Scents of the Seasons

Scents of the Seasons

This month on ASK THE DESIGNER: I have been asked about some of the luxe Scents of the Seasons I use in my home.

Truth be told this is my favorite the time of year, I absolutely love to throw open the windows and air out the entire house. However, that also makes it the perfect time to talk about my signature scents of seasons as well, which I am constantly being asked about by guests that are dropping by my home.

I find that by switching up a signature scent for the seasons is a great way to avoid going nose blind to a specific smell in your home. Yes, this is a real thing. I have several friends that like a signature scent for their homes, but I personally find that eventually you will no longer smell your signature scent, so for that reason I like to vary my house scents with the seasons. Here are some great ideas based up the seasons for your home, which can be used in scent pots, oils or candles, whatever you like.


  • Floral-Peony, Honeysuckle, Rose, Lilac, Cherry Blossom, Lily, Camomile, Vetiver
  • Fresh/Clean– Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lemon Verbena, Cucumber Melon, Meadow Grass
  • Seasonal Themed– Radish, Carrot Cake, Marshmallow, Strawberry Shortcake, Earl Gray


  • Fruity– Lemonade, Watermelon, Coconut, Peach, Strawberry, Lime, Vanilla
  • Fresh/Floral– Cotton, Fresh Cut Grass, Gardenia, Magnolia, Jasmine, Geranium, Basil
  • Seasonal Themed– Beach Scents, Ocean Surf, Waffle Cone

Scent is also a great way to celebrate Hygge design which is often an overlooked element in design. However scent will is one the quickest ways to invoke a feeling or memory which is a large component in the hygge design concept. You can read more about Hygge design at this Ask The Designer post.  Buffet Verses Seat and Serve Place Setting JENRON DESIGNS


  • Fruity– Pumpkin, Pear, Apple, Fig, Quince, Pecan, Plum
  • Herbal/ Woodsy– Sage, Thyme, Cinnamon, Chai, Tonka, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Ginger
  • Seasonal Themed– Licorice, Leaves, Bonfire, S’mores, Pumpkin Pie, Leather, Midnight Sky

Scents will also prepare your home for a season, by invoking a seasonal scent that is not always available year round. The most obvious ones that come to mind would be pumpkins in the fall, however what about anise or black licorice whips, which always makes me think of witches and Halloween?  Cheese Mold Candle JENRON DESIGNS


  • Fruity– Cranberry, Pomegranate, Pear, Orange, Apple, Chestnut,
  • Fresh/Woodsy– Balsam, Pine, Cedar, Birch, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Cloves, Tobacco
  • Seasonal Themed– Sugar Cookies, Peppermint, Mulled Wine, Fresh Snow, Fireside

Another great tip is to mix your own fragrances with essential oils, especially if you are using a diffuser or oil burner. This will help you to create a custom scent for each season in your home. This can be done by taking a few of the basic scents above, in each season, and mixing them together. A great example using the list above would be to take a few drops of Orange, Rosemary and Cloves for a nice fresh scent for the holidays season, or maybe Cranberry, Pine and Chestnut. 

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Creating a Signature Scent for Your Home JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. I love this idea, Jen! I’ve never really thought about it, but we can get so used to our normal scents that we forget the benefits of changing it up.

  2. This is such great information! A couple of scents I haven’t heard of, so I will be looking into that.

  3. Emily Baker

    Oh WOW – this was such a great reminder for me to remember about the sense of smell – and which scents to use!! So Much Fun!!!

  4. If only technology would have a scent feature! Love the breakdown of scents for each season.

  5. That’s such a beautiful idea, I love when my house smells good.

  6. Amber Myers

    What a great idea. I always love when my house smells like the seasons.

  7. I feel like i am good on fall scents (pumpkin, apple) and Christmas (trees and mint) but don’t do much for home scents the rest of the year- Iguess floral and spring like. I need to keep my scents going all year

  8. I love this rundown of ways to use scents to ring in each new season. Spring is by far my favorite!

  9. Tisha

    OH this is so informative! I love the fresh smells but could definitely go for woodsy

  10. I love peonies, they were my wedding flowers, and I like this time of the year too, so it goes well together!

  11. You know I like to mix the scents of Peonies and Pink Peppercorns, it sounds odd but they smell great together.

  12. Jana Riggins

    Diversity is indeed the herb of lifetime, these are great ways to freshen up for the season!

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