Home For The Holidays Travel Tree

Home For The Holiday Great Room JENRON DESIGNS

Home For The Holidays Travel Tree

Welcome to the heart and soul of my home, where you will find my Home For The Holidays Travel Tree.

Hi Everyone, today I have joined up with some amazing bloggers to share some fantastic holiday inspiration with the Home for Christmas Tour with you all this season, organized by the super talented Leigh, at Little by Little Home.  If you have just join me from Michelle at Our Crafty Mom and her fabulous holiday home tour, welcome we are delighted to have you here to share in the decorating of our Home For The Holidays Travel Tree.

Every year we fill our great room with a large 12 foot tree filled with all of our travel ornaments from places we have been, memories we have shared. This year more than any other year it was so important to see how lucky we have been to have traveled to all these amazing places while we were able too. Since our house theme this year is Christmas carols, this tree is aptly themed Home For The Holidays Travel Tree.Home for the Holidays JENRON DESIGNSEach little ornament symbolizes a place, a memory, a journey we took together and we are so grateful to be able to fill our 12 foot tree completely with all of these memories. Especially with the state of the world today, not knowing when travel will really be safe again or when other countries will even open up their borders to allow tourist. This majestic tree is always at the center of our holiday home and while the color theme may change from year to year, the ornaments and sentiment will always remain the same.Home For The Holiday Travel Tree JENRON DESIGNSAs you take a closer look at a few of  our trinkets from some of our travels you may be able to easily spy St. Paul’s Cathedral, Aqueducts of Segovia, 2008 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Tavern on The Green, The Liberty Bell, Kīlauea National Park and Stonehenge. While there are many more, those are just a few in this shot that are pretty easy to see. Home for the Holidays tree at night JENRON DESIGNSWe made it a tradition to buy a Christmas ornament at every travel location we have ever gone to over the last 23 years, which has filled this amazing tree. Plus they are so easy to find, it seems like it is a very common practice to have holiday ornaments at gift stores when sightseeing. Plus it is a nice way to reminisce and recall your trip years later. Travel Tree JENRON DESIGNSOne rule of thumb my husband and I had when we married was to not travel to the same place twice. I know a lot of people that have timeshares or vacation homes and always go to the same place on vacation and really like the familiarity of that; but for us there’s was a whole big world we wanted to see. So why not go to a different place each time and experience something new and different instead of the same old, same old?Home for the Holidays Living Room JENRON DESIGNSAs I mentioned above, while the ornaments stay the same with new additions each year from our travels I do change up the color scheme to go with a house theme. This year I used a pretty combination of sheer rose gold ribbon and burlap netting to weave into the the tree. I followed the color story with adding over 500 shatterproof ornaments in shades of gold and champagne.Mantle & Travel Tree JENRON DESIGNSI carried the same ornaments and rose gold ribbon to the fireplace mantle and added them into the garland along with all white twinkle lights to match the tree. While I do mix up the type of lighting I put on this tree from year to year, in the color story I felt like sticking to a traditional warm white twinkle light was the best choice.Home for the Holidays Mantle JENRON DESIGNSOur stockings and matching faux fur tree skirt located inside the wicker tree ring have a very rustic feel this year to play off our new cow hide chairs that flank the fireplace. I also ordered a few cowhide pillows and antelope pillows as well to continue the rustic wilderness feel in this space. Pillows JENRON DESIGNSYou can also see that we have a couple of basic mixed green wreaths hanging inside of our tobacco baskets, I did decide not to add any more additional ribbon to those, I liked keeping them a solid green.
Home For The Holiday Great Room JENRON DESIGNSI also added a few rustic Staghorn Ferns into my farmhouse style dough bowl, just drop in a few glittery holiday ornaments and voila instant holiday centerpiece. This is located on our accent table which normally sits in the window, where the tree is now. Since I get asked all the time where I relocate my furniture during the holidays, this table is behind the sofa, as a breakfast nook with the bench. Holiday Staghorn Ferns JENRON DESIGNSI hope you have enjoyed my section of the Christmas Blog Hop, now I can not wait to go and visit all my friends listed below to see how they have decorated their homes for the holidays. Now to continue the loop, head on over to my super talented friend  Sara, at Twelve on Main to see her Inspirational Kitchen and Dining Room Holiday decor!

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Home For The Holidays Travel Tree



  1. Wow!!! I love your Christmas decor! I will also ask my husband to rebuild our a house a bit so we can squeeze in a three tall like yours! 🙈 Love it! You really got that Christmas feeling coming!

  2. Josephine the minute we started building this house, I knew a tree of this magnitude was going in those windows, LOL! It is sad to say that I might have built a house around a CHristmas tree but the thought was absolutely there from the very beginning. Seriously though we knew we wanted the view, but a huge tree was a non negotiable from the day we closed, it was one of first purchases in October, true story.

  3. Judean

    Your decorations are always so beautiful and I wish I had the patience and the creativity to make such a beautiful theme! This year, I finally added a 3rd tree to my bundle. That tree is the small one and I put all of the ornaments that were gifts on that one and colored ‘bulb’ shells that go over the white lights so it stands out. That is about it!

  4. I just love your tree, Jen! It’s magical perfection lit up at night – especially against those beautiful windows! I just love how cozy it is!

  5. Wow Jennifer your tree is majestic indeed! I love that you have a theme and that each of your ornaments mean something special and hold memories> Pinning for inspiration and Merry Christmas!

  6. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous and I love the travel theme! I also love your pact to not visit the same place twice… there are just too many amazing places to go LOL 😉 What a beautiful way to remember all of the special places you have been <3

  7. Such beautiful Christmas decor! Always love your styling 🙂

  8. Jen,
    This tree is absolutely amazing! And I love that you have collected ornaments and items throughout the years to fill it. Enjoy your Christmas!

  9. The tree, the stockings, and the ferns really come together. Great work.

  10. I’m always at awe when it comes to your taste and also determination with which your approach design and the blog. Loved this xmassy post. I wish I could be with my family surrounded by this wonderful deco.

  11. Digitaldaybook

    I love how you decorated! My family and I are spending the holidays all physically separate but virtually together!

  12. Just love this decor so much!

  13. Love it! Such a great idea! I end up mugs gen as travel souvenirs but ornaments are such a cool idea. Beautiful decor as always!

  14. Lynette

    Pretty! This has been an such an extremely wonderful post to read. Thank you for supplying this amazing information for decoration for the holidays.

  15. Manish Ambaliya

    Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country, what a wonderful looking place to explore.

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