A Dozen Summertime Wedding Bouquets

A Dozen Summertime Wedding Bouquets

Let’s take a look at A Dozen Summertime Wedding Bouquets. All with combinations that will hold up to the summer heat and look beautiful for your special day.

For those of you that do not know I am also a custom floral designer by trade. I have a little flower company called Butterfly Landings, which I started at the same time as JENRON DESIGNS.

So today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite summertime with A Dozen Summertime Wedding Bouquets. Since it’s common practice to start planning a year ahead this article is aimed at brides planning their big day, a year out. Okay so what if the trends change? I can assure the trends do change, but what I am presenting you with today are timeless classic options that will hold up through the test of time. By all means have a trendy wedding. Just let your trendy things be your invitations, dress color, signature cocktails, and the DJ’s tunes.

If you ask me what the perfect summertime bouquet would look like this would probably come to mind. It has four types of roses (white- Mondial, Pink- Sophie, Antique Pink-Faith and Lt. Pink/Green Cabbage style- Esperance). Which are all very hardy during the hot summer months, along with white larkspur, white stock and pink wax flower. This particular bouquet was for an outdoor park venue. It had a rustic theme so we added a lace and burlap cuff. The neutral tone of this bouquet pairs easily with many options for bridesmaid dresses.Now this lovely bouquet is probably the closest combination to my own personal wedding flowers. Since the larger focal flowers are more to the tropical side this bouquet will do very well in the heat of July or August. This fragrant bouquet is filled with pink Stargazer lilies, (which always transport me back to my wedding day) white Dendrobium orchids, hot pink-Kiko roses,  white Vendela roses, pale pink Sophie roses, and pearl head stephanotis.  The bold colors of this bouquet should be carefully paired with bridesmaid dresses. I would recommend  black, navy, burgundy, any shade of pink, mint green, or even yellow would be pretty.

So as I mention above roses are pretty resilient during the summer months, while unfortunately hydrangea is not.  It has a tendency to melt and droop when exposed to extreme warm weather. This does not mean you can not have hydrangea, just use it sparingly in mixed bouquet or vase arrangement applications; boutonnieres or corsages would not be advisable. As you can see above there are touches of white hydrangea, mixed white Tibet roses, silver Brunia berries, peach Hypericum berries, blue thistle and white freesia. This is also a very neutral colored bouquet that would look pretty with virtually any color bridesmaid dress. My personal suggestions would be mint green, peach,  navy or any shade of blue.

Ahhhh, Peonies. They are gorgeous and one of the most sought after bridal flowers.  Only in season May-June, which is prime wedding season. They only come in the three colors you see above pink, hot pink and white. Commonly confused with a cabbage rose or David Austin Rose which do come in other colors, like peach. They are large size flower and  mainly only used in bouquets and armaments. They can stand alone, as seen above or mixed with other flowers for a fresh picked garden feel. Limited to pink color themes, except for all white, which goes with anything. A fun tip is to utilize the buds, they look like rounds balls above, for boutonnieres. Chic simplicity with this bouquet that never goes out of style, and will match any color dresses you pick. This bouquet features white Vendela roses, white Dendrobium orchids, white tulips, white wax flower and ivy. The is a very classic hand tied design, with a ivory satin ribbon wrap and pearl studs. It also has the fresh picked exposed stems. This is very important in the heat of the summer months. Allowing the ability to keep your flowers hydrated between photos shoots. 

This sweet little bouquet just makes me envision the happiest bride on the planet. You know the one, all smiles, full of sparkle and loving life. I think it is because of the Gerber Daisies, they are just such a fun flower. All daisy varieties do well in the summer months, which includes the Gerber’s, daisy poms, and even the button mum. This fun bouquet has white Gerber Daisy with black centers, pink daisy poms, white button mums and pearl head stephanotis, which as a sidebar is the only flower that could melt in the heat.

This Grandma’s Nostalgic bouquet. Designed for a sweet bride that wanted to have her grandmother’s favorite flower incorporated into her flowers. Queen Anne’s lace a very common flower, sometimes seen along the sides of the road here in Georgia. It will droop under extreme heat as will hydrangea. This is why I mixed these delicate flowers with white Tenike roses and baby’s breath. Which creates a pretty hand picked on the farm look.

For a more refined high end look I recommend the uber chic mini calla lily. Paired with other flowers or simply used alone this flower make a very stately bouquet. This bouquet contains both white and black mini calla lilies which creates a very modern sophisticated look. Especially when paired with black fiddle head ferns, aka monkey tails. It also contains chocolate cosmos, pearl head stephanotis, gold ting ting and white Dahlias. Dahlias are easily available in later summer months. Completing this look, is 4 types of layered  ribbon (gold sheer, gold satin, ivory lace and black satin) were layered with pearl studs to create a vintage vibe.This pretty bouquet makes me think of a Hawaiian beach wedding. Fragrant stargazer lilies are added to a base of Oceana peach roses, and fuchsia Dendrobium orchids. Just a few touches of solid green pittosporum leaves to give it a botanical feel. This bouquet was actually designed in a bouquet holder, in order to make a  small teardrop cascade for the lovely bride.

These beauties just scream summertime romance and as seen above pair beautiful with a pale pink, but any icy sherbet pastel color would be pretty with these flowers. A gorgeous hand tied bouquets of white Duchesse De Nemours and light pink Percher peonies (again only available May- June) are accompanied by 3 shades of pink roses, Sweet Akito, Titanic , and Sweet Eskimo. It also has beautiful white Tibet roses, and smaller white Eskimo roses. The flat leaf dusty miller does tend to droop in any kind of  heat but if strategically placed inside the bouquet it will do just fine.
  So I used to be nicknamed “The Queen of Cascades” when I worked for a large event company, in my past life.I was even every cascade bouquet to make since the other girl’s did not like to make them since they are very time consuming and extremely delicate. Here is a prime example of a stunning over the top knee length cascade bouquet. It has a very retro vibe with a nod towards the royal wedding style bouquets, think Queen Elizabeth’s or Princess Diana’s. So this bouquet in designed in a holder and weighs about 15 lbs. so it is not for the faint of heart. This beauty contains over a dozen Creme de la Creme white roses, white Dendrobium orchids, white freesia, white stock and ivy.

Last but certainly not least, with have a simple hand tied white on white bouquet. This combination is a very economically option. Especially if you have a large bridal party, and your trying to control your flower budget. Paired beautifully with any color combination since it is white. The mix of the large white Vendela roses and small white Eskimo roses actually create a unique textural appearance, along with the white hydrangea and hypericum berries.  Fun fact hypericum berries are from Saint John’s Wort. Commonly used to treat depression, however that doesn’t mean your bridesmaids or flower girls can eat there bouquets. LOL

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  6. I agree, Peonies are always a favorite. You can’t go wrong with them, they are just elegant. I just wish they were in season longer the May & June.

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  12. Yes, I am still a floral designer, but only part time. I am not doing wedding to much anymore, since the blog is starting to take my full attention. Yes, I have traveled out of state for weddings before (mainly for family members) and it has a so many challenges. I would recommend getting a in-state designer, it is easier to create beautiful things when you have all your proper tools.

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  27. Hi Kelli Congrats on your up coin nuptials!!! The venue sounds dreamy, and I like the tone you are setting for your big day. I think something loose so it looks fresh picked from a field. I would recommend a combination of White Anemones, Blue Thistle, Silver Brunia Berries, White Freesia,Vendella Roses, White Mini Callas, Monkeytails and Seeded Eucalyptus for you bridal party flowers.

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  32. Hi Kelli, I love the chic elegance of mini callas! Maybe use full size, long stem callas for your girls, it will add a dramatic flair. You can also use them in tall glass vases on the tables surrounded by candles. Then add icy birch branches with chandelier crystals hanging from them, more for drama. Maybe place a few gold and silver pinecones amongst the candle at the base. I hope this helps you out, congratulations and thanks so much for stopping by.

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