DIY Antique Garden Window Project

White & Stained Window JENRON DESIGNS

DIY Antique Garden Window Project

A few years ago, we added this DIY Antique Garden Window Project to our lower back patio. I have had inquiries on how we hung the window so here is the tutorial.

Now that we have added the perennial garden, I want to share how we installed this DIY Antique Garden window accent above our truck bench. I am not even going to lie, one of my neighbors has an old farmhouse window on her front porch that I have loved since the day we moved in. So, this particular inspiration comes directly from her porch. Since I see it every time I leave the neighborhood, I would like to thank Jenni for having such a great eye for farmhouse design!

Now that I have finally found a window with enough mass, that will work over my beautiful, beast of a bench, that was custom created for me by TJ Parten at Parten’s Projects.  I totally admitted that I am now going to hang the window in the exact same fashion that my sweet neighbor did, and here is the DIY of how we hung ours to stand up to the wind and elements.White & Stained Window JENRON DESIGNSFirst I had to refinish the window since it was a reclaimed window, it was stained on one side and painted on the other. I really liked the two tones, but I wanted the trim color to match our house trim color and the stain to match our bench. Then we added a large eye hook to the top corners of the window, careful not to crack the window glass. Two additional eye hooks were purchased to be placed into the bottom edge of our screened deck to hang the window.

My husband used vinyl coated aircraft cable to suspend the window from the upper deck base. If you have not worked with aircraft cable before, it is very durable, weather resistant, and can hold a ton of weight. Plus, it allows you to create any custom lengths of cable your heart desires.

You will have to purchase the special crimping tool called a swag tool, seen above. This is what will crimp the aircraft cable to hold the loops in place. The entire process was so simple, I was completely shocked that we had not used this product before. Once both sets of the loops were attached to the window, we measured the desired drop length and added two more loops with the addition eye hooks. The final step was to hang the window, which was done by my husband setting the window atop a ladder and screwing the eye hooks into the predrilled pilot holes in the underside of our deck.Truck Bench JENRON DESIGNSI really think this is the perfect finishing touch for this sweet little perennial garden, and it gives the illusion of a garden wall, or even the side of the house. I love that you can still see the tailgate portion of my bench. Which makes this perfect for an easy tailgating season, as it arrives this fall. Since I have an actual tailgate on the patio it could be fun to have tailgating parties on my patio. I hope you have enjoyed our little tutorial and it has inspired you to dress up your garden too. I know I am looking forward to the seeing these pretty flowers year after year in my Perennial Garden which you can read more about here, and being able to divide them and share a few of them with some of my new neighbors, as they continue to move into our neighborhood, as a symbol of hospitality in welcoming them to our community.

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  1. That is so cool! What a nice touch to add and make a garden or porch a cozy place!

  2. This looks amazing! I wish I didn’t live in a condo to be able to do it

  3. This is great as outdoor decor! I love where you’ve hang it!

  4. THis is gorgeous! I was looking for something unique for our patio and am going to give this a try.

  5. Amber Myers

    This is the coolest! I need to do this one day for sure. I love how it turned out.

  6. Amazing decor! I wish i can have this kind of decor hanging around the porch!

  7. Tisha

    I absolutely love this idea!!! I have a few of these windows I used as frames!

  8. This is such a beautiful addition to your lovely porch. Looks like it was an easy project to complete too.

  9. MaryAnn

    Your article has greatly helped me, and I Love you ideas so much. This is one of the cutest things I have seen in a while.

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