An Easy Bedroom Spring Refresh


An Easy Bedroom Spring Refresh

An Easy Bedroom Spring Refresh is well under way, see how we have added a little decorative spice and flare back into our bedroom.

Welcome to my easy Bedroom Spring Refresh, this season I am featuring a very exciting new piece to showcase in our Owners Suite, graciously gifted to us from Revival Rugs. This will be the starting point for the entire spring refresh, since the new rug pattern and colors will play a major role in this design. As an interior designer I am letting you all in on a huge source for high quality, vintage rugs.

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Easy Shipping JENRON DESIGNS First, let me just say that I was very impressed by how easy it was to move my new rug up to our master suite.  As you well know, most rugs come rolled and can be hard to handle. Our new vintage revival piece was excellently packaged inside this easy to carry suitcase style box, so ladies even I could move it all by myself.

Master Bedroom Revival Rug JENRON DESIGNS I chose a large 6′-5” x 13′-8” runner to go at the foot of our bed. It was filled with fun colors to pull from for the rest of our spring and summer decor for the room. My advice is when you are decorating with a large focal piece, such as a rug, pick something you absolutely love. Then pull the rest of your decor from the color in it. This particular Turkish style rug is all handmade and is a one of kind offering from Revival Rugs. This makes it even more alluring for room design, since no one else will have the exact same rug. This is a huge secret used by interior designers.One of Kind Rug JENRON DESIGNS They offer coveted vintage rugs made between 30 to 100 years ago, and sold like rare pieces of art in a one of a kind capacity. These beautiful vintage rugs are handwoven from Turkey and Morocco, they are cleaned and preserved in an as-is condition. Their long-cherished color palettes, patterns, and styles make them strong visual statement pieces for any room in your home. Check out the vintage Eka Rug which is similar, but a different size from the one have seen above Daryna.
Matching Trim to Rug JENRON DESIGNS Taking this into account, I wanted to make sure our new rug would be the star centerpiece of our room. Therefore I matched some fun pom pom trim to the vintage coloration of the rug and did a quick DIY add to our very plain drapes. Which is a perfect spring refresher for this room, and the colors were spot on and carried a sort of Moroccan market vibe. Adding Trim JENRON DESIGNS I also added in a few new bright tones to our new bedding with the addition of these throw pillows. This is also a simple way to refresh your room for spring. Keeping in mind to add similar colors and textures to mirror our beautiful focal rug; the pillows now anchor the rug coloration to our neutral designed bedding. Pillows JENRON DESIGNS Since vintage was part of the them and we were headed in a Moroccan decorating direction, I also decided to refurbish a vintage cane back chair.  This was originally a white and gold chair with some broken pieces of cane, but I was able to repair the cane and refinish the chair to a more pleasing color palette for my modern farmhouse decor. Refinishes Vintage Sitting Chair JENRON DESIGNS Which brings me to the overdyed, antique washed and distressed rug options, also available from Revival Rugs. You see they also offer a little refreshing themselves on outdated color palettes, which is really cool, so you should really check those out too. Just imagine vintage patterns but in gradient color ways, it is truely an interior designer’s dream.
Ralphy Approves JENRON DESIGNS Honestly, there were so many great Rug options I really had a hard time deciding which rug I wanted to order first. However, I am so glad we decided to go with the runner for our master bedroom.  This way I get to see it everyday when I wake up and before I go to sleep. It truly brings me great joy and I find the pattern very pleasing to the eye. It also brings Ralphy great joy as well, as you can see above he is already a fan.
Master Bedroom Revival Rug JENRON DESIGNS Well I hope you have enjoyed our spring Master Bedroom Refresh and if you are considering a new rug this season, well take a look at the beautiful one of kind collections from Revival Rugs. You can even save 10% with my code JENRON10, plus it is free shipping on all orders over $50 to the US. Isn’t it time you owned your very own, one of kind rug to set your home apart from the rest?

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Rug revival Spring Refresh JENRON DESIGNS


  1. I LOVE the rugs you featured and all of the really rich colors and textures the accent pillows feature. The room looks beautiful!

  2. Karletta Marie

    Absolutely gorgeous as always. I am in love with the rug!

  3. Very cool one! I love to decorate with rugs too. Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  4. I am totally and completely in love with this style and how it really gave the room a lovely look.

  5. Ina

    Lovely style. Just what I needed now. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh my gosh! I love it! Please can I one day come and stay at your house? It looks so lovely.

  7. I’m also working on giving my room a makeover and I love vintage pieces. Definitely have to check out revival!

  8. Oh this is super cool and beautiful, i love remakes of apartments

  9. I love the carpet and how it was installed. The master bed looks stunning. Good job!

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