5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Room

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Room

It’s that time of year again, as our house becomes a local B&B for our out of town friends and family. Check out my top 5 list of basic southern hospitality to make your guests feel welcome.

Honestly traveling while fun can be hard, especially if choosing to stay with a family member or friend. For the guest they feel as if they are intruding into your private space,  and for the hosts you feel like you need to be overly accommodating around your guests therefore it can be  stressful on both parties. It is never an easy scenario to mix a bunch of people that may live completely different lives into one space.  I have found implementing these little tips and tricks can make your guests feel comfortable. 

1. The Welcome Wagon I like for the guest room to immediately feel welcoming. By providing a tray with a snack basket, water carafe, and a hand written thank you note for the visit as southern social graces dictate. This literally a page right out the elite five star hotel’s playbook. Sometimes I add fresh flowers to the tray depending on what is in season and or possibly a candle, that just depends on the guest.The snack basket is a fun twist on a mini bar, and will provide a snack for between meals or a late night snack after the hosts have gone to bed. There is nothing worse than getting the munchies and feeling weird about going into someone else’s kitchen. If your feeling extra decadent you can install a mini bar as seen in Mini Bar Amorie (link here)I really love this sweet little water carafe. I have used in so many places it is ridiculous. I have used it to transport juice for breakfast in bed, in my bathroom to decant mouthwash in the a pretty vessel, and now in a guest room for water. 2.Dress the Bed I alway dress the bed in layers. It adds a touch of luxury to their experience. I like to use the finest thread count sheets, my favorite go too’s are the Hotel Sheets or Peacock Alley.  and not everyone is acclimated to your homes temperature. My husband I run hot so we tend to keep the air on and the house on the cooler side. Let’s be honest, you can put on more layers if your cold, but running around naked if your hot is frowned upon. I chose to layer the bed for this reason sheets, a light weight comforter and a warm blanket at the foot of the bed. I also store a down comforter in the guest closet which easily can be added by your guest if they get cold. 3. Add in the Extras I keep extra pillows in the closet as well. A soft feather pillow and two hypoallergenic poly filled, one firm and one medium. This way your guest will have options in case the ones on the bed are not to their liking. Also you might notice that I have plenty of empty hangers, that way your guest can hang their clothes with out feeling like that have inconvenienced you to get hangers or worst yet have to move your stuff to make room for their’s. 
As you can see I also provided robes in the closet as well. This is a trick I take straight from all the fancy hotels. Your guest utilize the robes in their travels from the bathroom, especial if you have a jack and jill bath or hallway bathroom. They are also super convenient to put over their pajamas for breakfast.  

4. Stock the Bathroom Yes I am notorious for snagging extra little hotel soaps which I intern use in my own guest bath. I place a cute basket under the counter with the hotel soaps along with a few other conveniences you guest could have unexpectedly forgotten, like toothpaste, toothbrushes, and feminine products. I also like to provide a hair drier, flat iron and curling iron, stored in a separate basket under the sink. This way your guest do not have to ask to borrow your personal ones. Also make sure that you have plenty of towels and wash clothes for the guest entire stay. Hampers for the soiled linens are also very helpful to keep either in the bathroom itself or or in the closet.


 5. Entertainment and Technology I always provide periodicals for late night or early morning reading, especially if you guest room does not have a television. Keep in mind your guest maybe from a different timezone or have jet lag that can cause those sleepless nights. Have a periodical can provide light reading at there leisure to help them drift off to sleep. One last tip would be provide charging cables for their technology. I recommend leaving them in the nightstand drawer. Just a simple placed cable can give them internet freedom to keep their lives up and running.  I also saw a really cute idea that one of my sweet neighbors had implemented, which was picture frame with the wifi password inside.  This too could join the charging cables. I love these night stands they not only look really cool but provide tons of space for your guests to unpack their technology, socks, undies, and a great place to store jewelry just drop a cute dish or basket inside one of the drawers so you guests don’t misplace their value pieces.


WALL PAINT- Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams TRIM PAINT- Pure White Sherwin Williams FLOORS- Mohawk 3″Forrest Lake Oak Color: Oxford  CEILING FAN- Mystique 52″ 5 Blade Progressive Lighting LAMPS – HomeGoods  CURTAIN PANELS- JC Penny  Royal Velevet Blackout Panels CURTAIN ROD-  JC Penney RUG- Gilt Walk on Me Faux Polar Bear Rug BEDROOM SUITE- Room’s To Go (Discontinued) NIGHTSTANDS- Sylvia Accent Table World Market SHEETS-Hotel sheets COMFORTER- Bed Bath and Beyond MIRROR- Mitchell Gold +Bob Williams BENCH-HomeGoods  FUR PILLOWS- Urban Outfitter  CABLE KNIT PILLOW- UGG THROW- Pottery Barn HONEY COMB VASES- Creative Co-op ART PRINT- Kirkland’s  TOWELS- HomeGoods ROBES- Pottery Barn SHOWER CURTAIN-Bed Bath and Beyond





  1. So glad I found this post we have the troops coming in this weekend so now I get the rooms ready with style.

  2. nice post and great read. this is a perfect topic as we head into the holiday season. keep up the good work.

  3. You have done such a nice job making your guest room feel cozy, thanks for sharing such a nice blog post. Happy Holidays!

  4. Oh it is that time of year again isn’t it? agh I love my family but they are the worst when they crash at my place. They always bring their dog 🙁 which does not get along with my pets. How can I ask them to leave Rover at home or stay some where else?

    • Denise I have heard this same predicament from a lot of people. Just remember honesty is the best policy, in fact I could not imagine guests showing up and just assuming it is ok to bring along a pet, without prior arrangements.

  5. Have you ever considered about including recipes, specifically to feed a crowd of guests? I always find issue in that area, what to make people that have such specific dietary needs.

  6. This is a great post with lots of useful advice for creating a serine guest room. My problem is the guest room in our home pulls double duty as my office, and craft room. Any thought on how to create better experience with that?

    • Hi there, it sound like space is at a premium in your home. This is a very common issue for most homeowners. To me the space should be utilized for it main purpose first, so your office/craft room. Maybe consider a murphy bed with a book case on the back when not in use, or use a daybed in the space which could double as seating for your office. Do not under estimate the closet space you could use it house the craft area and supplies. Honestly I would need to see the space to give you the best options try emailing me a photo and I will see where there are possibilities.

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  9. I am typically not into blogging, or reading blogs but I really admire your articles. This article has actually peaked my interest, since all my kids come home for the holidays and I want to seem young a hip. I’m going to bookmark your site and keep checking for brand new information.

  10. Great tips,I would have never thought to put snacks and water into a guest room, or the robes! I do have a charging station in the kitchen and the wifi password framed up on the nightstand from a Pinterest article I saw 6 months ago.

  11. This year we will be having a few mates from the US joining us for the summer. Which down here is starting up in a few months. Perfect guidelines for making them feel homey. Thanks.

  12. Thanks you for this superb advice on how to make guest feel more comfortable, I handout considered some of these things before.

  13. Linked over from IG to see what this room was all about. Great tips for out of town guests.

  14. I know we all think of extra towels and fresh sheets but you take entertaining guests to a whole new level. Robes, snacks, hotel shampoos and salt irons, girl I would be filling up my suitcase, lol.

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  17. I always have guests at the holidays, no way around it. Nice read on how to make them more comfortable, the robes are a good idea and the barging cables. But question how do I get them to leave? lol

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  21. You have one great looking blog lady. This post is near and dear to me since I am the hostess for all my family at the holidays. Great tips to make them feel even more special our home. The robes are a nice touch and the treat basket too. I never thought about them feeling odd about coming down at nigh for a snack, but that does make sense why they are all so hungry in the morning.

  22. We seem to be the B&B of our family too, so I feel ya on that. Great tips, I specifically like the charging cables and the robes. I can not tell you how many time my poor children have seen uncle Harry coming out of the bathroom, in only a towel. It’s like the Griswolds over here. LOL

  23. I decide to link over a read a few other post since you impressed me so on the mirror project. You have a really good blog, and I think it will catch right on. Although your guest room is nothing short of a 5 star hotel, I shall add it to my bucket list!

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  26. I should print this out for the entire family to see and post it on the refrigerator. This is how a house should look before you have house guests! End of story!

  27. I was scanning through my Instagram and saw your pretty picture of your guest room. I linked over to see the post and I just had to comment. You have some great ideas here, I would never want to leave a guest suite like that.

  28. Perfect timing on this post we have out of town guests this weekend, so I am frantically scurrying around to get things ready, I have already added a snack basket with bottled water. Phone chargers and wifi passwords. Greats ideas thanks! TTYL

  29. The in laws are on the way!!!!!!!!!! Oh gawd what will I do!!!!!! Good thing I found your super helpful post, only problem I don not want them to not stay too long, lol. So we will eliminate the snacks I guess.

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