Everything You Need to Know About Rug Pads

Master Bedroom Rug Adding Rug Pro Pad JENRON DESIGNS

Everything You Need to Know About Rug Pads

Today on Ask The Designer, I want to discuss everything you need to know about Rug Pads. Plus answer all the questions that I have received from my readers about the why, where and most importantly the what kind.

I have received a lot of in box questions lately on rug pads which has prompted this segment of ASK THE DESIGNER, Everything You Need to Know About Rug Pads. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the elusive rug pads, why they are important and how to make them work for your rooms. I will also be sharing a few of my favorites along the way that have been a lifesaver on my feet.

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Non Slip

When selecting a rug pad and thinking about why, the most common answer is to keep rugs from slipping and sliding in high traffic areas. So looking for a rug pad that will grip your floor and rug at the same time is very important. My kitchen sink and stove area gets a ton of traffic and this is an area you certainly do not want to have any fumbles over a rug with a hot skillet or pot of boiling pasta water while headed to the sink.

Kitchen Rug with Superior Lock Pad JENRON DESIGNS

For that reason we chose a Superior Lock Premium rug pad with a reinforced rubber backing to hold our rug in place. Let me tell you this rug is not going anywhere now and the backer holds the rugs firmly in place exactly where you place it. Just look at the waffle weave on the backing below, that liner really grips the floor. Rolling Out Superior Lock 7:16 Rug Pad JENRON DESIGNSIt was also available in 7/16″ thickness of recycled felt for a nice plush feeling under the rug to cushion our hardwood floors a bit, since we do spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen. Which is another topic we should really talk about when it comes to the selection of rug liners.  Superior Lock 7:16 Rug Pad JENRON DESIGNS


This will pretty much answer the why portion of the question. The density of you rug pad can really save your back and feet in areas where you find yourself standing for long periods of time, doing repetitive tasks. For example a kitchen sink, stove or laundry are places I tends to notice myself standing for long periods of time. Generally you will also have a solid surface floor in those areas like wood floors, tile or lanomium, which offer little or no support during those tasks.  Adding Cloud Comfort Pad 7:16 Rug Pad JENRON DESIGNSAdding a rug will help, but lining it with the proper density of rug pad can turn a basic task located on a rug into a much more enjoyable experience. Here I have added a Comfort Cloud rug pad to my Laundry Room Tile Floor; which adds 7/16″, almost a half inch, of pure memory foam bliss beneath my very thin but pretty buffalo check rug. Laundry Room Rug JENRON DESIGNSAs you can see prior, we also had a pretty big issue with the rug slipping and sliding around on the tile as well. Which is the primary reason most consumers purchase a rug mat, not really taking into account they can be so much more than just a simple skid mat. However as you can see with the comfort cloud mat we have addressed both issues at the same time.

The Cloud Comfort Pad in Laundary Room Rug JENRON DESIGNSCustom Sizing

Another thing that is really important is the ability to custom size you rug liners easily. I have ordered several rug over the years that have arrived in not so standard sizes. The one below is an actual a one of kind vintage rug I acquired this year from Turkey via rug revival company that replaces vintage one of kind antiquities, so the sizing was slightly irregular due to over 40 plus years of wear and tear. Master Bedroom Revival RugThis little beauty called the Rug Pro is a  low profile felt liner for high performance with strong gripping power, recommended for preventing rugs from slipping in high traffic areas, but is super easy to customize with your own scissors. Cutting Rug Pro Pad to Size for Rug JENRON DESIGNSIt adds just enough padding but it not overly cushy which would make a rug like this one feel odd under foot. Another nice attribute of this particular rug liner is the solid design helps keep dirt accumulation from reaching your floors. So that means less accumulation under your rugs, in case you have ever lifted a rug and been horrified at what was living underneath. Master Bedroom Rug Pro Pad cusotm fit for Rugs JENRON DESIGNS

I think one of my favorite things about all of these rug pads is that they are all made right here in the USA, by USARugPads and that they do not contain toxic Phthalates that can negatively affect indoor air quality. USARugPads also have a 10 year warranty as well which speaks to the quality of their products. I hope I have provided you with a wealth of knowledge for your rug pad buying experience, for this segment of Ask the Designer.

Master Bedroom Revival Rug

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What You should Know about Buying Rug Pads JENRON DESIGNS


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