100 Simple Self Care Ideas for 2024

100 Simple Self Care Ideas for 2024

Happy New Everyone, this year I thought I would share 100 Simple Self Care Ideas for 2024.

As we head into the new year many people make resolutions to stop doing basic things like smoking, being lazy, overeating or improve upon goals they did not achieve from the previous year. Some pick a single word to live up to, like authentic, intentional or joy which is all well good, and I say whatever makes you happy.  This year I am just sharing 100 Simple Self Care Ideas for 2024 that you can do at any time, or maybe add into life on a weekly or monthly basis to add more of those happy words you all like so much. To me it seems like just adding the small changes like these could make all the difference in the world.

  1. Create a Coffee Ritual in the Morning Savor & Enjoy it (or it could be Hot Tea)
  2. Make Your Bed (Use good Linens when you do- no cheap sheets)
  3. Wash your sheets every week (we do #FreshSheetFriday #CozyEarth)
  4.  Compliment Your Spouse
  5. Snuggle with a pet
  6. Add positive affirmations to your morning routine
  7. Plant fresh herbs in a small pot in your kitchen
  8. Dedicate time every week to try a new hobby or participate in one you love
  9. Listen to music (all kinds no just your play list)
  10. Eat your lunch outside on pretty days and enjoy the sunshine
  11. Put things away right away to prevent build up of a mess
  12. Don’t over commit
  13. Call people you love
  14. Eliminate junk food and food that makes your body feel bad
  15. Wear only clothing that makes you feel good (donate the rest)
  16. Make a new friend
  17. Embrace change, even when it feels uncomfortable
  18. Prioritize good sleep habits (8 hours a night)
  19. Keep a notebook beside your bed to jot down dreams, or things nagging at you
  20. Add in more plant-based foods (we do #MeatlessMondays)
  21. Take More Naps
  22. Exercise Regularly (see how we added a Home Gym to make work out more convenient)Home Gym Reveal JENRON DESIGNS
  23. Always pack a snack no matter where you are going
  24. Be a good listener, so many people do not really listen anymore
  25. Reach out to an old friend you have been thinking about
  26. Practice gratitude, or use a gratitude journal
  27. Take a risk every now and then
  28. Prepare yourself for the next day, the night before
  29. Talk to new people, or neighbors that you do not know
  30. Have a monthly get together or gathering with a club (book club, golfing, church group, etc)
  31. Practice the art of sending out REAL thank you cards
  32. Create family time especially if you have kids; like a game night (board games), pizza night (homemade), camping trip, etc.
  33. If you buy new clothes get rid of the same number of pieces you purchase to keep closet in check
  34. Have a leftover night once a week, to clean out the refrigerator
  35. Always have fresh ice on hand for nice cold refreshing beverages (we bought a countertop ice maker)
  36. Deal with paper clutter every week, shred, burn or recycle so it won’t build up
  37. Practice saying NO to toxic people in your life
  38. Listen to your inner voice and follow your intuition
  39. Keep a Brilliant Ideas Notebook (I have one)
  40. Do a 10-minute Tidy Up before bed every night
  41. Place a basket at the base of your steps to care things up at one time
  42. Have coffee outside on Saturday morning
  43. Buy yourself some new Cozy Earth Pajamas (these are awesome! Save 40% off with JENROND40)
  44. Listen to elders stories, history always repeats itself
  45. Get to know your local community or neighborhood
  46. Purchase wrinkle free clothes (ain’t nobody got time to iron anymore)
  47. Plant spring bulbs in the fall
  48. Call a friend to check in, if you’re feeling down or maybe they are
  49. Make 1-2 one pot meals on Sunday for the week, check out 12 Great Soup Recipes GUMBO JENRON DESIGNS
  50. Give to a charity, no matter what your cause, helping others animals or people is always a good thing
  51. When traveling never go home on a Sunday always add an extra day (or two) to miss the crowds and Monday blues
  52. Have a go to impressive dish for unexpected dinner guests
  53. Say I love you and mean it
  54. Don’t hold grudges, they end up hurting you more
  55. Try to look for thee good in others, especially those you have challenging relationship with
  56. Stretch in the morning when you get up, yoga is great
  57. If you are not a multi tasker, do only one task at a time it is okay
  58. Eat your veggies every day 4-5 servings
  59. Limited yourself to only 30 minutes of screen time before bed
  60. Get outside and get fresh air
  61. Try doing meditation and clearing your mind
  62. Go to bed at the same time if possible
  63. Drink more water, it is very beneficial first thing in the morning (see recipes for citrus waters here) Infused Water JENRON DESIGNS
  64. Try journaling to release those thoughts, hey we all a diary as kids
  65. Move your body every day by going for a walk, riding a bike, do yoga or play with your kids
  66. Quality over Quantity
  67. Buy yourself those flowers at the store
  68. Love yourself
  69. Stand up for what you believe in
  70. Share food with a friend or neighbor
  71. Learn a new skill
  72. Don’t Live to work, work to live
  73. Make time for the things that matter to you
  74. Sing, in the car, the shower or while your work
  75. Track your screen time
  76. Use a timer during tasks to stay focused
  77. Do not overload your To-Do list
  78. Try to stay positive in negative situations
  79. Learn breathing techniques to relax
  80. Take a long hot soaking bath in Epsom salt (I do this at least once a week- check out Art of the Bath)
  81. Create a goal sheet for yourself
  82. Be curious in life, if you want to learn something, do it
  83. Surround yourself with successful, inspiring people
  84. Try having a community cookout or cul-de-sac gathering
  85. Read more, draw inspiration, knowledge and creativity from what you take in
  86. Set up automated draft saving account (you won’t miss it)
  87. Reward yourself when you reach a goal
  88. Seek out happiness each day this intention will help you find it
  89. Do your taxes early
  90. Set up reminders on phone calendars for reoccurring things
  91. Spend less time on social media it will make you feel unworthy
  92. Organize a drawer in your home every day
  93. Don’t carry credit card debit, or have plan to get rid of it (we eliminated ours years ago and refuse to go back)
  94. Keep a stockpile of cards Birthday, Sympathy & Celebration on hand for easy send outs (check out my plan at Happy Mail)Happy Mail JENRON DESIGNS
  95. Delegate tasks, when possible, it is the sign of a good leader
  96. Follow your heart in everything you do
  97. Create a To-Do for the week/day to keep everyone on task
  98. If you have trouble with time management skills use your phone timer for each task
  99. Allocate self care for yourself every week
  100. At the end of the year find time for reflection on the previous year



  1. Katie Moore

    Love this list so much for the New Year, it is filled with great ideas to add in each day.

  2. Amy Wallace

    Oh this really speaks to my soul on so many levels, so glad I found this to start off 2024.

  3. Jonathan & Henry

    Such a great set of guidelines to live by, if only everyone would do this.

  4. Tracy Reyes

    Self Care is one of the most important thing you can do for yourself these days. If you do not take care of yourself you are worthless to everyone else by only giving a part of what you could be putting forward. Why not be the best everyday?

  5. Ariana Francis

    This right here is how the new year is done, YES~ Everything about this post is perfection!

  6. Lori Froman

    Love how intentional this is, and thoughtful your words are for the new year. I am pinning this to revisit this year.

  7. Evan Daniels

    Great list, great read I enjoyed it very much.

  8. Teddy Martinez

    I think you have some really great ideas to keep self care at the forefront for the year nice job!

  9. Donna Perez

    You left out watching more tv and kicking your kids out of the basement. Those are my goals this year.

  10. Becca Burns

    Oh I need to practice more self care in my life. This seems very doable on a daily basis. Thank you for inspiring me to care more for myself.

  11. Ruby E.

    I keep seeing so may articles on self care these days, while I can appreciate it, I do wonder how we got here. Why do we all need so much more self care these days, is it because we are all treated so horribly by our fellow man? Probably so, maybe we should practice kindness as well.

  12. Charlotte Reed

    Self care is so important to make yourself good for others, I find many people are just running on empty these days. Nothing in the tank for themselves or anyone else. It is as if we have become those zombies we hear so much about, just in a way we never imagined.

  13. Alberta Thomas

    100 great tips for self care and improvement for the coming year. I do appreciate the ones that focus on removing toxic people and focusing on your own path which is so important

  14. Shanna

    Some days I wish I made better choices maybe this will help to remind to do just that. I need to let toxic people out of my life and concentrate on me.

  15. Rosalina Gritton

    Inspiring and uplifting for those of us that in need it. Thank you!

  16. Holly Lewis

    Man you have broken it down into easy to consume daily notes for me. Now all I need is the check boxes to mark it off once I complete and this post would be perfect.

  17. Audrey Wilholt

    Such a great read for the new year and perfect intentions to keep it going in the right direction all year.

  18. Dorothy

    Some days it takes a village just to survive this wicked world. I love your outlook of life and these daily tips to get through the trails of modern day life.

  19. Haley

    I need to try and do more of these things regularly in my life this year. I think I will print this out and make it reminder checklist.

  20. Keeper of the Twix

    Love this list of must do’s for the year. It is nice way to keep good intentions on track.

  21. shannon young

    20 great things i should really do more often than i do, great list my friend.

  22. Samantha D.

    I love to read through these types of uplifting lists to give me inspiration for the new year, or just the up coming months ahead. You have a lot of great ideas to keep spirits high and self care in line.

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