Simmer Pot Recipes To Freshen Your Home

Simmer Pots To for Your Home JENRON DESIGNS

Simmer Pot Recipes To Freshen Your Home

Hello friends, today I am sharing a few of my favorite simmer pots to freshen your home!

Today on Ask the Designer I am sharing a few of my favorite simmer pots recipes to freshen your home, which is especially great after the holidays. Do you feel like there is just a residual funk of roasting turkey, or your Uncle Bill that just won’t vacate your home? Well, let me just say a simmer pot on the stove left on low all day will right all the wrongs, and really freshen up your day, along with your mood and overall outlook on life.Simmer Pots To Freshen Your Home JENRON DESIGNSYou can even us this little trick for the holidays, when you are decorating too. I find that some of my holiday decor might get a bit musty from being in storage, so this helps to get everything smelling nice fresh and festive again. Plus, it puts me in mood for holiday decorating or even while packing it away. For me this year, I was so ready to pack away the holidays as soon as they were done. Which is kind of weird, and I am not sure why, usually I love to celebrate all the way into the New Year, but not this year I wanted that clean slate right away! So, 8 trees and all the lights went down in a flash, lol, to have a fresh start to the New Year.Simmer Pots To Freshen Your Home JENRON DESIGNSFor me the key is always fresh citrus. Oranges and lemons are always great and look pretty floating in your simmer pot on the stove. Plus, they instantly brighten your mood even on the gloomiest of days. I love the fresh cheery smell of all the citrus fruits, and this is a great way to use up the ones that may not have been used in a timely manner. Also if you get a fruit basket that the oranges are bitter or sour, which has been surprisingly very common lately,  this is great way to use them up. Sadly we got a beautiful basket of Florida oranges which looked amazing, but were so bitter we could not eat them. I was so disappointed in our Florida growers, must have been a bad season.Simmer Pots To Freshen Your Home JENRON DESIGNSNext add in some herbs, like fresh rosemary, lavender, mint or verbena. The green adds a nice fresh color to you simmer pot. You could even use leftover herbs from your holiday cooking, which is a great way to utilize leftovers after the big event and clear up all the leftover aromas as well. In fact I just read an article about Ina Garten not believing that Bay leaves don’t do anything for cooking. The article was very insightful, since I am always so worried about pulling Bay leave out before serving, since they can tear up your digestive track.  So I think I will just get rid of my Bay leaves at this point too.Freshen Your Home JENRON DESIGNSFinally, pick you choice of dried spices, I love cinnamon stick, cloves and star anise. I usually use the oldest spices first and save my freshest for holiday ciders and mulling spices for wine. That is just a helpful hint, also if you have leftover mulling spices from a mulled wine you can use them just add more water until the fragrance is gone. Waste not, want not as I always say. I also found a great 3 pack on Amazon- Cinnamon Sticks, Star Anise and Whole Cloves – 3 Pack Bundle – Aromatic Cooking, Teas and Baking, Kosher Certified, 4 Oz (total of 12 oz) by Fruidles

Simmer Pots To Freshen Your Home JENRON DESIGNSCHECK OUT Even More Simmer Pot Recipes to Freshen Your Home the rest of the year, along with other great home scents!

  • Lemon, Lavender, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Bay Leaves
  • Cranberries, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Oranges
  • Chai Spice, Vanilla Pods, Cardamon, Cinnamon Sticks, Anise
  • Ginger, Eucalyptus, Oranges, Lemons
  • Apples, Cranberries, Rosemary, Bay Leaves

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  1. Gwynn Thomas

    Jen this is a great idea to use up those citrus fruit and apples that go beggin around our house, to soft to eat but I just hate to toss them out. At least now I won’t feel so wasteful when my family leaves me hanging.

  2. Amber Myers

    I so need to do this. We have 2 cats and sometimes they can stink up the house, so this is perfect!

  3. I LOVE these stovetop simmer pots!! I just did one with cranberries and orange, but this one looks so fresh and yummy. I can almost smell it through your pictures!

  4. Daniella Paisley

    I love this idea for a nice seasonal freshen up, and all of the fresh ingredients you are using. It looks good enough to eat.

  5. Betsy

    I have seen so many of these simmer pots lately, and I remember my granny doing this when I was a kid on the stove, and I used to love it and the memories it evokes.

  6. Amber we have 3 so I feel your kitty issues, LOL! I have people come into my house all the time even when weee had 5 and they could not tell I had any cats at all until they appeared, stalked them, as they do.

  7. The cranberries are so pretty in the simmer pots but I will say I can not really notice a remarkable scent with them which I find incredibly odd. I guess the other items just overpower them.

  8. Tisha

    I always love these! They smell so good!

  9. This is such a wonderful way to freshen up the home with natural ingredients. Perfect scents for the holiday season.

  10. They really do, I was outside the other day and could even smell the freshness floating on the breeze from my vents, lol! I thought well now the whole neighborhood can enjoy it too.

  11. I completely agree and the natural part is what is so appealing verses all of the chemicals we tend to put into our homes these days.

  12. What an amazing memory to have those are the best.

  13. I agree the fresh and organic part of this is very appealing to me these days. Not only do we use an in house, UV air ionizer which we installed on our HVAC prior to the pandemic, to keep our home clean and germ free. We are big proponents of making sure our home keeps a clean and organic vibe with fewer carcinogens and toxins in use.

  14. Alfred Dyell-Scott

    This is such a good idea to add a fresh season scent into your home, like the way real estate agents bake cookies to sell homes, at open house.

  15. Mia

    Love this home fresh up idea for the drab winter months, and what a great way to save money and use up the fruit bowl that goes begging, which we all know happens in January with those resolutions.

  16. Fran Feltham

    Very great post. I just found your weblog and wished to say that I have really loved surfing around your weblog posts.In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I’m hoping you write once more very soon!

  17. Gran H.

    Thank you for sharing with us, I believe your website really stands out 😀

  18. Mama Smith

    Those are all yours alright, I know your kitchen! We need to at least get these people to stop stealing images really start blogging again! Most of the bloggers these days probably just did a image search and grabbed pretty pictures and then list crap, which you do not which is why I love your site. Please keep blogging yours is one of the few that is real!

  19. Jaqueline

    Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

  20. Iris Inverness

    Thanks for sharing. I read many of your blog posts, which are so cool, and your blog is very good.

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