Tips For Seeing Holiday Lights

Holiday LIght Viewing Tips JENRON DESIGNS

Tips For Seeing Holiday Lights

It is on everyone’s seasonal bucket list, so here are my Tips For Seeing Holiday Lights this Christmas.

One of our favorite things to do every holiday season is to check out our local holiday lights. Here are some of my best Tips For Seeing Holiday Lights this season with your family, to make the experience fun.Holiday LIght Viewing Tips JENRON DESIGNSWe like to pack up the sleigh with snacks and treats for the evening to take in all of our favorite light shows. Now obviously it would depend on where we were going as to what exactly we would pack up, but for a basic let’s drive around and see the local lights and blow ups that our neighbors and surrounding communities have set up we like to think in terms of a movie night on the go. Almost like a tailgate party.Holiday LIght Viewing Tips JENRON DESIGNSEven though we will be inside a car, we like the idea of warm snuggly blankets. Especially since some displays are interactive or you may need to roll your windows down to hear the music if it is not piped in via a radio frequency.  Holiday LIght Viewing Tips JENRON DESIGNSWe also believe in tons of hot chocolate, because tis the season. We carry extra refills in these handy travel thermos’ which keep it nice and hot for the evening. You can see all my fun Gourmet Hot Chocolate Recipes at this link, if you like S’mores or Peanut Butter Cups,  they can make a fun alternative flavor. Holiday LIght Viewing Tips JENRON DESIGNSI also like to put together a little snack basket of holiday treats for the front and back seats. A simple selection of holiday popcorn, cookies, candy canes, pretzel rods, and toffee bars. This will keep all your passengers happy and busy between the stops too. Holiday LIght Viewing Tips JENRON DESIGNSI have 3 great holiday cookie recipes I will list below with links, if you are needing some inspiration:

Holiday LIght Viewing Tips JENRON DESIGNSThis is also a perfect time to play some family car games as well, maybe a I SPY scavenger hunt for the lights you might see. Maybe, you can sing a few fun Christmas carols together, which brings me to the playlist. You need a great holiday playlist for this adventure, so I will list a few of our favorites below, which just put us into an upbeat fun mood. Feel free to list a few of your favorites in the comments below, as I am always looking for fun new songs!Holiday LIght Viewing Tips JENRON DESIGNSHOLIDAY SONGS:

  1. Holiday Road ~ National Lampoon’s European Vacation
  2. I Saw Three Ship ~Barenaked Ladies
  3. Mr. Heatmiser ~Big Bad VooDoo Daddy
  4. Snoopy’s Christmas ~Smash Mouth
  5. Who Spiked The Eggnog ~Straight No Chaser 
  6. You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch ~Thurl Ravencroft
  7. Mele Kalikimaka ~Jimmy Buffett
  8. The Chanukah Song  ~Adam Sandler
  9. Here We Come A-Wassailing ~Under The Streetlamp
  10. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen ~Annie Lennox
  11. Jingle Bell Rock ~The Platters
  12. Mad Russian’s Christmas ~Trans Siberian Orchestra

Holiday LIght Viewing Tips JENRON DESIGNSMy final suggestion would be to plan out your route. In our local area we have several neighborhoods that host charity events on specific nights as fund raisers. There are local guides and listing the yards with the most lights, blow ups, animatronics, etc. We also have the local drive thrus at The Night of Lights at Lake Lanier, which is huge and The Lights at Stone Mountain. Here are a few more for my Georgia peeps, check out this great local list:

Plus there are several locations that have the BLINK light shows as well. We were so lucky to have one located at in our subdivision last year, along with some pretty impressive light displays throughout the neighborhood. Above is a video from the Blagg Family Light Display (last year); which I was recently told by Mrs. Blagg, that sadly the show would not be happening this year due to some technical issues. However you can still see my favorite video above of “Fireball” which was just iconic, enjoy!

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Tips To Seeing Holiday Lights JENRON DESIGNSWe hope you enjoyed this little holiday gem from our family to yours. Sign up for future seasonal tips and holiday inspiration here: Email Me All the Updates- at this link!

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  1. I like these tips that make it into an event rather than just a drive. My toddler loves looking at lights on our way home this time of year.

  2. Karletta

    You are so much fun! Those back seat baskets look amazing.

  3. Absolutely Love the Christmas spirit ! very useful tips ! thanks for sharing !
    -The Handy Journal-

  4. This is incredible! I love the amount of preparation that you have put in and it made me really want to do the same for my family. Beautiful!

  5. These are amazing tips! I used to love doing this with my family when I was younger, however we didn’t have snacks like those ahah! That popcorn looks delicious!

    -madi xo |

  6. These are great tips and will keep anyone going to see holiday lights well-prepared for a fun and festive night!
    x makemeupblogs

  7. Omg are those your pics? They look so good! What kind of camera do you use?

  8. These are some nice tips and tricks to implement! I love the snacks there, they look scrumptious! And I agree, there definitely needs to be a song list ready to go!

  9. Thank you so much, I use a older Canon 35mm, I got around 3 years ago but it still does a good job.

  10. Henrietta

    Love me a good checklist with tips for the holidays. Thanks!

  11. Holiday lights sightseeing looks like a fun activity! You know I haven’t done it before and I wish I did that when I was still living in the Philippines. Now I live in Canada and this doesn’t look possible anymore. But still something i’d like to do in the future

  12. OMG I wish we had this in Italy it sounds like a fun thing to do as a family

  13. Karen

    I wish you lived closer- I would love for you to help design some rooms!!! Great suggestions on seeing lights- love your photos!

  14. Your sleigh looks like it had a great time viewing the lights! I need to start bringing snacks.

  15. Jasmine Martin

    We plan on seeing holiday lights this year too. We’ll definitely have to bundle up though because it gets pretty cold in Michigan at night.

  16. What a wonderful experience! The snacks, the playlist, it’s all on point for a truly magical experience.

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