Things You Should Buy After the Holidays

Things to Buy After Christmas JENRON DESIGNS

Things You Should Buy After the Holidays

ASK THE DESIGNER: What should I buy after the holidays? Check out the must see list of, Things You Should Buy After the Holidays, to save a ton of money for next year.

So the holidays are over and many of you may have already started to take down all of your holiday decor. Well, first I applaud you for being so industrious. Next I urge you to take a look at my money saving list of Things You Should Buy After the Holidays, and stash away for next year. Things to Buy After Christmas JENRON DESIGNS

Most people are so tired of seeing the holiday decor at the end of the season the last thing they want to do is actually buy more of it. I am here to tell you that last year I scooped up a ton of things at 80-90% off after season. Literally I redid the majority of my holiday decor for pennies on the dollar, and you can too with these helpful tips. Here are the Things You Should Buy After the Holidays:


Ribbon is always expensive but yet it is so easy to store and does not take up a lot of space.  Let me just say the majority of all my ribbon was completely new this year. Why? Well, I bought grab bags of ribbon for $4 a bag after the holidays at my local Michael’s. When I say $4 a bag, the bags contained 8-10 bolts (bolts equalling 15-25 feet each) of mixed holiday ribbon. Since you could pretty much see through the bags enough to know there were at least 2 -3 of the same type of ribbon in each bag. I purchased 5 semi matching bags totaling $20. This is what you pay for a single bolt of ribbon normally, and got over 50 bolts of ribbon.

Things to Buy After Christmas JENRON DESIGNS When I got home I divided the bolts in like types to determine which trees they could be used on, based the the amounts on hand. The Peppermint Twist Tree took three 25 foot bolts which was perfect, my Simple Gift Bedroom Tree took three 15 foot bolts. The 15 foot Travel Tree which always takes a ton of ribbon took six 25 foot bolts and I had enough left for the mantle garland and few other bows. My outdoor wreaths would take the most at ten bolts of 25 feet.Things to Buy After Christmas JENRON DESIGNS

Solid Colored Ornaments

I also picked up a ton of solid colored shatterproof ornaments at 90% from Hobby Lobby last season. These always come in handy from dumping into bowls or adding additional color to trees both indoor and outdoor. I purchased the large 50 piece drums, normally $20.00, for $2.00 a piece.  So I bought 10 for the price of one at regular price or 2 at half price and stored them away for this year as well.

Things to Buy After Christmas JENRON DESIGNS


When we first moved into our new house I knew that I would need new wreaths for all the windows. I originally got some very inexpensive ones half off at Hobby Lobby, but I knew I wanted to invest in some really nice greenery. First of all we are very lucky to have a Frontgate Outlet nearby, so it was high on my priority list to get there after the holidays and get some nice wreaths for all my windows. I was able to score some high end, matching wreaths that would of normally retailed for $200 a piece before the holidays for $20 a peice. Since I need 7 windows and 1 door this was a huge savings.Things to Buy After Christmas JENRON DESIGNS I have also picked up several sets of garland over the years at the after Christmas outlet sale that retail for $500-600 a piece for $40-50, which is such a deal. I can not even begin to tell you that these are such amazing quality pieces, and with proper care can last many years.

Things to Buy After Christmas JENRON DESIGNS Lights

This is actually a great time to stock up on new lights for the next year. However, I recommend sticking to brand new boxes from a reputable company, hence my next story below about a lemon of a tree. The reason I like to stock up on lights is because you have been burning the ones you have all season, so you know that you will need replacements soon. If you run across ones you like on a great sale before or after season, if makes sense to stock up. Plus they are so much easier to store in smaller contained boxes.

Things to Buy After Christmas JENRON DESIGNSThen you can toss the sets that have burned out at the end of the season. If you are like me you might try to repurpose the working bulbs and such first, then toss the remaining pieces. You can also participate in a recycling program at Christmas Light Source, and get a coupon off your next set of lights, or if you are thinking about converting to LED’s check out this mail in program at Holiday LED recycling. This year Lowe’s has all there lights on 75% off so whether you are team white lights or colored light or like me with ethereal mix of both, you can save big time. I picked up a ton of light for $1 -2 a box which are super easy to store back for next year.

Decorative Flowers & Picks

I like to get a lot of decorative picks this time of year to add to my garlands, wreaths and trees. They are super easy to store and they can easily mix and match from year to year, if you pick basic pieces in neutrals tones. Think pine branches, berries,  and pinecones, these are a few of my go too pieces. When a 99 cent pick gets marked down half price it is great, but anything over that is even better, so I stock up. Hobby Lobby had all Christmas picks on for 66% off and Michael went for the full 80% off right out of the gate this year. The key is to know what you are using it for, gift packages or decor. If you are planning to use them as decorative accents for gifts, you grab anything, but if you want to use it for decor, try to get all the same kind, and bulk quantity is key.Things to Buy After Christmas JENRON DESIGNS

What Not To Buy?

I get asked, are there any item that you recommend not buying after the holidays? Well I think the answer is subjective, but yes. There is a list of things I do not buy just because I personally do not want to store them and I will list them below.

I personally, would not recommend buying trees, even though I have in the past, and will have to replace one this year since we had one break during the wind storm but in the past it has ended disastrously for me. I remember several years ago I bought a “supposedly” unopened tree, from a “friend of mine” in a big box retail store. It was a reputable brand, with a taped box which looked like it had “never been opened”, and on a great sale for $50 for an 7 1/2 foot tree. Well, no reason to open it with that type of information right? WRONG! The following year I opened the box and only half the lights worked on this brand new tree, no recourse, no warranty, no friend working at that location anymore; they had changed jobs and bounced, as they do in retail. So just be warned.

The other things I just don’t recommend are below, mainly because they do not store well or get bent up/wrinkled, or can expire. Things to Buy After Christmas JENRON DESIGNS

  • Wrapping Paper & Supplies (my exception would be if they are in neutral tones and could be used year round for birthdays) think brown paper or white tone on tone.
  • Holiday Scented Candles (they will lose their fragrance before you use them again, maybe cinnamon for Valentine’s, or a Vanilla)
  • Food Items (unless you are using for a New Year’s Party which is in the same week)
  • Large Decor Pieces that are hard to store, unless you REALLY love them and have the space.
  • Storage Containers (they are usually marked up, and more expensive at this time of year, so do your homework)

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5 Things To Buy After Christmas JENRON DESIGNS


  1. This whole list is love! I absolutely love lights and decorative flowers! Thanks for the tips.

  2. Wow, this is one thing I never thought to buy at all after the holidays. I know about buying off season stuff and have done so in the past. But somehow the idea of getting decorations never occurred to me. Thanks for sharing this information. You just saved me a lot of money. 😅

  3. My husband and I go the weekend after the holidays to buy all of those! We stock up on decor, wrapping supplies, etc. We got a tree last year after the holidays as well, we opened it when we got home to check it so no problems there but I get your concern! But a quick check and you’ve saved potentially hundreds!

  4. Definitely a good list. Who would have thought? Am just thinking about getting ready to get back to work.

  5. Clair

    So true!! I forget about how this stuff goes on sale after the holidays…need to stock up on my ribbon 😉

  6. Buying things that are seasonal off season is a very great idea. You get them cheaper.

  7. I am all for those 50% off and better sales post-holidays. It’s time to find the perfect decorations and cards for so cheap.

  8. These are some smart ideas! I love the idea of buying ornaments, since they can always be used the next year around, and you can get them for quite cheap!

  9. I always just buy food stuffs at the end of holidays. I’ll add up more to my list thanks to your post.

  10. Demir Griffin

    You’re doing an excellent job!

  11. I am so guilty of buying those big bulky items after Christmas with no where to store them! I will definitely be on the lookout for some ribbon- def has more purpose than just holiday trees!

  12. These are all great ideas! I never really thought of buying things after Christmas is over and saving them, but they are so much cheaper then!

  13. Smart suggestions! Solid-colored ornaments and ribbons definitely since I want to shift our Christmas tree decor next year!

  14. Great list of things to buy! Have bought ornaments and lights once after the holidays and it was so worth it.

  15. This is such a great resource. I went to Michael’s one year after Christmas and stocked up on little tabletop Christmas trees in burlap. They ended up being $2 each, which I was able to distribute to many people at my kids school the following year. It did take up a bit of storage as you mention, but only for that one year. I love shopping after-Christmas clearance!

  16. These are great ideas! I always tell myself I am going to buy Christmas decor after Christmas and then I always forget about it. Thanks for the tips!

  17. Tisha

    I always go look at stuff for the holidays afterwards. Gotta love those discounts

  18. Bella

    This is such a great post. I totally had grennery on my list to get !! thanks for sharing this

  19. I so want to stock up on holiday decorations! I need to get out and shop, thank you for the reminder. Also, maybe some lawn decorations.

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