Prior, Proper, Planning, The Gift that Keeps Giving

Purple Trail Planner Under the Tree

Prior Proper Planning, The Gift that Keeps Giving

Prior Proper Planning, the Gift that Keeps Giving, throughout the entire year. Honestly, I can not think of a better gift idea to provide someone you love, with the gift of organization and time management.Prior, Proper ,Planning, The Gift that Keeps Giving you may ask? Well if you are like me, this time of year we are all running short on time, and it seems like we are scheduling everything down to the very last detail. Sometimes it is just nice to sit down, relax have a nice cup tea and really plan out your upcoming schedule. For I find, that this really helps to center myself, and gives me a nice strong outline of where I am going and the objectives I need to accomplish along the way.In order to do this, I find that I am more of an old school pen and paper kind of gal. Don’t get me wrong, I still have digital reminders in my phone and on my computer, but there is just something about writing it down and being able to quickly glance at it that is soothing for my soul. No worries about low battery, or operating system updates, I can put my eyes directly on my schedule right at that very moment. I can also note little notes, add little doodles and cutie stickers.

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I recently ordered myself a great new planner for the new calendar year from Purple Trail. I was so impressed by all the customizable options I just had to share it. They are 100% customizable from the patterned covers, all the way down to the pages you have printed inside. Never before have I seen a planner that can meet so many needs, for so many types of people. They have pages designed specifically for teacher’s lesson plans, nutritional meal planners, even bloggers social media trackers.They offer both hard cover, bound or coil bound planners. I personally like the coil bound, that can easily be opened to a page and left open to that section, which the coil bound planners do so well. They also come in several sizes a handy 4″ x “6 purse planner for on the go, or the more popular 6″ x 8″ and 8.5″ x 11″desktop varieties. I always like the 6″x 8” size, it fits nicely in my business tote for meetings, but is large enough to sit on my desk and not take up to much desk space while open.As far as the the covers go, they have a hard cover like a book, which is my favorite, seen here but they also have more durable options like the laminated or synthetic covers; which would repel spills, for those of us on the go with little ones. The pattern selection is also out of the world, they have tons of inspirational quotes and inspiring sayings to choose from. However, you can also upload your own and create a one of kind planner. I just went with my monogrammed company logo in a simple rose gold pattern for my business planner.Now here is the part I absolutely fell in love with, they have customizable sections in addition to your basic calendar choices. Since this is my business planner, I added in a tabbed travel section. Now I have an area for all my travel itineraries for next year. Each trip has a page for travel arrangements such as my hotel information, restaurant reservations, flight information, car rentals, and it even has a packing checklist. I can plan out the trip weeks in advance, down to which outfits I will be wearing for each event. Whew, talk about getting organized! Each of the sections of your planner is completely customizable for your needs. They offer a medical section for doctors appointments, nutrition sections for dietary and weight loss, fitness trackers, meal planners and lesson planners for teachers. They even offer a specific planner sections just for bloggers, that focuses on your social media, engagement and analytic tracking. You can get up to four sections to your planner, so the combinations are endless to make your planner exactly what you need it to be.They also have add on speciality pens and stickers that you can add to complete the gift package, if you or your recipient keeps a “pretty” planner, which I really aspire to do, one day, #goals. However, my planner tends to run a bit more on the “functional” side.
While I completely love and respect those of you that have a gorgeous handwritten planner with fun stickers, I am embarrassed to say that mine unfortunately looks a little bit more like a crime scene inside, so I have to make sure the outside is where all the “pretty ” is for me. Besides, all my top secret inspirations and upcoming ideas are inside.  I am kind of like Peter Dinklage’s character in Elf, with the famous little black book of ideas, so chicken scratch is my code, LOL.
The best part of this entire process is you can design it all online, from the comfort of your own home and view with digital proofs. The planner is then created and can be delivered to your door or your gift recipients door in just a few days. So you can have the perfect gift waiting under your holiday tree in no time.Happy Holidays! Here is one more little holiday treat for you from JENRON DESIGNS,

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Also for the holidays, Purple Trail has just released holiday stationary, ornaments and four different types of journals:

  • Wedding Planners
  • Recipe Journals
  • Travel Journals
  • Meal Planners
  • The Custom Journal, to log your own musings as needed


  1. Tren

    Nice. I looked on my personal calendar and realized that it only goes to December. I’ll definitely look more into this, to see if it meets my needs.

  2. One of my favorite parts of the new year is picking out a new planner! This sounds like a great option, for planner obsessed people like myself, haha! Love your tree too, it’s beautiful!
    -Madi xo

  3. I find planners and calendars a great gift to keep organize individually but also as a family. I didn’t realize it until I become mum and so many invitations and things to do!

  4. I love the designs on these journals! Also, love the colors of your Christmas tree!

  5. Thank you so much Kayla I picked that design and the color selection for the journal Purple Trail has a lot to choose from, and then if your still can’t find what you want you can create your own.

  6. Oh my goodness that is a great gift idea! What a practical, useful and pretty gift!

  7. I am obsessed with planners– it’s what makes me excited for the new year!!

  8. Marijke Doldersum

    This would make a lovely present for someone or for yourself. I like personalised things like that. lovely post!

  9. This is a beautiful pattern and a great gift idea. The photos are really nice too

  10. I love the idea of a personalized gift. A gift that helps you manage your time better is a priceless one.

  11. i’ll always be a “pen and paper” type of girl! i think this gift is perfect for anyone!

  12. Sara Smith @Weebly

    So nice, alway a good idea to plan ahead, thanks for sharing.

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