ORC 2018 Spring Challenge: Home Office

ORC 2018 Spring Challenge: Home Office

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to announce that JENRON DESIGNS will be a guest participant in the ORC for a third time. The  Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Event hosted by Linda @ Calling It Home (link here)  will feature a long over due, redesign of my home office. WEEKS AT A GLANCE:    

WEEK 1     WEEK 2     WEEK 3    WEEK 4   WEEK 5   REVEAL  

In case you are wondering what the “ORC” is, here’s the scoop. Twice a year, April/ October, for the past 12 seasons, the ORC has hosted over 250 interior design & decor bloggers, as they join together and choose one room in their homes to make over. The designers only have six weeks, from start to finish in order to complete a full room transformation. To date, more than 1,900 rooms have been transformed through the One Room Challenge and many of the spaces, have been recognized and featured. Several of those features can be seen here:


Previous Seasons:

In case you are new to this challenge I have added quick reference pictures of my previous challenges along with links to the final reveal. In each of the revel posts you can find links to all 6 weeks of the challenge.  This is our very first ORC project, from last spring :

ORC Spring 2017 Challenge: The Sleeping Porch 

This is the before and after pictures of our most recent ORC project that took place last October : 

ORC Fall 2017 Challenge: The Jack & Jill Guest Bath 

My Home Office: Where the Blog Comes to Life 

This season I decided to feature, a much needed redesign for my home office. As of late, I have been spending a lot of time in this room. I started my blog on a whim last February, as a research favor for a family member. I was not sure where the path would lead me, but I knew I was game for a new challenge, wink, wink. Much to my surprise I really enjoyed creating a blog from the ground up and showcasing our personal DIY projects and joining in home challenges like this one. Honestly, in no time at all I was hooked, and I found myself fixated on what the next project would be. My  creative spark was lit, and I could not stop my mind from churning out tons of ideas and new stuff, in fact I was logging ideas last year for all the things I wanted to this year. 

Now here is the sad part, I never really finished or created a beautiful space for me to work in, laughable I know. It is that old story about the cobbler not making shoes for his own family. Above is one of my early pictures when I actually housed my floral design supplies in this room. This was slated to be my work shop, which was moved to the basement to accommodate a refrigerator/floral cooler.  This was the replace piece of furniture purchased from Pottery Barn to be a printer station for my desk. I have now found that it is just too low for a printer station, intact back bracingly low. I think it would be better left as television stand for the moment some where else in the house. So this piece will be relocated to another room. 

Above this piece of furniture is my Black & White Travel Wall Art. I created it upon moving in to our home almost 3 years ago, and I have relocated it to several rooms. I really like it in my office and I do believe that I will be keeping it since in invokes so many fond memories. I did all the photography for these photos myself with out a good camera like I have now, lol. Most of these pictures where taken with an old Fuji 35mm camera, and then my various camera phones over the years.  Aside from making them all black in white, I did very little editing to the photos. So they are just my raw pictures. To me this is a constant reminder that you don not have to have the best equipment to take the best pictures, just a eye for what you are doing. 

This is my make shift floor lamp, lol. I took and old antique tool box and stood it long ways, to create a narrow table of sorts. I have big plans for this piece in a great DIY coming up in the next few weeks. 

Now this is my current view from my tiny little desk. This picture would actually be more accurate if I had a cat or two sitting on the desk, lol, so my tiny desk just got smaller. To be exact it is 30 1/4″H X 60″W X 24″D, this is the Durham Desk from Ballard Designs and I love it but I just need more space. This beauty will now become a part of my workshop plan in the basement. 

The other thing that I really hate is seeing all the cords on the back. Since my office contains 4 doors (which I made sure to include in the pictures) and set of double windows furniture layout is challenging. I decide to float the desk in the middle of the room instead of lining the walls with furniture, but I hate that your see all the mechanics of my technology. This is something I will need to address going forward.  

I have to say I am completely sick to death of these drapes and roman shades. They just feel entirely to heavy for this window. Besides I will never actually shut the roman shades since my view is wooded and I have a screened porch directly off of my office. 

Finally this is what I loving call my “bat cave” which is the walk in closet for this space. It double as a lot of things from a gift wrapping area, craft station, file cabinet and supply closet. I have no plans on changing anything in this space but I might do a little reorganizing if times allows. 

The Inspiration Board

So what  is my plan? Here is a basic inspiration board I created of where I see my office going in the next 6 weeks. I plan to order some new furniture, some will be custom made and while some I can order online of pick up from my local stores. We have a few DIY’s that occur the open wall shelves and the custom cornice board.  So here is what my schedule will look like to get everything done.


The Check List:

Week 1- Introduction & Inspiration Board

Week 2- Place all orders for Custom furniture and online pieces    

Week 3- DIY open wall shelves, stain & install

Week 4- DIY build custom cornice board, paint to match trim & install 

Week 5- Assemble and place all furniture, art  and accessories. Stage the room. 

Week 6- The Big Reveal 









  1. I love your office plans! Wires are the worst. Every time I think I have them tamed, I make more of them.

  2. So nice to update your office space -especially when you’re in there so often. Your plans look great. Looking forward to following your journey!

  3. Thank you Danny I could not agree more. It just feels like the one the only areas that I have not really pulled together yet.

  4. I completely agree with you, it is as if the multiply at night while I am sleeping, lol 😛

  5. I’m loving your design for this space! I’ve found over the years, in my own home office, that my needs in the space are ever evolving, and I’m always making changes to accommodate them. For someone design obsessed it’s not a chore, but rather fun, and I love to see how other’s offices turn out too. Can’t wait to see it all done!

  6. Gorgeous design – excited to see the cornices and I am a huge fan of a good cow hide rug. 🙂

  7. Oh, I love your vision board. Looking forward to seeing it all come together.

  8. I love your plans! The bright colors in your design scheme are my favorite

  9. Goodness I’m dying as I’d love a home office!! (I’m currently on my couch as I type this) 🙂 Love the direction you’re going in – it’s going to be so lovely!!!

  10. I think having a pretty home office is a necessity for bloggers since we spend so much time in there! Can’t wait to see what you do with yours.

  11. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    Jen this is a really great looking plan for your office sanctuary. As a fellow blogger I know how much time you spend in there, and I am happy you area retaking some time to make you space as beautiful as you are. Best of luck and I cheering for you all the way.

  12. This is going to be fabulous!! What a view to be able to look at while working, I can’t wait to follow the progress!!

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    Very excited to see your project this round, I can’t wait to see your office!

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    You put a lot of effort in to creating such a interesting inpsiation board I am very excited to see your progress over the next 6 weeks.

  15. I can’t wait to see how you transform your office! I love how functional that closet is right now – good call on not changing it. I would LOVE to have an extra closet in my house that I could make look like yours!

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  19. Oh Jen! Your vision for this room is fabulous! Excited to follow!! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  20. Jen, how exciting to update your office. We constructed an office for me a year ago, before I knew much about ORC, so I didn’t participate. Having your own space, designed and decorated just for you will be so productive and inspiring.

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    Yay I love the post doing this season, I always get so inspired to work on my home. Your board is beautiful, great plan for your office space. Coral is really hot right now too.

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    Love this board! Very nice style and really great content! 😀 Also wanted to tell you that it was so nice to meet you at the Pinner’s Conference. You are as nice in person, as you appear on your blog, which is what I want to make sure all your followers know, sometime the book does not match the cover, but you are authentic as they come.

  27. Meghann!!!! I am so glad you made it out to my site and thank you so much for all the kind words! It was truly my pleasure to join you and your sister for herbology class, to make those fun custom bath salts. I finally got to try mine the other day and they are heavenly.

  28. Little Farmgirl

    I was excited to see that you were a part of the ORC this year, I am sorry that I am just now getting around to seeing your room, it has been a very busy spring and summer with moving. I can not wait to check it out.

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    I am thinking about trying a design challenge this year but I may start small this one seems to have gotten big.

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    Great inspiration board and nice design project can’t wait to see it.

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