Succulent Summertime Table & Aloe Margaritas 

Aloe Succulents JENRON DESIGNS

Succulent Summertime Table & Aloe Margaritas 

I can not think of anything more soothing for a hot summer day, than an Succulent Summertime Table & Aloe Margaritas.

This year I have been having a slight obsession with succulents. So much that I decided to do a Succulent Summertime Table & Aloe Margaritas theme in my dining room and evergreen display for several of my porches this year for summer. My front porch has succulent hanging baskets and a gardenia tree where I normally have a lot of colorful annuals.  I did mostly green and mostly succulents, honestly because they can survive this heat in Georgia.Aloe Margarita Tablescape JENRON DESIGNSThis summer I just wanted to do something a little unique and different, the past years I have done:

A Summer Sea Glass Table

Traditional Red, White and Blue

This year while I still want a warm summer time feeling, with a cool undertone of a calm soothing oasis, filled with lush greenery and tranquil watery blues.  I was inspired by a desert oasis theme and the lush green succulents trend.Succulents Table Decor JENRON DESIGNS. I found these cute little mini pots that I was able to add a single silk succulent stem to at each place setting. Then I added my antique sugar mold to the center and removed a few candles to make room for a few more varieties of succulents stems.

Succulents sugarmold JENRON DESIGNSI found this great table runner at World Market and added these great denim napkins for visual interest. I really like how the blue played well with the green and sage colors of the succulents. Somehow this table runner reminded me of a desert sky, with blue moons and golden stars, even though it is clearly an English garden based design, lol. I guess we see what we want to see.Succulents Decor Table setting JENRON DESIGNS.

Succulents TableJENRON DESIGNS.I also really like the way the lace placemats, that I purchase for Easter, looked layered under the runner. I mean come on, denim and lace? It almost gives the table a Coachella vibe, if that is even possible. Which is about as quintessential “fun in the desert” as you can get.

Summer Succulents Place Setting JENRON DESIGNSI find that when you add lots of layers to a table it creates a lux feeling simply by adding texture. This is texture that your guest can not only see but they can actually touch too. I think we talked a little about designing for senses, in the post about Hygge Design, which explains how this type of design will put your guests at ease and make them feel more comfortable in your home. Succulents & Decor JENRON DESIGNS.This design style is the exact reason I opted to go with the burlap chargers. It adds a rustic feel, along with a botanical vibe, due to the hemp weave. Burlap always says casual and understated, so it is the perfect way to dress down a table. I also think it gives a nod towards sand, as well by way of the color. Succulents & candles JENRON DESIGNS.To carry the rustic desert look through to the sideboard I add a few more plants and succulents, a top a large wooden cake stand to anchor the vignette.  I added a lovely copper wire basket and a galvanized vintage egg basket, And I have to admit that mixed metals are kinda my thing right now. I also added in these rustic lovely pillar candles from Etsy which is a perfect addition to this area.   Cheers to Summer Aloe Margaritas JENRON DESIGNSI thought the raw sugar mold candles, actually looked pretty nice tossed about. Which I admit was by sheer accident, since that was where they landed as I removed them to make room for the succulents. You gotta love it when you turn around from one project to find you have accidentally, artfully created something else equally as lovely, lol.

Icy Aloe Margarita JENRON DESIGNS

The Aloe Margarita:

So, this was something fun I have been wanting to try. Plus it seemed like the perfect addition to my tablescape theme. First of all, let just say I love aloe water. It is very hydrating after a long day in the sun and heat. It can also soothe an upset tummy too. So of course my mind thought why not rehydrate while you drink? Clearly I am not Dr. Oz, but it seemed like a good idea and it really was!


  • 2 cups of ice
  • 1 bottle of Aloe Water
  • 2 cups Margarita Wine Cooler
  • 2 shots of Tequila (you can add more, this is just a starting point)

Put all ingredients into the blender and mix until you get a slushy consistency.

Aloe juice JENRON DESIGNSEven though I just used my basic retro blender, I am pretty sure this recipe can be adapted to a margarita machine too. The idea is to make it like a daiquiri consistency. Aloe water tends to have chunks of aloe inside the drink which will get blended down.  If you prefer to keep those, I recommend pouring the Aloe water over the top of the slush at the end.Aloe Margarita JENRON DESIGNSTop it off with a festive straw, invite a few friends over to share them with and enjoy! I did notice that it actually cut down the the effects of a possible tequila hangover the next day. So maybe there is really something to it? I really imagine this refreshing drink being sipped by the pool or on the beach, someplace that you need the hydration but still are getting your vacation on.

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Aloe Margaritas JENRON DESIGNS


  1. Pam thank you for the repin I love that you wanted to share it with your followers 🙂 Thank You!

  2. Oh my gosh this looks beautiful! Such a fun idea for a summer dinner party 🙂 The aloe margarita sounds oddly good!

  3. Cassie, is it so refreshing and not overly sweet which is nice.

  4. Love the design! I’ve recently become obsessed with succulents. Definitely trying this out for my next dinner party. 😁

  5. What a great tablescape! I love succulents too, they’re so cute and resilient! That margarita sounds so refreshing, as well. I recently made a “Summer Cocktail Bucket List” and I think I may have to add this to it!

  6. Amber Meyers

    I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never heard of aloe water! This drink sounds delicious and your table setting is very pretty.

  7. Love those little succulents! How adorable! I would love to bring more plants into my home!

  8. Amber aloe water is fairly new, and it has loads of medicinal properties too. It can heal stomach issues like ulcers.

  9. Madi they are one of the few plants I can keep alive inside, LOL!

  10. I love succulents and have been growing them for years. These ideas are excellent and they bring this touch of vibrant color to the table.

  11. Oh my gosh an aloe margarita! How creative! I bet it’s incredibly refreshing. If I could drink, I’d be all over that! Also, I love the cute, almost farmhouse vibe to the table!

  12. Jubilee D Meyer

    These succulents are so cute! I love this idea, very refreshing!

  13. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    Jennifer, thanks for sharing your great posts every week! I love that you focused in on succulents they are so hot right now, and the perfect hostess gift for your dinner guests!

  14. Brianna

    These look great. The succulents make great decor, especially for summertime drinks.

  15. LOVE this idea. Mainly because you could easily give the plants as favors or keep them for future home decor. Waste not what not!

  16. Maddy I agree it is the perfect scenario for that 🙂

  17. As an island girl I can really appreciate all of the blues and greens . I typically know aloe to be bitter . I have some planted in my backyard . I can totally see myself sipping one of these are relaxing at your table

  18. The Delightful Farmhouse

    You know I love succulents but who knew that I counsel make a drink out of them. You are always coming up with the most creative things, and making the beautiful to boot. Sorry I have been so busy this summer I promise to catch up on your site soon.

  19. Our Little Fox Hole

    I was wondering what was on your summer table, got to say I love this design. Succulents are so popular this year, and this is a really easy to live with set up for the summer. Are you doing a a table for the 4th of July like last year or going with this? Just wondering for my own knowledge.

  20. the cheap jordan’s

    This is a great table, I have really been enjoying the succulent trend this year and this table is a great example of the best of the best.

  21. sunshine and daisies

    Thank you for any other fantastic table post I always look forward to seeing what you have on your table. The summer is always hard for me, I never know what to do and it always seems boring, but I love this idea, plus succulents are all the rage right now. They are everywhere, and you made drink out of them, for real? Okay now you are just showing off, lol.

  22. Hey Lindsay I hope you are having a great summer. I am actually not doing a indoor table this year but stay tuned my 4th of July table comes out this week 😉 and you won’t want to miss this post.

  23. MIdwestern Gal

    Just found your site from your fantastic Instagram account and I got to say I love this table. Great idea for a summer set up and such pretty colors, it does remind me of Coachella in a way too.

  24. Anita Myers

    Such a pretty table I really like all the blues and greens with just a pop of yellow in the that runner. Do you know if they still have it at World Market? I would love to get one.

  25. Hi Anita, I recently picked it up about 2 1/2 months ago in the store, and it was on sale. I believe it is still a current product online, so you may want to check there first. Good luck 🙂

  26. Got to say I really love this table, the colors are so soothing. Also love the succulents they are super trendy right now and I can not believe you made a aloe margarita, that is really cool.

  27. Becky Black

    First off I want to say awesome blog, it has been w while since I have been here but I still love it, as it never disappoints. I just need to find more time to look at it more regularly. I always love you holiday stuff so I will plan to be more vigilant.

  28. Stephanie

    I’d perpetually want to be update on new content from this web site, saved to favorites! You really have a fantastic eye for design and inspiring way to look at the world.

  29. Laureen

    I have really been enjoying the succulent trend this summer. I have seen it in everything baby showers, and weddings. I love this tablescape and the soothing feeling it evokes, much like that soothing aloe margarita what a great post.

  30. Terry Haide

    Got to say this table is really pretty and I just love the little succulents at each place setting. Also I must try the Aloe Margarita that sounds oddly refreshing while being a mixed drink.

  31. Urban Farmgirl

    Your tables inspired me to do better tables, and even this simple summertime look has done it again. The colors are perfect together, and succulents are my favorite plants right now, mainly because I don’t seem to kill them.

  32. You are speaking to my HEART right here! I’m throwing a fiesta themed bridal shower and need this recipe and this decor (especially the cactus cups)! I also have a mini greenhouse of succulents growing, they’re about the only plant I haven’t killed! Great ideas and as always, love your style

  33. Carolyn, thank you so much. I think a fiesta themed bridal shower will be a lot of fun! I hope you are planning to post about it 🙂 I would love to see all your decorations. The cactus cups are available on Amazon and July 16th is Amazon Prime Day so you might want to wait for the extra saving then, I know all prime customers get $10 just for signing in, so that is deal itself.

  34. I love the table running from World Market, it helps bring it together for sure. This will be great to keep in mind when I get married one day or throw a dinner party.

  35. I love your table design and the aloe drink! We had succulent favours for our wedding a few years ago and people still talk about them and have them growing! They’re so much fun.

  36. I know Aloe is good for you, but I never knew you could drink it. Good to learn about Aloe water. Beautiful color schemes. I especially love that runner!

  37. Aly

    Okay, that is beyond cute!

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