Creating a Rustic Side Table


Creating a Rustic Side Table

Today I am sharing a DIY project I have been working on creating a rustic side table, which was previously a cherry wood stained piece from the 90’s.

Today I am refinishing a side table, which was previously a cherry wood stained piece purchased from Bombay in the late 90’s. This was one the first pieces of furniture we bought as a married couple and was all the rage during this time frame.Bombay Before Side Table JENRON DESIGNS

However as you can see from the before picture above, the basic cherry wood finish is very dated and simply screams 1990’s furniture. I do still really like the simple lines and size of this piece, so I feel like a refinishing would be a good option for this piece. My end goal is to reach an unfinished, bleached or raw wood look.

Stripping With Easy off JENRON DESIGNSAsk the Designer: Does the Easy Off Oven Cleaner Furniture Stripper Method Work ?

I decided I wanted to try the oven cleaner stripping method I have seen all over Instagram in videos. Let me just save you all a lot of time, it does not work very well. I am not sure what those other bloggers are doing differently, but I assure you that this method did not leave any desired results I wanted, LOL! Stripping With Easy off JENRON DESIGNSI will say it did lighten the color and remove some of the lacquer but I feel like this method might work better on antique or vintage pre sanded or a raw wood piece. It is not meant for any type of furniture that was sold from a store in the last 30 years.Sanding down the table JENRON DESIGNSSo I ended up simply sanding down the entire piece with a electric sander. This yielded much better results as you can see above, however the legs were tricky. We tried a drill method where you attached the leg into your drill and use sand paper but it removed to much stain, which made them white. Dremel Tool JENRON DESIGNS I ended up using a Dremel tool and selectively removing sections of the strain, to leave a wood grain pattern behind on the legs. This created a more eye appealing look for this piece, since the legs were a different type of wood, which was lighter.

Designer Tip: Keep in mind you never know what is going to be under the stain, in can be a patchwork of all kinds of wood types that were made to look the same with a gel stain and varnish.

Dremel Sanding JENRON DESIGNSThe Dremel tool was also very handy for the tight areas of sanding. For example around the medallions and the corners. I was able to selectively remove sections of the stain and leave a slight cow pattern behind. Bleaching Method JENRON DESIGNSThe next technique I wanted to try was bleaching the wood. I wanted to remove a lot of the cherry or red tones. I decided to use a basic clorox cleaner and leave it out in the sun for the magic show. Bleached Top JENRON DESIGNSThe results were astounding, no more red anywhere. Plus the wood grain looked even more pronounced as it dried, all good things and was what I was looking for on this piece. To be honest this was all guess work and since I had no real attachment to the piece, it was just a test run for a another piece I plan to do later on in the same wood.Finished Top JENRON DESIGNSSo after allowing to dry and adding a nice top coat of sealing wax from Minwax, this piece is now exactly what I wanted. I just invested a little time and have a new piece of furniture from a piece I was going to donate.  Finished Piece JENRON DESIGNSPIN ME for later and be sure to follow us on Pinterest at Jen @ JENRON DESIGNSRefinishing Tables JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. I like it so much better now! IT looks rustic but chic!

  2. Digitaldaybook

    Wow what a great transformation! I’ve always wanted to do this with furniture!

  3. Shar

    Wow! So easy to make. A real transformation of the table into a unique rustic look!

  4. karletta

    My mother-in-law gave me a table very similar. I love it – but what you’ve done to yours is fantastic. A total new look!

  5. Wow, like the new look – well done you!

  6. Kaylee Huey

    This transformation looks amazing! I love the cow print detail you added as well.

  7. Windy

    Wow I love the before and after. The transformation is amazing!

  8. Windy

    Wow I love the before and after. The transformation is amazing! Looks new if you ask me

  9. This looks fabulous! What a great but simple change for making the entire table more updated.

  10. Mary

    What a great transformation! Love it!! Thanks for sharing, especially what worked and what didn’t.

  11. Jasmine Martin

    I have always wanted a side table like this. I may have create one for my living room for my home soon. It doesn’t look too too hard to make.

  12. Natalie

    Thanks for sharing another fantastic post. You always have the best information on these types of topics. I also love this table in your room!

  13. Janet Stevens

    Rattling off one of my favorite quote “Every artist was first an amateur.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I think this applies to you since one day, you are going to be great!

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