Simple Strawberry Sangria

Simple Strawberry Sangria

First things first you want to start with fresh strawberry’s. Now I have been know to go strawberry picking during the strawberry season, Washington Farms is one my favorite places to get farm fresh berries. This year it was $12 per bucket plus tax for starwberry’s, blackberries or blueberries. If you are not so inclined to pick your own you can purchase pre pack Strawberry’s for $15 a bucket plus tax. Your choice, no judgement here……

Once you have your starwberries you want to wash them and slice them up. Once you have sliced them coat them lightly with sugar and refrigerate. This is also the way I make strawberries for my strawberry shortcake, strawberry rhubarb pie, and strawberry ice-cream topping. So if get a whole bunch and process them all at one time you can have countless options. 

After a couple of hours in the refrigerator the berries will make there own juice, from the sugar coating. You see sugar pulls the juice out of the berries and turns it into a simple syrup. This is the mixture I either stir into my lemonade or in this case I spooned it out into individual glasses to make it pretty. 

Next step you want to mix a sweet fruity white wine, like a pinot grigio or moscato to a fresh squeezed lemonade. I like Simply Lemonade for flavor purposes, in this case I use the Strawberry Lemonade.  Pour over the strawberries , garnish with mint, and voila easy peasy cocktail.

Designer Tip: If you want to get really fancy you can sugar rim the edge of glass. This can be done by dipping glass rim upside down into a shallow bowl of water then placing on a plate of sugar, in twisting circular motion to get a good coating. 


1 Pint Strawberries

1/4 Cup Sugar

1 Bottle Sweet White Wine 

1 Bottle Simple Lemonade (or Strawberry Lemonade) 



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  2. Great recipe, I like the easy ones for entertaining. The comes a time that you can no longer remember how to make it or what your drinking so thanks for the KISS method.

  3. I live in Italy Jennifer and Sangria is well loved here. I am definitely testing out the way you prepare it though and by the way, Jack Daniels cocktail? Please let me know when you post that one!!!!
    Keep up the awesome work.

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