Thanksgiving Day Gobblers Table


Thanksgiving Day Gobblers Table

This week on Ask the Designer: I am setting a easy Thanksgiving Day Gobblers table!

Are you having a great fall? I know we sure are enjoying this great weather and beautiful fall colors this year! This season I wanted to share my super easy transitional table from fall Halloween table into a cozy Thanksgiving Day Gobblers Table!Gobblers Table JENRON DESIGNSI enjoyed playing up the stark contrast between blue and copper. I call this type of design as using complementary colors, since the two colors will appear opposite or opposing each other on the color wheel. This year I also used a monochromatic theme within the blue hues by using an ombre’ effect of the color through the table.  You will notice various shades of blue with the focal being copper. This is a very important tip to keep in mind as you set your table for fall.Grateful Gobblers Table JENRON DESIGNS.I anchored this table with this colorful woven harvest style runner I picked up at Hobby Lobby, which also has burnt orange and traces of the metallic accent colors of copper and navy. You can see the placemats, while providing a nice texture, are also in the blue and navy range. Grateful Gobblers Table JENRON DESIGNS.The napkins were a sweet score from Rae Dunn, I got early in the season, which I wanted to use again. Plus, it looked amazing layered with the leather chargers and napkin rings I snagged last season from Hobby Lobby, which I’m thrilled about since they did not have them this year. Leather never goes out of style, and works in so many kinds of design styles, from farmhouse to urban chic depending on your style, so these will be a staple for my dining accessories. Gobblers Thankful Table JENRON DESIGNS.As you can see I have layered in my Southern Living Black plates to add in the urban Farmhouse chic vibe, and a muted sage cottage soup crock, perfect for a cup of my seasonal Butternut Squash soup, recipe link here. I also added these cute wood table makers I scored from Walmart last year, for pennies on the dollar. They are selling the same exact things again this year, but mine cost me 25 cents each, and stored beautifully.

*Designer Tip: Always shop the after-holiday sales for next year’s new inspirations. You can get rid of everything you had from this year and have all brand-new items for next year, but only spend a fraction of the price. 

Gobblers Tablescape JENRON DESIGNS.The perfect drink to fill these copper mules, which go perfectly with this table, is my Blackberry Sage Moscow Mule. I created these for Thanksgiving a few years ago, but I always get asked about them since they are so refreshing and pair nicely with any Turkey dinner. It is such a savory cocktail, a fresh blackberry puree’ paired with a ginger beer, garnished with candied ginger and fresh sage. This is such an elegant drink, but so easy to make, so be sure to check out the link above.Another area I felt like needed a little sprucing up, until the main dining event, was the sideboard. Normally I would have this piled high with food, if it is a seat and serve verses a buffet, that I would run through the kitchen. Just add an easily removable dough bowl filled with greenery, leather leaves, birch logs and turkeys.  Gobblers & Leaves JENRON DESIGNS.

How to Make The Easy Gobblers- DIY:

So, this is the before photo of my gobblers, before they got their makeovers to go onto our Thanksgiving Day table. I think they look a little bit like Tom Turkey from the Macy’s Day parade, lol.

Gobblers Before JENRON DESIGNSThese little gobblers had clearly had a humble beginning, I picked them up last year end of season at Hobby Lobby for 90% off. I only paid 70 cents a piece for them, however as you can see they were not the prettiest things you had ever laid eyes on, in the clearance bin. Oh, but I had big plans for these little gobblers for the following year.Gobblers Sale JENRON DESIGNS.I have to be honest, I would never pay $6.99 for these, or even at half price $3.50 for them. At best they really belong at the Dollar Store based on the quality of what they are, and how they look. So, I stored them back in a bin until this year and after I decided on my table theme, I painted them a more appealing metallic color. I knew they would either be going gold, silver or copper, depending on the color story of the Thanksgiving Day table this year.Gobblers Painted JENRON DESIGNS.I paid $4.20 for the 6 turkeys and 1 can of copper spray paint. I ended up with these pretty copper table turkey place card holders. I even thought about antiquing them with a little bit of brown stain rubbed over the paint, but I decided I like the brighter copper to match the mule mugs for this year. Maybe next year they will be silver or gold! I have a really pretty set of mercury glass pumpkins they would be beautiful with painted silver.

Gobble JENRON DESIGNS.We hope you enjoyed this little fall craft idea. Sign up for future craft ideas and more seasonal inspirations, here at our Email updates at this link!

Grateful Gobblers Table JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. Tisha

    I always love your table set ups! This is perfect for Thanksgiving

  2. Thank You, I really wanted to keep it very low key this year.

  3. This is such a fun and festive decorating idea for Thanksgiving. What a great way to incorporate a fun theme into the dining experience.

  4. Thank You Sharon, I often feel like Thanksgiving gets forgotten. As of late I just incorporate it into my Christmas decor and add turkeys and Pilgrims to the mix, lol!

  5. I love the thankful sign and the copper mugs! They add such a nice cozy touch 🙂

  6. Thanks those cute little signs were a steal last year during fall close out and I just stored them away until this year! It was like shopping my own holiday tubs for free!

  7. Amber Myers

    This is such a gorgeous table! I love all of the decor and colors!

  8. Thank You the metallics work great especially if you have started to decorate for Christmas in adjacent rooms. Then you just change out the dishware and table runner for the next holiday.

  9. Monica Simpson

    Those look so pretty! I love decorating for Thanksgiving.

  10. I do too, but this year it seems like Christmas has really taken over so I am now adding in more Christmas LOL!

  11. I love how you decorated this table! The color combination is perf!

  12. Zoe C.

    I’ve been absent for a while, but now I remember why I love this website. Thanks, for all the fantastic ideas, these little gobblers are great! I will try and check back more often. How frequently you update your website, can I sign up for newsletters?

  13. Glad you found your way back! I try to write something new at least once a month now, but I have tons of seasonal content for you read under each of the specific tabs. Yes you can sign up for monthly updates to get the newsletter when a new post is released.

  14. Angelina

    I have read some good stuff here today. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I always wonder how much effort goes into making such a fantastic informative website like this? Love love it~

  15. Megan Bloom

    Hi Friend hope your holidays were awesome! I got to tell ya I love this cute little idea for a turkey table, and I am headed out right now to my local craft store to see what deals I can score for next year, thanks for the ideas.

  16. Alaina Fuller

    I just had to gobble this post up it was so cute! Love these type of DIY crafts for the holidays.

  17. Ana Stokeless

    I love the new color and how you transformed those uggo trukeys into something so pretty for so cheap. This is a great DIY for anyone on a budget.

  18. Susanna_Culpepper

    5 stars
    Your blog is a testament to your dedication to your craft. Your commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of your writing. Thank you for being such a positive influence in the online community.

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