What Makes A Well Designed Bedroom?

What Makes A Well Designed Bedroom?

Today on Ask The Designer we are discussing What Makes A Well Designed Bedroom?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get as an Interior Designer is “What Makes A Well Designed Bedroom?” To be honest, I am not sure that there is one correct answer, however there are several things you can do to insure that you get a peaceful night’s sleep; which is the entire goal and purpose of a bedroom. Today I am sharing my experience with our new Puffy Mattress and taking part in a Designers Showcase Interview to shed some light on some of these burning questions.

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Bedroom Design with Puffy JENRON DESIGNSLet’s first talk about what makes a well designed bedroom. It is the same design elements that make any space well designed, and some of those elements are derived from the very same 7 Designs Principals that I was taught over 20 years ago in Interior Design school.

  • Scale
  • Focal Point
  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Repetition
  • Unity
  • Details

When designing a space, especially a bedroom, all of these ingredients are key, plus you will want to add in things like your own personal style, collections, color schemes and other design ideals. The seven main principles that I have listed above are merely giving you a starting point or a bone structure to work within when you are designing a space. Let’s take a closer look at each one as they may affect a bedroom design.

Scale is how the pieces of decor will relate to the overall size of the room. A common tendency that I see a lot es undersized pieces of decor, particularly art, light fixtures, and rugs. This tends to be an area where people can not visualize the finished product within the space. A good example would be our windmill ceiling fan, while it is a large 65″ diameter fan, it fills the space perfectly and does not look oversized or undersized for the space.

Focal Point, while this seems pretty obvious in a bedroom, as your first inclination would be for the bed to be the focus of the room, it does not have to be. It could be a large area rug or large scale piece of modern art work. It could also be an interior finish like our shiplap ceiling, seen above.

Balance is tricky because a lot of people love the asymmetrical look, however it still requires some balance. An easy example of balance, seen here, is the equal distribution of nightstands, lamps and even floral arrangements on each side of the room. I chose to go equally balanced since my furniture layout is already off balance due to my overall window placement.

Contrast is where you use a light and dark pattern to draw the eye around the room. Since my furniture and flooring is dark I kept the walls lighter and the center of the our shiplap tray ceiling is lighter. The tray ceiling is accentuated by darker elevated boards to add more contrast to that focal point and draw your eye up.

Repetition is usually seen in patterns, colors or finishes used throughout the room to bring unity to the space. In my bedroom you will see the same color pattern in the shiplap barn doors as on the ceiling. You can also see the same color pulled from my area rug on to the trim on my custom curtains.

Unity, as I mentioned above, is what pulls your entire space together. It is what you want to keep in mind as you pick things for you bedroom. This design element happens at all stages of design from structural design of floors, walls and fixtures to the daily and seasonal changes of pillows, linens and bedding.

Details, much like unity, is a design element you will use every day. To me it is the details that make a space personal and define it as your own. It takes a sterile basic catalog look and makes it feel cozy, warm and homey. This is where you add in your family heirlooms, personal collections, a signature scent, whatever it is that makes the space yours.

Puffy Mattress Co. JENRON DESIGNS


What 3 words would you use to describe your interior design style?

Currently my interior design style is a very comfortable, rustic, farmhouse, which I embraced 6 years ago when we moved to the foothills of the north Georgia mountains. I believe that a home and it’s space should openly reflect the area in which it resides, so that it does not feel out of place.

You walk into your bedroom after a long day…what do you look forward to the most?

Well, we are so lucky that we both work from home, and have for almost 10 years now, so this is not a new pandemic protocol for us. We tried very hard when we built our home to make sure it was built in a resort style atmosphere, so where we worked would always feel like a vacation and be our own sanctuary. This of course lends itself directly into the bedroom, we wanted the best linens, most comfortable mattress, a room that could be cooled or heated perfectly. We added sliding barn door window treatments to fully block sound and light for peaceful sleep at anytime of the day. We wanted the ability to let the outside in on those beautiful breeze filled fall and spring days from our screened-in sleeping porch. All of these things go hand in hand to make a great sanctuary for yourself as well.

Fresh Sheet Friday Puffy JENRON DESIGNSWhat inspires you when you redecorate?

Redecorating happens for a lot of reasons, and on various scales. I usually do a small refresh of my rooms seasonally, just to keep my home feeling fresh and new. Larger scale projects come when I feel a space has lost its appeal, or is outdated, also to celebrate trends that are on the way out. Sometimes I simply find a space no longer provides me any visual happiness, which means it is time to redecorate.

When it comes to bedroom design, what would you say are the 3 biggest challenges?

  1. Usually it comes when designing for couples, they can never settle on patterns, for bedding or wallpapers, or a color story for the bedroom as a whole. Honestly neutral is always the best in those, and most, scenarios.  This way you can change out fun patterns seasonally and not get stuck with one pattern permanently.
  2. There are always huge disagreements when it comes to a pretty chandelier, versus team “I need a fan to sleep”. Which scientific studies have shown keeping your bedroom cooler will help you sleep more soundly through the night. Unfortunately, there are case studies on this topic, but it still boils down to form versus function, which is an age old problem for any designer.
  3.  I also would love to see more furniture companies embrace USB ports and charging stations for nightstands and lamp bases. This is really the wave of the future, so more options would be great. Even though technology should really be left out of the bedroom, I find that is a hard sell, so you might as well embrace it.

Good Bedroom Design With Puffy JENRON DESIGNS

Has your design style changed over the years? If so, what motivated you to change?

Of course! My design style might change by next week! Seriously, when I look back at my daring style choices in my 20’s, I realize the bold statements I chose where made due to my lack of having a lot of real furniture. I had some, but when you are young you are still collecting and cobbling looks together. My thirties where very trendy, on point with the latest styles, and currently I am celebrating the industrial farmhouse trend, which I started incorporating about 6 years ago, and it still seems to be going strong. I find the rustic style very soothing and simple, not fussy and fro fro, which I have found myself growing very tired of these days, plus it works great for life here in Georgia. I do think you should embrace a little bit of your environment around into your home design. For example a Spanish or Mediterranean beach style home in the North Georgia Mountains may not have the right feel as you look out at falling leaves.Bedroom Design With Puffy JENRON DESIGNS

What are 5-bedroom decor essentials that can transform the look of any bedroom? 

For my top 3, I find that decorative pillows, linens and throws are one of the quickest and easiest ways to change up a bedroom from season to season. You can add in trendy pops of color without redesigning your entire space in the blink of eye. I also love to add in seasonal flowers, plants or greenery to add just a touch of something living in my bedroom. My fifth and final element is scent, which is sometimes overlooked when designing spaces, but I feel if it stirs your senses and should be considered as part of your design. I will either chose a signature linen water scent or a seasonal smell to go with the season. Candles are great because they add an element of warmth, as well as light.

How important is a quality mattress?

A quality mattress can really make or break a room, and defines the quality of your overall sleep. I am pretty sure that no one has ever spent the night on a lumpy fold out sofa and thought wow that was the best night’s rest I have ever had! Let’s be honest, you only have one spine and it holds you up all day long so why not take good care of it at night and allow it rest properly.

Describe the style and comfort of the Puffy Lux Mattress: 

The Puffy lux mattress has stolen our hearts, we have had some of the most rest filled nights of our lives on this mattress. A few of my favorite selling points are no springs or coils so it is perfect no matter what kind of sleeper you are, side, back or stomach.

It is also hypoallergenic and designed to reduce allergy triggers and prevent the buildup of dust mites and dust in the mattress, which is a big deal since we are pet owners.

It has a patented Puffy’s Cooling Cloud™ , which is designed to keep you at an optimal temperature which is perfect for us since Ron stays cold and I tend to run hot these days.
Puffy Mattress Bedroom decor JENRON DESIGNS
Sleep habits are changing and people are more focused on creating tranquility at home. What do you think will be the biggest bedroom decor trend in 2021 and beyond?

I think you will see people really start to invest in high quality bedding items. Thread counts that can hold up to multiple washings, and only get softer as you wash them. We celebrate #freshsheetfriday for #sleepinsaturday every week. I think the whole cleanliness is next to godliness is going to really sink in. For that reason maybe the white sheet and towel trend, which we have celebrated for years, due to their bleach-ability might come into play.  I think you will see a lot of ionizing fans and filters in these rooms as well for health reasons. More charger stations in nightstands, possible En Suite coffee bars; things you see in fancy hotels and resorts. We added a mini fridge in our bedroom to create a master bedroom mini bar, which is great for snacks, juices and adult drinks.  Also spa face masks and medications.

You can see the full Designer Showcase Look book over at Puffy Mattresses here, with all 5 featured designers and there bedroom design tips.

Our Puffy Mattress Story:

As I mentioned above, The Puffy lux mattress has stolen our hearts, we have had some the most rest filled nights of our lives. Honestly we have only had 3 mattresses in our 23 years of marriage, and we went with the same brand twice, thinking it was so good in our 20’s we just had to have it again, after being talked into a much lesser quality mattress by a set of friends (who are ironically no longer our friends anymore, lol) Needless to say we were already starting to look at mattresses because our quality of sleep after only five years had really declined quickly. Even though this extremely high end, name brand was amazing back in the 90’s it just was not as good of quality as it had been.Installing the Puffy JENRON DESIGNSEnter our Puffy Lux mattress trial, they give you 101 sleep trial and lifetime warranty, both amazing offers! I also love that it is made in the USA, which is really important to us, and it comes with free shipping and no contact delivery directly to your door. It comes in a roll, which is pretty easy to move around, I could have probably done it by myself, but as I mention we both work from home so I did have assistance from Ron.

Roll out the Puffy JENRON DESIGNSOnce you cut the first layer of plastic it flattens out on the bed so you can get it nice and centered on your frame. It works on many types of bed frames, including platforms and box springs. You may also notice ours came with a free Puffy Pillow inside with purchase, which I will say is amazing, and we will be purchasing a second for Ron! At this point, you simply cut the plastic around the outer edge of the mattress and it will start to expand. Allow a full two hours to fully expand and you are good to go!Free Pillow with Puffy Purchase JENRON DESIGNSThe best you will ever have, I promise. Also I will say being a woman of a certain age, I was concerned being foam that I might get overheated or hot. I can say that I have zero complaints in that area, Puffy’s Cooling Cloud™ kept me the perfect temperature all night long and that is saying something with four cats and a husband all piled in here.

Puffy Lux Mattress JENRON DESIGNSSo why Puffy? Not only is it an amazing mattress that all parts are made in the USA. They also have a fantastic Charity program as well. Many of you know how I love to give back and support charities where I can. Puffy believes that every child deserves to sleep on a good mattress and donates a mattress to a child in need for every 10 social media posts! So I am proud to say that I will posting and tagging my new Puffy Mattress to help be a part of donating a new mattress to children’s shelters in America, way to go Puffy!


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  1. The Puffy mattress looks amazing. And I love the fact that it’s a brand that does something meaningful alongside doing business. Thumbs up and also thumbs to you for doing your part too. I’m impressed.

  2. Thanks for the tips and how wonderful to be supporting a company who is serving the community! Amazing!

  3. 5-bedroom decor essentials was great information to read coming from a professional! I agree that mattress are so so imp for a good night sleep

  4. The 7 design principles is something I will keep in mind next time I redecore a space in my home. Though, intuition seems to have led me to use these principles so far. Your bedroom looks awesome. Love the bed and the canvas or screen behind the bed. And the mattress certainly looks very, very comfy.

  5. I love it infinitely when comfort goes hand in hand with design even more in the face of a room that needs both as the bedroom! wELL DONE!

  6. Do you think style is something that can be learned or only just enhanced? I was intrigued by your article. I don’t know anything about scale vs. unity vs. contrast but I think I know on some innate level what looks good – my husband…not so much. And if he read your article, not sure his style would improve but I’ll send it to him and see if he bites. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Anna

    Lately I have been redecorating my bedroom as well. I totally agree that the comfort of the mattress is super important!

  8. Sonja

    I love your point about unity. I always try to bring every piece in my bedroom together with the picky details. My style evolves constantly, so I change and update my room constantly. I try to go with a specific color scheme and change that often with accessories and beddings. I am about to embark on a full room renno and finally change over my furniture as well! This is exactly the post I needed to read beforehand!

  9. Hi Diane that is an interesting question. I believe style is like a fingerprint, and is truly something that belongs to each person. While you can hire some to create a style or look for you, ultimately at the end of the day it is not truly your own until you have have added your own touch to it. As far as the design principles like scale and unity these are just concepts to keep in mind as you work through picking and choosing decor for your spaces. I hope that helps.

  10. It is so cool that you brought up intuition because that gets into feng shui based design where we draw everything subconsciously from things we have already seen but don’t even realize it. See you are a designer and did not even know it.

  11. This post is exactly what I needed. Our bedroom is so blah…I love the tips and will be adding some decorations and switching up the focus! Thanks!!

  12. I believe style comes naturally for some but can be learned. Hen decorating the bedroom, I believe it should be pleasing to the eye as well as the mind. The most important is comfort

  13. Greta Marxs

    Love the content of your article after reading it, I have added some of the ideas you mentioned to ours. You certainly helped me, thanks.

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