Owners Suite Fireplace Addition

Adding a Fireplace to the Master Bedroom JENRON DESIGNS

Owners Suite Fireplace Addition

Today for a cozy winter DIY I am sharing our owners suite fireplace addition, which really is the perfect upgrade for any home!

Today I am sharing our owners suite fireplace addition, which we have added into our master bedroom suite this season to make it just a little more cozy for the winter. This season has been all about creating a cozy owners suite perfect for that long winter’s nap.  This is why we are so excited to share this fireplace from Ahviana 72.5” W Electric Fireplace by Good & Gracious Fireplaces, purchased via Wayfair.

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Easy Shipping JENRON DESIGNSI have to say that this fireplace assembly was very straightforward and simple with the instructions provided, however we have done an easy-to-follow assembly video that you can check out on my Instagram Stories to see just how quickly the piece went together. It ships in 3 boxes direct from Wayfair, one for the center fireplace unit, one for the surround and one for the two side bookcases seen above. Hardware JENRON DESIGNSThe hardware is all very clearly labeled and matches up to the instructions. All you really need is a screwdriver, however it is much quicker with a drill if you have one. I will also say that all the easy code labels also removed easily from the piece too, so there was not any residue left behind on the fireplace inside the cabinets that you might see.  Assembly JENRON DESIGNSThe cabinet used a channel lock style assembly where you use press locks into the wood pieces then twist to secure the lag bolts into place at the joints.  Easy Lock Pieces JENRON DESIGNSThe fireplace unit comes with a remote control and 6 light settings for the flames. You can also set the temperature controls from the remote and a timer to turn the fireplace off after a designated time. Which is so nice especially since it is for our bedroom, you can fall asleep and not worry about if the fireplace will turn off or stay on.  Good & Gracious Fireplace JENRON DESIGNSI also loved that this fireplace had the addition of two side bookcases for storage. Especially since we were removing a large dresser that was used for storage on this wall. I would now be able to add a fireplace and still have storage as well. I simply ordered a few wicker storage baskets for this piece online to just to keep the look clean and streamlined.  Bookcases JENRON DESIGNSI would also like to point out some of the pretty architectural details that are located on cabinet of the fireplace. Even though this is a prefabricated piece, it still has some very nice trim work added onto the cabinet which elevated the overall look of the cabinet. I ordered it in black, which seemed to give it even more of a regal look but it is also available in white too.  Molding Details JENRON DESIGNSSo this is how the piece looks directly out of the box and assembled, which I love for my bedroom this winter. However, I have a few more tricks up my sleeve to give it a little more of a built-in look coming in DIY part two. My plan is to build a fireplace hearth base and chimney back out of white limestone, so check back in to see the next phase of this project for our long winter’s nap bedroom makeover! Adding a Fireplace to the Master Bedroom JENRON DESIGNS

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Owners Suite Fireplace JENRON DESIGN


  1. I love how you incorporated some storage space into this! I always need more storage! And what a great way to add it to a space that needs a little more warmth.

  2. Karen

    What a warm and pretty addition to a bedroom. I love all of your photos!

  3. Amber Myers

    I like this! We have an electric fireplace as well and love it. It’s nice being cozy when it’s cold out.

  4. Karletta

    We are planning to install a fireplace in The lounge of our new place … the last couple of winters have called for it. So your article is timely- really helpful. Love the design and bookends are perfect.

  5. Digitaldaybook

    This one addition change the entire space! Love this a lot

  6. I love this idea of putting an electric fireplace in the bedroom. It can help me save from electricity costs too instead of turning the whole house heat system at night. It looks safe for kids too and love the shelves.

  7. Henri

    Wow! This not only looks super warm and cozy. I am concerned though…, It makes me want to stay in bed longer. Especially when the winters are so long and we are still in lockdown restrictions.

  8. I love this cozy upgrade for the winter. Looks like it was fairly easy to put together too. So neat!

  9. Tisha

    I’m getting ready to move and sad I will no longer have a fireplace…THIS is exactly what I need!

  10. I love fireplaces, we have one at home although not in our bedroom. It keeps the room nice warm and cozy.

  11. It is relatively child safe, from what I can tell. It has the safety pull over wall mounts so it can not tip over on littles. I also have not noticed any of the front pieces getting hot or even warm to the touch, so a burn would also be avoided as well. I can also say it does a nice job in heating up even a larger room, ours is a 24×20 and it still knocks the chill off nicely.

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