Easy Tailgating Recipes for Game Day

Easy Tailgating Recipes for Game Day

Are you looking for Easy Tailgating Recipes for Game Day? Well here are some fun ideas that will make your tent the hot place to be seen.

These days tailgating is almost as much of a sport as the actual game and Georgia tailgating is all about the show, with parking handed down from generation to generation. It is all about your menu, goodies and decor. You see, tailgating is taken very seriously, and it’s usually very classy in this part of the country. So whether you stay at home for the away games or park it right outside under the jumbotron here are a few of my easy carry along tailgating recipes for game day, paired with a few fun retro themed decor inspirations.  It is no secret who we cheer for in the hedges, although we do support most of the teams in the SEC during the season, since we have so many friends and family that have attended so many of those schools as well. For this particular tailgate theme I decided to do a old skool vibe, with vintage stadium seats and retro style hand made pennants and pom pom’s. Which you can see in full DIY Vintage Pennant & Pom Pom tutorial here, from last week. Since we are still tailgating, the name of the game is mobility, so being able to pick up items and wander around is key. I think having single servings is a really nice idea and keeps everybody’s hands out of all the food. Therefore, cleaner and more hygienic.  Single serve veggie cups with a serving of dips or dressing will keep “double dipping” to minimum.  In the Georgia heat this also allows you keep everything cold and fresh from the cooler or our plug in mini refrigerator. No mayonnaise based dips sitting out in the sun, that could create possible spoilage; which could lead to food poisoning and missing the big game. 

What’s on the Menu: 

It is important to offer a nice variety for your tailgating experience but keep in mind the preparation, clean up and storage when the game begins. Especially if your are season ticket holder and you plan to attend the game inside the stadium.I personally like to have options that feel a little bit more on the healthy side. These single serve crudité cups are perfect, you can fill up the base with a savory dip such as hummus, Mexican bean dip, loaded bacon ranch dip or spinach artichoke dip. You can slice carrot sticks, celery, and bell peppers for a colorful blend of dipping sticks. This even works great with fruit cups too, simply use a whipped topping dip  mixed with fruit yogurt then add and add in a variety of fresh melons, and pineapple sticks. Even large segments of oranges are nice and fresh strawberries.
Watching your waistline and foregoing basic sub sandwiches? I have recently been inspired by a low carb and Keto friendly pickle sandwich.  These sandwiches are perfect if you are worried about gluten free menus or soggy bread on sandwiches.  I have included my prep and recipe at the bottom of this page for my version of this pimento cheese pickle club.

Chips are always the perfect snack but how about if you create a southern style fun taco in a bag by adding a scoop of my Easy Shredded Instant Pot BBQ Chicken to your bag. Then top with cheddar cheese, sour cream and jalapenos for a down home tasty treat. I believe this is actually call a walking taco, which is kind of funny and I have heard several unsavory jokes made about the name at football games. I guess you just have to know your audience, am I right?Sweet treats are always on high demand on game day and puppy chow is a stable when cheering for our Dawgs. Of course it is in our in our team colors sporting red, black and white! Try a fun mix by adding in the new Hazelnut filled M&M’s that taste like Nutella with Raisinet’s which adds a nice spin on an old favorite GORP, or Almond M&M’s with Cherry Craisins just to switch things up.  I also added a fun little solo shot of Jack Daniel’s infused Cola shaped Gummies. These are similar to my Rummy Gummies (Rum & Coke) I made for my pirate party, but these taste like a Jack and Coke, you know another famous red and black combo. Always make sure you have plenty of single serve snacks. I love the idea of peanuts just make sure to provide a place to drop off the shells so people do not leave a mess behind on the ground. I am big on not trashing the environment or parking lot. You may also notice these are basic peanuts not southern boiled peanuts, which I am not a fan of, I know not a popular statement for a southern born and breed gal. I just think they are slimy, kind of gross and taste like gym socks.
Drinks are another highly sought after item in the Georgia heat. I love the idea of a Shandy Bar (see my shandy bar here) , or any type of mixers, but also make sure you have plenty for H2O as well. I like a nice fizzy sparkling water like the La Croix waters or San Pellegrino’s especially now that they come in Zeros.  Also don’t forget those illegal straws, LOL. I still love these and honestly I am not quite sure what I will do when they are no longer made, but I do purchase the paper straws in these fun team colors so for now if you need a straw, look us up.


The Pickle Sandwich

Okay so here is a closer look at how I made my pickle sandwiches. There is a bit of a trick to it. First of you can get a couple of kinds of pickles, mild and spicy. You will want to drain these jumbo pickles slice them in half and hallow out the centers slightly. Then allow them to drain on a paper towel to keep the extra juice from making your sandwich too wet and slimy. I used pimento cheese to fill one side of the hollowed pickle. This will act like a glue and give you the cheese and mayo combo you like on a sandwich. You may also want to try adding in that Easy Shredded Instant Pot BBQ Chicken, from above as well.What a tasty combo that would be.Then you can add lettuce shreds and tomato slices to the other hollow side. Top the pimento cheese with turkey, Genoa salami, and Gouda. Place together and wrap in cellophane. Store in a refrigerator or cooler until ready to serve. Keto Friendly Pickle Sandwich JENRON DESIGNS

Jack & Coke Gummies

These will need be marinated overnight for a nice rich Jack Daniel’s flavor in the Cola gummies. Place your gummies of choice, in a glass bowl and cover with Jack or other liquor that you like.  Maybe a nice Fireball and Sour Green Apple Gummies for the fall, or Honey Jack & Gummy Peach Rings are more your thing? These are all really great options for a Gummy shot!

Also as a tip, I like to serve them in an little individual red solo shot cup just for giggles. They are just too cute and reminiscent of the beer pong college days. 

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