DIY Carrot Door Wreath for Easter

DIY Carrot Door Wreath for Easter

Join me as I walk you thru step by step on how to make this super easy DIY Carrot Door Wreath for Easter.

I have seen several versions of this beautiful carrot shaped door wreath all over Pinterest. It has been done by so many people that I honestly have no idea where it originally came from, or who actually started the trend. What I do know is that, as a pro floral designer, I have loads of clients asking me to make them one just like it, or show them how to make one. So, it only made sense to me to do a DIY Carrot Door Wreath for Easter and show you exactly how I would go about constructing one.


  • 4 Bundles of Bright Orange Silk Floral Bushes (usually 9 -12 flower stems per bunch)
  • 1 Bundle of Greenery, that looks like carrot stems.
  • 1 Roll of strapping tape
  • 1 wire cutter
  • 1 Roll of 1 1/2-2″ wide Green Ribbon
  • 1 Roll brown Twine

You may have noticed that I like strapping tape, which is pictured above. This is the backbone of all floral design.  It is made like a thin duct tape, reinforced to bond tightly, and it is waterproof. This is not corsage tape! First, you want to cut all the flowers off of the large bundle bases. This will allow you to taper the flowers to make the carrot shape. You will start with 3 flowers, 1 to make a tip and two beneath. Use a 1″ piece of strapping tape to secure these together.  Then layer  more flowers on top of the two and tape as you did before. Continue on the process, the next layer will be 4 flowers. Then the next 2-3 layers will be 5 across and will depend on how long you want you carrot to be finished. This is creating the body of the carrot. I then have 2 layers after that which are each 7 across. Next, I started tapering the shape back in to the form a carrot top. Which became a layer of 5 and a layer of 3. Once you have reached the end and have secured your last flowers, trim the remaining stems short. After that, turn the greenery base upside down and feed it into the flower stems until your greenery is 1-2″ from your flowers.Use your strapping tape to secure all stems together. This creates the area for the green ribbon wrap, which is what I am doing for an organic market look. If you want to, you can add a simple shoestring style bow here.  Believe me, a bow hides everything in the floral world, LOL.Since I am wrapping mine, I am using a ballerina wrap method. To accomplish this, you cut your ribbon approximately 36 inches long. Wrap the ribbon around the stem, starting at the top in a crossing fashion down the stem. Tie in a knot at base, tightly around, covering all the tape and stems that might be showing. Trim to the desired length. Then, repeat this with the twine, only tie off in a knot on the back and create a hanging loop.  

Here is the finished look for this carrot door wreath. I think it is a really cute look for Easter. It is absolutely a very bright and colorful expression for the front of you home. Plus you can always re used the orange roses in a different way for the fall. Wink, wink.

In case you were wondering I got my wreath hanger from Kirkland’s, I am not sure if it is still available anymore. I have been asked several times about where I got it, so I decided to just add it into this post. Currently I am unable to find it on their website but I have seen it in local Georgia stores.

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DIY a Carrot Door Wreath for. Easter JENRON DESIGNS


  1. LamBam

    This is so beautiful and I have never seen an Easter wreath before , I only know about the Christmas 🎄 one and am happy to try it . Thank you for this 👍

  2. Amber Meyers

    This is so cute! My friend loves making wreaths, I will have to show her this!

  3. This is adorable, Jen! Thanks for sharing the step-by-step instructions. I may have to give this a try. 🙂

  4. This is so cute! I love doing diy decor, saves me a ton plus it’s super fun. Perfect for the holiday coming up 🙂

  5. Nice project. I’m such a DIY freak, good job on this. Will definitely share this.

  6. Ok, now i have to attempt to make this! I love making things! I will save this post to follow along! Thanks for sharing this! I love the wreath!!

  7. So fun. And easier than I would have thought. Thanks so much for the great tutorial. Bows are excellent at hiding everything. 😉

  8. This is so precious! It would make a cute table scape too!

  9. Jack's Play Date

    Hello. Saw this on Pinterest and I just wanted to tell you how cute this is for Easter. I have got to check out the rest of your site soon. Adding to bookmarks.

  10. I think the recipe from you looks incredibly delicious. The only problem is that we’re moving and I do not even have time to make that great deocration. Wink with the fence post. know?

  11. The Delightful Farmhouse

    Oh how pretty I really love this idea for Easter. A giant carrot, to cute!

  12. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    Thank you for all of these great details Jen, you are very kind to share all your secrets with us. It is such a cute idea I have a feeling I will see a lot of carrots on doors this year!

  13. Liz

    I thought these were real for a minute. Then when I read the article I realized that they were silk, and good looking ones at that. Cheers to blooms all year!

  14. Thanks fro the great tutorial I have been wanting to make one of these for a while now.

  15. Love this idea it is so cute for Easter.

  16. Southern Sassyfrass

    I just wanted to look up this idea again for this year, I am hopping ahead to get this done.

  17. Bari Ashley

    Hi, your DIY Carrot Door Wreath for Easter article it is so well written and has helped me a lot. Be beautiful! Be happy! 🙂 Kiss you All!

  18. This is gorgeous! I was looking for a fun project for spring and this is it. I know it will be a hit.

  19. It’s actually my first time to see an orange rose! Amazing! They look really pretty and fun!

  20. Well these are actually silk roses, so they will last longer. However for fresh orange rose: Orange Unique, Sari, or Rosa Exotica are all pretty orange varieties. I also work with fresh flowers as well, just a master of none over here, LOL!

  21. Tisha

    This is so cute and creative!

  22. Zoe Bouler

    This is a very good tips especially to those new to blogosphere, brief and accurate information. Thanks for sharing this one. A must read article.

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