Tips for Setting a Thanksgiving Table

Buffet Verses Seat and Serve Place Setting JENRON DESIGNS

Tips for Setting a Thanksgiving Table

Welcome to November the perfect time to share Tips for Setting a Thanksgiving Table.

Today for the first day of November I am sharing all of my tips for setting a Thanksgiving Table along with pictures of my annual Thanksgiving tablescape. This year my inspiration was jumping into a big pile of leaves, LOL! So I wanted my centerpiece and table to look like a big pile of leaves that had been raked up in to a pretty pile that you would just want to dive into.

Keep It Simple JENRON DESIGNSCreating a Long and Low Centerpiece

The centerpiece has always been the focal of all the tables since the beginning of time. While I have been known to make some very audacious centerpieces over the years, and still do on occasions when the moods strikes me, the rule of thumb is to keep them long and low for dining purposes. You want for you dinner guests to be able to eat and conversate over the magnificent centerpiece, it should be a part of the table and not hamper the dining experience. Centerpieces JENRON DESIGNSSince Thanksgiving is truly all about the company and food, this would a be holiday where I suggest that less is more. Stick to the basics and keep it simple. It will put your guests guests at easy and make the meal even more enjoyable. 

Long and Low Centerpieces JENRON DESIGNSSetting the Table- Keeping It Simple

As I mentioned above keeping things simple is really key. Just because you can pile out all of your goldware collection does not mean that you necessarily need too. Are you actually eating all of those courses? Besides, someone is going to have to clean and polish all of that goldware before and after the event since it is not dishwasher safe, so why not make your life a little bit easier too.

Place Setting JENRON DESIGNSChoose Durable Items

I can not even talk to the fact of how many time I see items being promoted that are just not durable. You use them once and then are gone. I guess I was raised differently, I am not a once and done gal! I use a lot of the same items over and over however, I reinvent them so they appear to look different each and every time. So imagine how excited I was to procure these leather chargers and napkin cuffs,durability  and beauty  all in one.

Leather Accents JENRON DESIGNSEnlist A Helper

No matter how big or smaller many hands get the work done faster, and everyone loves to help out and be a part of the project. In my case, as seen below, I am not sure how much help I am truly getting, but she makes me smile, so that is all positive energy. Just remember to include you kids as helper they can help your gather leaves from the yard, make place cards or even fold the napkins. 

Enlist Some Help JENRON DESIGNSBuffet Style vs. Seat & Serve

This is always a question I get asked about a lot this time of year. Honestly there is not a correct answer both work well, however just make sure you are setting your table accordingly. If it is a buffet style that you have set up in your kitchen area it might be better to have the plates located in the kitchen, with the dessert and salad plates set to the side as below above.

Buffet Verses Seat and Serve Place Setting JENRON DESIGNSAlways Use The Sentimental Pieces

No matter how hokey or cheesy they may seem to you, I guarantee that someone is looking forward to seeing these items. The sentiment pieces are a part of us, ingrained into the fabric of being, just as much as the recipes, or the gathering itself. While these items may not mean much to you there is probably a niece or nephew that remembers these from when they were kids and wants to share them with their own children. Nostalgia is always in style no matter how old or young you are, always remember that, it is what makes the holidays. Use the Sentimental Pieces JENRON DESIGNS


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Tips For A Thanksgiving Table JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. Jen, your table looks amazing! I love that you used the idea of jumping in a pile of leaves as your inspiration!

  2. What a beautiful Thanksgiving table! I especially love the turkey plates!

  3. I love the touch of sentimental pieces! Love your tips Jen!

  4. Yvette

    You are so talented! This setting is beautiful Jen!

  5. It looks so beautiful! I wish we celebrated to set up a table this gorgeous

  6. Emily

    This is simply gorgeous. I really am loving the entire look here. Bravo my friend.

  7. Amber Myers

    I love this setting! I wish I had the patience to set my table nicely.

  8. I love everything about the look. I can’t wait to host Thanksgiving and show some of this style.

  9. Tisha

    Gorgeous table set up! I love the turkey plates!

  10. What a gorgeous fall table setting. I really love how all the colors work together with those beautiful dishes.

  11. Digitaldaybook

    Wow oh my goodness the details of this table are absolutely stunning!

  12. What a beautiful table! So bright and festival. I particularly love the use of sentimental pieces in your setting. So special!

  13. joy abou zeid

    omg it looks beautiful, I don’t celebrate thanksgiving but now I want to 😂

  14. Bella

    Your table settings are so pretty like always! i am so jelly. one day I will make a nice table setting like yours

  15. Tisha

    You always have the best table set up! Stunning

  16. Kristan

    I love this post and learned so much for setting a table. Yours is beautiful which gives me so much to aspire too. Thank you for all that you do and share with us all year long.

  17. Bethany

    I hope I can set a pretty table like this soon! Your article gave me a lot of inspiration, thank you.

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