier to see.  My mother would actually tie some pretty ribbon on to the tops to make them more visible on the lawn. Now this is not “a legal” Association standard, however it is more of a family tradition. So I added a pretty gingham picnic plaid ribbon in which makes the metal wickets a little more visible in the grass. I remember as klutzy kid  I was always tripping over them which did not hurt much then, but now it would probably beak a bone or two. Summertimer Yard Games Croquet JENRON DESIGNSYou may notice in the back ground that we had a few light refreshments and snacks. This is a way to graze lightly between shots, since the game is not really high energy and players take turns. Mixed Nuts JENRON DESIGNSSince the weather is hot, we picked snacks that would not spoil in the heat like mixed nuts and ice cold drinks. Just your typical bar snacks, however I think with the way corona virus is spreading maybe bar snacks and anything that requires the use of hands may not be a good idea anymore, so we had spoons on hand for scooping.Summertimer Yard Games Snack Table JENRON DESIGNSWe did a mix of lemonade and sweet tea, with a splash of Tito’s  which are also known as boozy Arnold Palmers.  If you are not familiar with the classic Arnold Palmer they are generally a mix of sweet tea and lemonade. The standard mixture is 3 parts tea to 1 part lemonade, however I have seen many varieties over the years. To make it a boozy Arnold Palmer just drop in a shot or so of your favorite frozen vodka.

Summertimer Yard Games Snacks JENRON DESIGNSAnother great yard game that has become very popular over the past few years is corn hole. This is a similar game to horseshoes which is another game we played as kids. Although I will say bean bags are a lot safer than hurling a big metal horseshoe though the air like we used too, to get “a ringer”, LOL! However, get clocked with a horseshoe at 10 mph really builds character, and you learn really quick to pay attention to your surroundings at all times, bean bags not so much. It is a good life lesson and I lived to tell the tale so we are all good. Corn Hole JENRON DESIGNSAgain, this is another yard game where not everyone is playing at the same time so you have a little time sip and sun while watching and waiting for your turn. I also feel this is perfect time for a little light coaching or heckling which ever suits your crew. It also works great for social distancing since everyone is far apart as well. Corn Hole Watching JENRON DESIGNSWe also have a few other yard games we love, like Bocce Ball, and Ladder Ball. If we are really feeling like some exercise we will break out the Badminton set, which again is another yard game from my youth. However I recommend a really nice level yard with out any holes for that game, it can be a real ankle turner. For those that are a little more low key, I recommend yard Giant Jenga which is really fun too.  Summertimer Yard Games JENRON DESIGNS

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Fun Summer Time Yard Game JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. These ideas are fabulous. I can’t even remember how many years ago I played croquet for the last time. We would set the game up in our garden or at my grandparents’ garden.
    Really cute that vintage set you’ve restored.

  2. I dream of trying to play this game for a lifetime, but I never found where to buy or buy it! gt

  3. Nidhi

    These are some interesting yard games. We can all use an outing like that replete with yummy finger food and cool drinks

  4. I’ve always wanted to try croquet and your article just convinced me to do it ASAP! Thanks 🙂

  5. Nice ideas. I had no idea about croquet. I simply love the way you have placed it all.

  6. You have brought back some happy memories of croquet summers! When we bought this house, my Mother somehow slipped our old set into the garage and I’ve been to “embarrassed” to bring it out; but now you have inspired me to revamp it and get those clubs swinging again.

  7. Jenn Kalchik

    I love cornhole and bocce!

  8. Wow! these are some fun games ! My daughter loves her outdoor playtime thought its restricted jow but can surely try these when we can !

  9. Such great yard game ideas! Have never played croquets. You have beautiful deco and young snacks that go with the games! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Beautiful backyard. Perhaps when I have time I’ll learn how to play croquet.

  11. J.A. Beck

    The colorful and vibrant pictures in this are fantastic. I really like those decorations. Croquet is definitely my husband’s favorite from this list, but I’m partial to horseshoes myself. Regardless, you have some really great ideas. This post gave me some good inspiration for my yard.

  12. They are some amazing ideas. These decrations are so nice!

  13. We love corn hole! That’s one of our favorites. We also just bought KanJam which is a fun one! We always have these games on hand for a BBQ!

  14. What wonderful ideas for garden games. On a hot summer day, those refreshments and finger foods are a perfect choice!

  15. This looks fabulous! what super summery photos. I love a good game of croquet

  16. Wow this is perfect for summer! Though it’s sad that I already forgot that these games existed! Thank you for sharing these very brilliant and fun ideas with us! May you continue to bless us thoughtful and creative ideas!

  17. So fun, I wish I had a yard to do games in, sadly I live in a flat

  18. Amber Myers

    How fun! We need to play crochet. I don’t think we’ve ever done this as a family.

  19. Amber

    I used to play croquet every easter with my grandparents…. probably odd but great memories! You have me thinking of ways to entertain during our neighborhood gatherings this summer. Can’t wait!

  20. How fun! I’ve been wanting to get some more yard games for the whole family, I’m feeling that corn hole set!!

  21. I can honestly say I’m kind of excited about backyard games like these! We don’t have any of those games!! I am def gonna get the sand bags and the croquet. We have the space finally – and now we have to stay home so this is perfect!

  22. OMG that looks so fun, I wish I had a yard to play games in

  23. I’d love to get some outdoor games for my girls. I bet they would love them!

  24. Bella

    aww this is so fun!! I love corn hole so much… I got someone to make me a handmade one and it so pretty!!!

  25. How fun are these yard games for the summer. We love getting outside with the kids.

  26. Tisha

    Love yard games, great way to spend a nice summer day with friends and family

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