Bathroom Organizational Tips

Bathroom Organizational Tips 

I decided to tackle a few Bathroom Organizational projects, I have been meaning to do but ran out of time. Coming off the hustle and bustle of all the holiday festivities, I found a few areas that we sadly neglected. 

Did you know that January is one of the primary months that we choose to organize spaces in our home? I guess after all the holiday celebrations everyone just wants a clean fresh start to the New Year.  I personally think we should organize through out the entire year but to go along with the whole January is organizational month thing, I will share with you my favorite tips for under the counter spaces, my make-up drawer and how I house all of our first aid supplies and medicines. 

First we will start with the under the counter space in my powder room. As you can see from my before picture, everything was pretty much just shoved under the counter. During the busy holidays the Powder Room had to accommodate all of our guest traffic. Therefore, we had an over supply of toilet paper, Kleenex, soap, room spray and towels. Along with our regular cleaning supplies, that are always housed under each and every sink in our home. This poor cabinet was out of control, and I cringed at the thought of one of my guests actually opening it up to retrieve something. 

I decided that a simple storage basket would streamline all the supplies and give it a cleaner, more polished look. I also decided to go with a larger basket so that I could actually store everything including the paper products and cleaning supplies inside. The towels are now able to sit neatly stacked in the basket as well. Leaving a bit more room for the bathmats, which are not normally utilized, in the back of the cabinet. Now if one of my visitors decided to look under my cabinet for something I would not feel embarrassed by the unorganized chaos that was there before.

Next, I want to share with you my personal vanity drawer where I store all of my makeup. As you can see the previous layout was not very conducive for a quick rush out the door application. Not to mention, every time I would shut the drawer, all of my round tubes would roll to the back of drawer. Creating a mess the next time I opened the drawer. 

I found these great multi sized bamboo tray’s at the Container Store. They are absolutely perfect to organize any make up drawer. Several sizes and lengths allow you to create a custom layout and they are a shallow enough to fit in a vanity drawer, which believe me is a challenge to find.  I decided to keep each type of product together in specific trays for ease of locating when I might be in a rush.  So all my lipsticks are together, with lip pencils, and all my eyeliners are together with my mascara’s. Not only does this streamline the layout to save you time but it also keeps your items in the same place every time. No more searching in the back of drawer for that waterproof mascara your only going to use when you go to the pool.

Organizational Tip: I always choose to sort through my makeup at the beginning of each year. Since makeup does expire, I find that keeping the same routine of tossing out the old and purchasing new is a great way to start off the new year. Plus, after the holidays you may have received some new things you want to put into rotation. 

Another bathroom organizational trick I really love to do, is hiding everyday things in plain site. I find that as long as you make it look pretty, you can actually place groupings of similar things together in a pretty apothecary jar or basket and leave them out in plain site.  These are a couple of my favorite examples of this concept. Maybe you have a ton of fun lotions you have acquired from hotels or spa trips take them all and place them in a pretty apothecary jar and leave them out of your vanity or next to your sink. 

Another great example is how I store my bath products. I love to use the LUSH bath bombs or Dr. Teal’s Bath salts. I have decided to display both of these items and store them in glass apothecary jars. They live in the corner of my jetted tub, instead of some silk plant that just gets dusty or rolls of towels that only get wet from a bath.  These glass jars are pretty and decorative at the same time.  The keep the salts and bombs from getting accidentally wet as well. 

The final space I would like to show you, is our first aid and medical supplies. This is an area that can get out control quickly. Maybe you had a cold and bought one of every over the counter medicine known to man, to clear it up. Just because you are over the cold, you don’t just toss out half empty bottles of medicine, no you store them for next time. Just like the first aid supplies; band aids never go bad nor does gauze, tape or ace bandages. 

This is so simple, I used plastic shoe containers from The Container Store.  I labeled them with the category of the contents inside.  Below I have listed out my lables and what is housed in each, so I can easily grab the box that I need and it is stocked with all the similar items. The plastic totes are great and keeps any liquid medications from leaking or spilling into the closet. (which I had happen once with a basket, so I learned the hard way) 

  • First Aid- Band Aids, Gauze Pads,  Tape, Antibiotic Cream, Burn Cream, Peroxide and Alcohol. 
  • Medicines- Pain Relievers, Antacids, Anti Diarejrra and leftover Prescription Medications 
  • Cold & Flu- Cough Drops, Cold Medicines, Vicks, Nasal Spray, and lip balm.
  • Back & Muscle Pain- Heat Patches, Icy Hot, & Tiger Balm
  • Sunscreen- Sunscreen, Aloe After Sun Care, Ivy Dry and Itch Sticks
  • Travel Supplies- This houses all the small travel size containers, samples size products, etc.
  • Razor & Toothbrush Refills- This keeps those refill cartridges from getting scattered all of the closet. 
  • Ace Bandages-  all rolled up and secured, plus the ankle bands and wrist bands.



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