How to DIY A Luxe Home Sauna


How to DIY A Luxe Home Sauna

Check out how to DIY A Luxe Home Sauna, like we did in the basement.

As many of you know we have been slowly finishing out spaces within our basement to create the perfect at home gym and luxe spa space. Today we are sharing how to DIY a luxe home sauna. Welcome to our beautiful new at home sauna. Welcome to the Sauna JENRON DESIGNSThe one thing I do want to address is, yes, we could have ordered a pre built sauna.  However, when you look at the pricing for those for this size, you are really over paying. Building our own allowed us to make a custom sized space for less money, and it works like a dream.Painting the floors JENRON DESIGNSOne of the first things we did in the space was seal up all of the exposed concrete, which included the walls and floors. Since the floor was going to be visible thru our indoor/outdoor deck tiles we were using for the floor, we went with a black concrete paint.

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The Aster Outdoor Interlocking Deck Tile Plastic Waterproof Outdoor Flooring come in a 12″ x 12″ size and are designed for Patio Garden Deck Poolside indoor/outdoor use. We purchased the 27 pcs box in gray to complete our space. They easily snap together with the use of rubber mallet, and can easily be cut for the specialty size areas to fit your space. 

Adding the Outdoot Tiles JENRON DESIGNSThis was the perfect choice for a sauna floor due to its slip resistant open design, the grooves on the top surface of these outdoor patio tiles between each slat increase friction and help keep you from slipping if the tiles get wet. They are weather resistant which makes them durable. The high quality plastic material is a better alternative to wood deck tile versions that do not hold up against the elements. These tiles will not warp, rot, crack, stain, scratch, split or bend.Sealing the Cracks JENRON DESIGNSOnce the floor was in place we started to work on sealing up the walls  and placing the first layer of insulation in place. Since this is a sauna you do not want to use a traditional style of insulation as you would the rest of your home.  Insulating Walls JENRON DESIGNSAfter doing some research we decided on a two layer approach of a PolyPro foam board which is glued into place with a Loctite type of adhesive glue, seen here below.  Glueing the Panels JENRON DESIGNSFollowed by a layer Reflectix insulation bubble foil which is recommended for rooms and areas like saunas. This creates a nice double layer to hold in the heat and keep out the cold and possible moisture with this wall being in the subterrain area of our basement.  Thermal Insulation JENRON DESIGNS
Once the space was well insulated it was time to add the quintessential wood walls, which everyone thinks of when they think of a sauna. We choose a nice pine spruce to save on money verses a cedar, which is fine they both smell great, in my humble opinion. Plus the pine had a wide plank and beaded plank option on the same boards, which was a nice decorative touch.  Pine Planks JENRON DESIGNSAs you can see we ended up using the side which looks a bit more like beadboard since the boards were made reversible and we had the option. I just liked the smaller plank look for this space verses the wider 8” solid boards. Wall Boards JENRON DESIGNSWe started on the ceiling and worked our way down the walls. We used a finish trim piece to fill the gaps in the corners and along the ceiling. There were only a few speciality cuts for the overhead light fixtures and the light switch and plug for the heater.  Running the Switches JENRON DESIGNSThis is how we finished out around the switch and door frame. We used a basic 1×3 pine board as a trim piece, nothing fancy. We had decided to keep it really simple and rustic looking.  robes JENRON DESIGNSThe LED lights are basic as well, just two round flush lights that are weatherproof for the space. We added a dimmer so we can adjust the level of light in the sauna for our needs.  LED lights JENRON DESIGNSThe next main piece we added in was the actual sauna heater, again after doing our research, we went with the VEVOR Sauna Heater 3KW Dry Steam Bath Sauna Heater Stove. It is a 220V-240V with Internal Controller Electric Sauna Stove for maximum volume of 141.3 Cubic Feet and for use in Homes/Hotel Sauna Rooms, Spa Showers or Bath Saunas. 

The Heater JENRON DESIGNSYou do have to burn off your sauna heater and any sauna rocks that you plan to use inside of the heater prior to your first use, just in case it has anything on the rocks or elements. Rocks JENRON DESIGNSThen you are free to add oil infused water to add an extra level of spa relaxation to your sauna. So I just had to get one of these cute little sauna water buckets, just like all of the big boy spas have, I mean why not? Bestnewie Sauna Bucket with Ladle Handmade Wooden Sauna

water bucket JENRON DESIGNSWe ordered this amazingly comfortable pine bench which matches the space perfectly, and has a great ergonomic curve in the seat for maximum comfort as we lounge around inside our new sauna. We opted for a freestanding bench so we could move to the center of the room if we wish to lay down.  Bench and Accessories JENRON DESIGNSAs for the accessorizing we went very basic adding in a few wall hooks for our bath sheet towels and robes, and that was pretty much it.  adding hooks JENRON DESIGNSThis is where my Cozy Earth Bath Sheets have truly come in handy, they are the perfect size to wrap up in for the sauna. I am in love with these premium plush towels in the Cozy Earth Towel Line.cozy earth bath sheets JENRON DESIGNSI was able to acquaint myself with the luxury of the 45″ x 60″ bath sheets last month when they launched, and they are perfect for creating an at home spa experience. They are so soft and ultra-absorbent; I love them, and I know you will too. You can even try them, just use my custom link to: Cozy Earth and save 40% with my code: JENRON40 when you order. cozy earth JENRON DESIGNSSo in closing, I highly recommend a in home sauna, and if you are considering doing it as a DIY, I am here to say it is not really that hard to do or create. It was worth every penny, and yes we do use it regularly, especially in the cold winter months.  Sauna Spa JENRON DESIGNSI do realize it may feel like an impractical add to a home, my thoughts on the subject are it is the size of a closet. For the cost of the heating element I now have a sauna which makes me and my husband happy. As for resale,  if a future buyer loves it we would leave it as a sauna; if they hate it they have a lovely woodlined closet, we would just add a different flooring which would probably have to be done for the Home Gym, seen here,  which is directly off of it.  Home Gym Reveal JENRON DESIGNS


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  1. Having a sauna in the basement sounds like a dream! I bet that’s a wonderful way to end the day.

  2. Nina

    WOW! Who knew you could do this in your own home. Your sauna looks incredible, beautiful and super relaxing. I’m jealous!!

  3. I would love a home sauna! I really dislike the cold and a sauna would be a luxury space to have here in Colorado in the winter months!

  4. Wow, what an upgrade this is! To have your own spa at home sounds amazing. Well done.

  5. Monica Simpson

    I didn’t realize you could build a sauna in your home!

  6. Digitaldaybook

    Wow this must have been quite the project! Hope you all enjoy it!

  7. Wow such a beautiful project I wish I had the space

  8. Karletta

    Wait until I show my hubby this – he’s gonna want one! We’ve just bought a house that needs renovating – you’re giving me all kinds of inspiration.

  9. I like the simple but rustic look. Looks great and such a useful thing to have at home. Enjoy!

  10. Oh my goodness – you are living my dream! Thanks so much for sharing this process. It looks amazing!

  11. Oh my gosh! I need this in my life. Sending these plans to my hubby now!

  12. Stephany

    I consulted a lot this information, which made me feel a lot better about trying this project myself. Thanks for the information!

  13. Cody Bridger

    5 stars
    Thank you for your sharing. I am worried that I lack creative ideas have been circling the internet lately. This is not true at your site and in your article that makes me full of hope. Thank You!

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