5 Easy Upgrades for Your Patio This Summer

5 Easy Upgrades for Backyard Entertaining JENRON DESIGNS

5 Easy Upgrades for Your Patio This Summer

Are you ready for summer? Here are my 5 Easy Upgrades for Your Patio This Summer, along with a sweet little grilling recipe too!


As summer sets in here in the South it is that time of year to get your yard ready for little grilling and chilling action. Here are my 5 Easy Upgrades for Your Patio This Summer,  plus my sweet and simple grilled peaches recipe too!

Bringing the Indoors Out

One of my biggest secrets for easy upgrades for your patio this summer is make it a room just as you would inside your home. This includes adding decor and statement pieces like rugs, serving trays  and other accessories that make the outdoor living space feel like and extension of your home.Easy Backyard Decor JENRON DESIGNSYou will notice that while we have created a feeling of a wall by building an outdoor fireplace. We have also have chosen to add an indoor outdoor rug to this space to dress up this area of our patio pavers, which softens the space as well.  The  umbrella also adds a sense of an upper ceiling, again creating a space within a space, or imaginary walls.Backyard Entertaining JENRON DESIGNSWe also created a conversation space with furnishings and a coffee table. While you may be choosing pieces that are made for the outdoors specifically, you can still use the same decor values to create spaces that are inviting and make those big open areas feel more quaint and cozy.

Comfy Seating

Comfortable seating is always key to any space. You are looking for furniture with a nice sturdy frame that can hold up to the elements, but make sure that your outdoor cushions have enough padding so the iron bases of your exterior furniture are not felt through the furniture.Create an Outdoor Room JENRON DESIGNSAdding in some fun and vibrate outdoor throw pillows will also help to make the space feel a little more cozy as well. Plus you can change these out for each season or holiday if you wish for a little extra decor.  I find that if you keep your larger pieces in a neutral tone, like the light and airy beige we have selected for the cushions and umbrella, then you can easily change up the pops of color you add in seasonally. Backyard Entertaining JENRON DESIGNS

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Providing Some Shade

Here in the South shade is so important since you can easily become overheated. I love having the option of an easy tilt umbrella so you can easily adjust it for the sun. I ordered this 9 Ft Patio Umbrella with push button tilt and crank, which is so easy to use and move around our patio. We can easily adjust it to follow the sun all day long. Adding Shade JENRON DESIGNSWe also love the easy close ties and fade resistant fabric which keep my market style umbrella looking great even when it is not in use, plus it is lightweight and very easy to store away for the season. The freestanding base is sold separately can easily be filled with water for an additional weight of 50 pounds for those windy days, which is very handy around here with all the heavy winds we have in the north Georgia mountains. ba Umbrella Base JENRON DESIGNSIf you love my market style umbrella seen above in beige, and available in many other varieties along with the umbrella base, you can pick you one up from Abba Patio. Plus you can also save 10% OFF everything site wide with my special code of: Jenn10 while you are there, so be sure to check the whole site out, they have lots of great things! Including a great selection of outdoor patio and garden decor to get you ready for summer. Abba Patio Umbrella JENRON DESIGNS

Offering a Beverage or Treat to Share

I always love to have a beverage or treat to share on hand. Right now peaches are in season here in Georgia, so of course we have some homemade Peach Ice Tea to cool off on this hot day, but I also wanted to share another one of my favorite tasty summer time treats. Easy Backyard Entertaining JENRON DESIGNSHave you ever had grilled peaches? Well, they are divine and you just top them with a little vanilla ice cream and you have a sweet little southern delight, lol. It makes an easy dessert if you are grilling and they will hold until the end of your meal, or if you are doing an all day smoke then they can easily be added around the edges of your grill for a quick snack or treat while you wait for dinner. Fresh fruit topped with ice cream is always a winning combination.Peach Tea & Grilled Peaches & Ice Cream JENRON DESIGNS


Grilled Peaches with Ice Cream JENRON DESIGNS
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Grilled Peaches

Course Dessert
Cuisine Soul, Southern
Keyword Dessert, Ice Cream, Peaches
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Assembly Time 5 minutes
Servings 4 People
Calories 110kcal
Author Jennifer Gainer


  • Air Fryer
  • Tongs
  • Parchment Paper


  • 2 Peaches Halved, Pitted & Peeled
  • 4 tbsp Brown Sugar
  • 1 tbsp Butter cut 1 tbsp of butter and divide into quarters, use 1/4 per Peach half
  • 1 pint Vanilla Ice Cream


  • Wash Peaches, cut in half and remove pits & skins
  • Top each half with 1 tbsp of brown sugar
  • Cut a tbsp of butter, and divide into 4 equals pieces, top each peach with 1 of the quarters.
  • You can place on a grill in a disposable pan for 5 mins, roast in oven or Air Fryer for 5 minutes at 350 degrees. (if using an Air Fryer use Parchment Paper to line grill grate)
  • When done place in bowl and top with vanilla ice cream of choice. (see my homemade Vanilla Ice Recipe for more summer fun!)

Dressing the Patio with Pretty Plants

It would be silly not decorate with natures beauty that is already provided for you as a backdrop. The number one accent on your outdoor patio must be pretty plants and flowers, to bring nature into the space. A container garden is a great way to bring annual foliage and plants to the patio and add a bunch of visual interest and fragrance as well.5 Easy Upgrades for your Backyard JENRON DESIGNSContainer gardens also allow you to dabble in gardening without actually having to do a lot of heavy lifting, so to speak. You can just add a selection of plants in groupings or maybe have specific planters added just for annual color purposes. Maybe a nice potted tree, it could be a Meyer Lemon Tree or a pretty Gardenia topiary tree for a little added summer patio fragrance.

5 Easy Upgrades Container Gardens JENRON DESIGNSThen add in a few pretty annuals and perennials to varying size and shape containers.  I like to pick a specific color theme to match the rest of my patio accessories, like the citrus tones here that work so nicely with my citrus slice pillows, orange rug and lime green placemats.

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