5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Room

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Room

It’s that time of year again, your house becomes a local B&B for our out of town friends and family. Check out my top 5 list of basic southern hospitality to make your guests feel welcome.

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Traveling while fun, can be hard, especially if you are choosing to stay with a family member or friend. That why I created my 5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Room. For the guest they may feel as if they are intruding into your private space, and for the hosts they may feel like as if  they should be overly accommodating, which can be  stressful on both parties. It is never an easy scenario to mix a bunch of people that may live completely different lifestyle into one space.  However, I have found implementing these little tips and tricks can make your guests feel more at ease and comfortable.

1. The Welcome Wagon I like for a guest room to immediately feel welcoming. By providing a tray with a snack basket, water carafe, and a hand written thank you note for the visitor sets the tone, just as southern social graces dictates. This literally a page right out all the elite five star hotel’s playbook. Sometimes I choose to add fresh flowers to the tray depending on what is in season and or possibly a candle. This also depends on the guest and if they have any type of allergies or sensitivities to these items or scents.The snack basket is a fun twist on a mini bar, and will provide a snack for between meals or a late night snack for after the hosts have gone to bed. There is nothing worse than getting the munchies and feeling weird about going into someone else’s kitchen. If your feeling extra decadent you can install a small mini bar as seen in my DIY Mini Bar Amoire post. I really love this sweet little water carafe I picked this one up years ago at a Southern Living party and I have used in so many places it is ridiculous. I have used it to transport juice for breakfast in bed, in my bathroom to decant mouthwash in the a pretty vessel, and now in a guest room for water. Now they make so many varieties of them, I am so surprised more people do not own them, since they are so versatile.

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2.Dress the Bed I alway dress the bed in layers, because it adds a touch of luxury to your guests experience. I like to use the finest thread count sheets, my favorite go too’s are Peacock Alley.  Layers are also great because not everyone is acclimated to your homes temperature. My husband I run hot, so we tend to keep the air on and the house on the cooler side. Let’s be honest, you can put on more layers if you are cold, but running around naked if your hot is frowned upon.The best layers for an ultra comfy bed include a light to medium weight comforter and a warm blanket at the foot of the bed. I also store a extra heavy feather down comforter in the guest closet which easily can be added by your guest if they get cold.3. Add in the Extras I keep a variety of extra pillows in the closet as well. A soft feather pillow, and two hypoallergenic poly filled, one firm and one medium. This way your guest will have options in case the ones on the bed are not to their liking. Also you might have noticed that I have plenty of empty hangers in the closet as well. This insures that your guest can hang their clothes with out feeling like they have inconvenienced you to get hangers or worst yet if they have to move your stuff to make room for their own. Even if your guest room doubles as another space, like an office of kids room, try to make sure that your guests have some closet space available for there stay.
As you can see, I also provide robes in the closet. This is another trick I take straight from all the fancy hotels. My absolute favorite terry cloth robe is the Signature Egyptian Cotton Couple’s Terry Spa Robes  which I paired with the St. Tropez Microfiber Spa Slippers. I find they both really add a luxurious feeling for your guest, plus they really wash up great. Your guest will be able to utilize the robes in their travels from the bathroom, especial if you have a Jack and Jill bathroom or shared hallway bathroom. They are also super convenient to put over their pajamas for breakfast.

Signature Egyptian Cotton Couple’s Terry Spa Robes – $55.45

from: Luxor Linens, LLC

Designer Tip: If you robes include a free monogram, a super cute idea for the a guest room would be “Yours” and “Mine”. Which become a universal set of robes for anyone guest that stays with you. For our wedding we did get a super cute set of Bride & Groom robes for our honeymoon that we still have to this day.  

St. Tropez Microfiber Spa Slippers – $14.74

from: Luxor Linens, LLC

4. Stock the Bathroom Yes I too am notorious for snagging extra little hotel soaps when I travel, lol. I end up using them in my own guest bath, which I guess could be considered tacky, but I actually like that my guests get to choose which little shampoo they want to try. Some of the hotels we have stayed in have really nice products, even designer brands, so in my mind it is better than a big ugly bottle of  bargain brand sitting in the shower. I placed a cute basket under the counter with the hotel soaps along with a few other conveniences you guest could have unexpectedly forgotten, like toothpaste, toothbrushes, and feminine products. I also like to provide a hair drier, flat iron and curling iron, stored in a separate basket under the sink. This way your guest do not have to ask to borrow your personal ones in case they forgot to pack them. Also make sure that you have plenty of extra towels and wash clothes, enough for the guests entire stay. You will also want to make sure you have hampers for the soiled linens either in the bathroom itself or or in the closet of the bedroom.

 5. Entertainment and Technology I always provide periodicals for late night or early morning reading, especially if your guest room does not have a television. Keep in mind your guest maybe from a different timezone or have jet lag that can cause them to experience some sleepless nights. Having  periodicals can provide light reading at their leisure to help them drift off to sleep.One last tip would be provide charging cables for their technology. I recommend leaving them in the nightstand drawer. Just a simple placed cable can give them internet freedom to keep their lives up and running. I also saw a really cute idea that one of my sweet neighbors had implemented, which was picture frame with the wifi password inside.  This too could join the charging cables, tucked away conveniently inside the nightstand drawer. I love these Metal Sylvia Night Stands by World Market they not only look really cool but provide tons of space for your guests to unpack their technology, socks, undies, and a great place to store jewelry just drop a cute dish or basket inside one of the drawers so you guests don’t misplace their value pieces.

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WALL PAINT- Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams TRIM PAINT- Pure White Sherwin Williams FLOORS- Mohawk 3″Forrest Lake Oak Color: Oxford  CEILING FAN- Mystique 52″ 5 Blade Progressive Lighting LAMPS –Wayfair  CURTAIN PANELS-Liz Claiborne Kathryn Room-Darkening Grommet-Top Curtain Panel CURTAIN ROD- Studio™ Trumpet Adjustable Curtain RodRUG- Classic White Sheepskin / Polar Bear Pelt Shape Rug BEDROOM SUITE- Room’s To Go (Discontinued) NIGHTSTANDS- Metal Sylvia Accent Table: Gray/Metallic by World Market SHEETS-Peacock Alley COMFORTER- Bed Bath and Beyond MIRROR-Custom Fabric Mitchell Gold Bob Williams BENCH-HomeGoods  FUR PILLOWS- Rosdorf Park Wayfair CABLE KNIT PILLOW- UGG THROW- Pottery Barn HONEY COMB VASES- Creative Co-op ART PRINT- Teal Tree Wayfair TOWELS- HomeGoods ROBES- Signature Egyptian Cotton Couple’s Terry Spa Robes  SHOWER CURTAIN-Bed Bath and Beyond


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