DIY Basket Weave Ribbon Table Runner

Basketcase Fall Set JENRON DESIGNS.

DIY Basket Weave Ribbon Table Runner

Join me as I show you how to craft a DIY Basket Weave Ribbon Table Runner out of leftover holiday ribbon remnants for a pretty fall table runner.

This season I wanted to share my DIY Basket Weave Ribbon Table Runner that I created with remenates of left over ribbon from various holidays. The inspiration for this tablescape and the runner comes from this fun little plaid sign I found last season at my local Tractor Supply Outlet on clearance. Basketweave Fall Sign JENRON DESIGNS.In fact I found an entire set of cute things there to make this entire little table setting. Look at how sweet theses little tea towels are with the apples, and I think at this point, basket case is pretty humorous for this year. Even though I purchased them fall at the end of season, who knew right?Basketcase TeaTowel JENRON DESIGNS.It was an entire set with pillows, towels, the sign and baskets and it was all too cute to pass up. So I squirreled it away for the fall, unknowing at the time of what this year would hold, and 2020 has certainly brought out the “basketcase” side of things, so I figured might as well just go with it. Of  course apples are not a new concept for fall as I did a post on Apple Picking and  themed table on it a few years ago, I called my Bushel and Peck tablescape, and apples are always popular around back to school as well.

Apple PIckin' Fall Pillow JENRON DESIGNS.For the DIY table runner I wanted something custom to match the rest of the set and specifically the wall sign. I just knew that this would not be something I would just be able to easily match up and with the way shopping has been lately it felt like it need to be a runner that would be created to be a custom match.Basket of Apples JENRON DESIGNS.I have created many custom designed table runners over the years like my fall DIY Penny Table Runner from a couple of seasons ago, pre coin shortage to which we made a table completely out of copper pennies which were all reclaimed at the end of the season. I also showed a very simple honeycomb DIY table runner for my Honey Bee Tablescape this spring with gold spray painted chicken wire.Lanterns & Apples JENRON DESIGNS.So creating a woven basket weave table runner from remnants ribbon to match the color story of a basket weave wall sign was not going to be out the realm of possibility this season at all. Basketweave Table Runner JENRON DESIGNS.


The supplies you will need:

  • Masonite Board 12″ w x 60″ L ( your length may vary based on your table)
  • Staple Gun with 1/4″ staples or Hot Glue Gun
  • Lots of Ribbon Matching Your Inspiration Piece (at least 4-5 bolts with 3 yards each)

This is actually a perfect project to use old ribbon that you have accumulated from holiday decor they may be cut into piece from Christmas trees, bows or garlands. The small strips may not seem useable for most projects but are perfect for weaving in a flat application.

*Designer Tip- If your ribbon is wrinkly from a bow you can iron at a very low temp under a damp towel with stream to remove wrinkles. but not the glitter or glue.  Supplies for DIY Basket Weave Ribbon Runner JENRON DESIGNSOnce you have your color layout of ribbon in varing sizes and colors use a rubber band to hold the ends in place to get your lengths and cut ribbon 1″ past the length of your board for tucking and stapling.

Ribbon Line Up JENRON DESIGNS.The rubber bands on each end will hold the ribbon in place when flip the board over to tuck and staple the ends. Secure with a Staple Gun JENRON DESIGNS.Once you have the long pieces in place then you will layout the horizontal pieces which are much shorter. Using a over under method of weaving on every other row you can create your very own version of a basket weave. Leaving the same 1″ tail to tuck tuck and staple along the back.  Weaving the Ribbon JENRON DESIGNS.Note you can also use a hot glue gun for the securing method which might hide the staples on some the areas a little bit better, I did notice that the thinner satin ribbons had a tendency to show the staples where the thicker velvet ribbons did not.  Basket Weave Runer JENRON DESIGNS.PIN ME for later and be sure to follow us on Pinterest at Jen @ JENRON DESIGNS

DIY A Custom Basket Weave Ribbon Table Runner JENRON DESIGNS pin . jpgMY DIY Craft Supplies:


  1. OMG ! The runner came out so beautiful! I would love to recreate this , so I can see how I do.

  2. You are so clever! It looks amazing and I am so jealous at your creativity!

  3. This table runner is so clever! I love the colors that you chose!

  4. The runner looks so bright and beautiful, a d iys quiet easy to make, will have to try this out! Thanks 😊

  5. This is such a creative way to be sustainable and have a beautiful display. I’, inspired by this post. Thanks for sharing!

  6. OMG this is so ingenious!! I love this idea and I’m definitely trying it!

  7. I’m a big fan of DIY and this is absolutely cute!

  8. Hi Jen
    i love when something stunning comes out of something so simple… Fab

  9. Heather

    Bright and fun! I really like this runner!

  10. Vonetta

    This is so creative! You’re one talented lady!

  11. I love this color scheme so much! It’s so perfect for this time of year, where summer is transitioning into fall. Plus, this looks like a really fun and easy project.

  12. I love the fall feel! Fall is my favorite season because of the apples and the colors. I’m loving your table runner, it’s different from the usual runners.

  13. Oh, I really appreciat your creativity. Thanks for sharing the entire process, now I can easily try it.

  14. This is a really cute runner and I love the vibrant colors, just perfect for fall.

  15. Thank you so much for the sweet feature at your website it looks great and we appreciate it!

  16. Wow Jen your tablescape is beautiful and I love how you used up old ribbon to create something new and gorgeous!!

  17. You are so skilled this looks so beautiful!

  18. Nina

    Wow this looks so cool! I dont have any remnants so I’ll need to go buy some ribbon

  19. That is a cute idea for the Fall! My girls would probably love to make one.

  20. Bella

    Your tables look so good!!! I love the ribbon DIY, sooo pretty!!! I will have to show my mom this.

  21. What a fun project! I love how this ties in perfectly with your other decor!

  22. Susan R Coe

    I want to make this runner as it appears to be done with a creative approach to the basket weave. However, every time I try to click on it, I get a puzzle to answer but I never get beyond the picture of the runner. Is there a link to instructions and materials needed? I would SO appreciate it! Many thanks.

  23. Hi Susan yes that is a part of our security on the site, after you answer the puzzle like click on the cars or buses it should release you to the post. It is to block bots from my site, which are destroying the internet slowly, lol!

    Here is the materials list for you that I used:
    Masonite Board 12″ w x 60″ L ( your length may vary based on your table)
    Staple Gun with 1/4″ staples (or Hot Glue Gun if you prefer)
    Lots of Ribbon Matching Your Inspiration Piece (at least 4-5 bolts with 3 yards each) Note even scrape pieces work

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