Tips for Setting Your Christmas Table

Chargers Holiday Tablescape JENRON DESIGNS

Tips for Setting Your Christmas Table

Merry Christmas everyone! Today I wanted to share a few little designer Tips for Setting Your Christmas Table, to make your life easier this season.

I am sharing a few of my easy go to Tips for Setting Your Christmas Table, today. Hopefully these will make setting your table super easy in a pinch, since we all find ourselves busy around this time of the year. Inviting Holiday Tablescape JENRON DESIGNS

1. Make It Inviting

Nothing says ick more than a cold sterile environment for the holidays. If that is what people wanted, they would go to a hotel for the holidays. Honestly, the one thing I always hear is how inviting my home is, and how cozy everyone feels. They are not afraid to sit on the sofas, or pull up a chair in the dining room, and that is because it is a real home we live in; while it is clean and staged to be pretty at all times, it is still very livable, which is key. Add cozy throws or pillows to your chairs to make the space even more inviting.

Festive Holiday Tablescape JENRON DESIGNS

2. Use the Good China

This is the time of year to use your good china. So many times, we are always saving the good china for that special occasion. I remember as a child that I always looked at my mother’s formal china in the cabinet and we never used it. Today I have it in my collection, along with my grandmothers since they have all passed on, which is a constant reminder to not put things off and use the good china. It is not that much more trouble to wash a few plates from a nice dinner, then use paper plates for the leftovers and snacks later.Placesetting Holiday Tablescape JENRON DESIGNS

3. Cloth Napkins Are King

In the same vein as my previous tip, use the good china, also use the cloth napkins too. Wash and iron them and use them. I have this beautiful vintage tulle set that I adore, and they make me happy to use them, heck even ironing them makes me happy, but I am a weirdo that likes ironing.  I always feel like cloth napkins add a sense of elegance to any dinner, and I love to play with patterns as I have here. The mix of the holly berry plate and a vintage tulle napkin are unexpected but look pretty festive and cool together.Chargers Holiday Tablescape JENRON DESIGNS

4. Keep Centerpieces Low

I am known for creating very large and in charge tablescapes, but I do try to keep the centerpieces low so that my guest can have an actual conversation at the table. No higher than 10-12″ is industry standard. Also don’t get stuck on that fact that they always have to be live flowers, I have done both and they can be beautiful either way. Sometimes I mix faux and real, to keep my guests guessing, which is fun. Especially when they reach out to touch them to see if they real or not. Keep in mind that faux will last all season for your entertaining.

Candles Holiday Tablescape JENRON DESIGNS

5. Add Ambient Lighting

Adding in candles is such a great way to add ambient lighting to your tables, but keep in mind to use only unscented around food. This is actually a catering trick, in the business, you never use anything with a scent, this actually would apply to flowers as well. The reason is because the smell will overpower the food that you are eating and ruin the meal. So, keep this in mind, next time you light up your table. Holiday Tablescape JENRON DESIGNS

6. Prior Proper Planning

I say this all the time about all my projects, but it so true and worth saying again. If you can take a moment to plan out what you want the table to look like, it really will save you a ton of time the day of setting. You can have the linens pre ironed, and silverware polished, which are all things that can sneak up on you if you are doing things at the last minute. Water spots on the goblets from the dishwasher is one that gets me every time. So just take a minute to really make sure that you know what you want to be using on your table. 
Large Buffet Pieces Holiday Tablescape JENRON DESIGNS

7. Don’t Forget The Sideboard

If you are not doing a buffet style meal, then you may want to make sure that your sideboard is also decorated. This would be a great place for a large floral display or an advent calendar. One year I even did a set of Christmas Cookie Trees, you can see the details here.  This year I have just added a magnolia and pinecone floral arrangement in this sweet little rustic sleigh.  Hopefully these tips will save you a little time when you go to set your holiday table and dining room. Merry Christmas!

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Tips For Setting Christmas Tables JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. Yes, I totally need this, I’m still clueless on how to set my table but this looks gorgeous! I’ll see if I can make it similar

  2. Shar

    Wow! The design and colours are all breathtaking. Your photos are great and it all feels so merry…

  3. Wonderful ideas, and I can always use a little help! What a gorgeous setting in your photos!

  4. Bella

    What a wonderful table setting!! you always have the best setting!!! I need to do something as good as yours this year.

  5. Wow, these are some great tips for the coming days! Merry Christmas!

  6. I wish I could have an inch of this creativity. This is so much more than just tips, this is perfecting a Christmas Eve dinner with family and friends. Love it!

  7. What a beautiful Christmas-themed table setting! I love the small details and the way that it makes family dinner so much more special for the holidays.

  8. Love these tips and YES, keep those centerpieces low! There’s nothing I dislike more than having to look around a centerpiece to see who I’m talking too.

  9. Your Christmas table is amazing! Love the cloth napkin tip , thanks for the ideas

  10. Katherine

    This is super cute!!!!
    The idea is super helpful. I’ll use some of them for our Christmas dinner!!!!

  11. Great tips – I love how simple yet elegant it looks! Will definiietly be keeping this handy next month!

  12. I am glad you enjoyed the post I hope it sparks holiday inspiration for the table!

  13. Wow what a lovely holiday dinner setting! Great work!

  14. Thank You I appreciate you stopping by for the holidays!

  15. Love all the colours! So vibrant! Definitely taking some ideas from here!

  16. Thank you just wait until you see this years table, the color combo and theme is so fun!

  17. Monica Simpson

    The pops of red are so pretty! I also really love the greenery you used.

  18. Tisha

    Love this set up for Christmas!! This is great

  19. Love the gold silverware, I have more of a pink setup but I love yours

  20. Thank You so much I ordered it online, I was looking for a very delicate garland not that heavy green fake stuff LOL!

  21. I really appreciate your response, sometimes I do very magically experience tablescapes for immersion into theme or story. This is a little user friendly for a basic dinner setting.

  22. I really love the pink integration for the holidays, with our Christmas Story theme I serious thought about doing an entire bedroom as “the pink nightmare” with bunny stuff and yarn balls but it did not really do with the rest of my home, so I did not do it, but I still love it!

  23. Lana Richards

    Thanks for sharing. I read many of your cool blog posts, all of your blog are very good but this one came in handy for the weekend.

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