Souse’ Sugar Grapes

Souse’ Sugar Grapes

This is my super simple party pleaser Souse’ Sugar Grapes. Easily made with a wine, Prosecco or Champagne of your choice. 

I recently made my Souse’ Sugar Grapes for a neighborhood party and the crowd went wild! So, I decide to post the recipe on my blog at the request of the guests. Then I replicated it again for my most recent Farm To Table 4th of July posts, seen below. The truth is Souse’ Sugar Grapes basically means drunken grapes or marinated grapes, and their are many versions of this recipe out there. So I can not take any kind of credit for the originality of this idea. In fact, I have had them so many different places, from bridal showers to ladies luncheons and the recipe is so basic and simple that the recipe does not even require writing down. You just want to start with your favorite type of juicy plump seedless grapes. I went with a mix of red and green for the visual appeal, but the last time I made it I used black and red seedless grapes, which was really pretty too. Perfect for our favorite football team this fall, wink wink…. Go Dawgs!I also think the Cotton Candy grapes would be delicious for this recipe too, maybe paired with a nice Prosecco. The next step, that I so eagerly gave away right there, is to pick a nice wine to pair the grape with, also a Prosecco or a Champagne can be used. Today I am using Stella Rosa Peach wine to add another layer of flavor to my grapes.You then will want to pour the wine over your grapes that have been removed from the stems. Make sure you add enough to cover them so every grape soaks in as much of the wine as it can. Then refrigerate them for a minimum of one hour, I let mine go for several hours for max absorption.  Honestly it is kind of like the fruit in Sangria, the longer it sits the better it tastes, and you can drink the wine afterwords too. Which is is my treat while I dredge the grapes in sugar. To me the easiest way to coat the grapes is to lightly strain the grapes with a slotted spoon and place them into a bowl with granulated sugar while still slightly damp. Toss them around lightly in the sugar to coat the grapes. Then place them directly into your serving dish. Some of the ladies I know freeze them at this point. Which is a fun option especially in the summer and it will keep the sugar on the grapes a little better during the warmer months. This step is completely optional, I have served them frozen and non-frozen and they are good both ways. 

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  1. I had seen these before but had no idea there was alcohol in them LOL, I am now well informed!

  2. What a great idea for a party! I’ve never seen these before, I’ll have to try it! Thanks! Melissa Damiani | Gratitude Grace Glamour

  3. These look so delicious! I’ve seen them before but have never actually tried them. Definitely making these for my next get together!

  4. gigi58

    I think this sounds so tasty for the summer months and a nice way to get fruit too.

  5. Ellen from Ask Away Blog

    Hello it’s me, I am also visiting this web page on a regular basis, this website is really great and the people are in fact sharing ground breaking thoughts.

  6. Isabel

    This is a tasty idea for a warm weather snack that is not candy but actually fruit. I like it.

  7. That looks so yummy and super simple too. I’m a fan of recipes that are lucid. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Okay these look amazing! I think I’d definitely freeze them especially because I already loves frozen grapes so this would just be next level!

    -Madi xo |

  9. Such a great idea thank you for the recipe. Defiantly a good way to eat more fruit!

  10. Karletta

    This is going to be a perfect addition to my summer bbq table. They look beautiful and without doubt taste delicious too!

  11. Digitaldaybook

    Soo easy and looks soo good! Will definitely try this out!

  12. These are so pretty, Jen. I’ve seen them before but didn’t realize that they were soaked in wine before coating. Need to give these a try!

  13. Gamu

    This looks so yummy; didn’t know with alcohol. Will definitely try them out.

  14. Eugenia

    I love these things they are really a delicious treat anytime of the year.

  15. Janessa McNicoll

    5 stars
    Recipe writing is so fun, if you know afterward you can during difficult times to inspire people you probably would have started sooner.

  16. Amber Meyers

    5 stars
    These look delicious and a perfect treat to get kiddos to eat more fruit too!

  17. Darla Atchison

    5 stars
    Hi there, I want to subscribe for this website to take latest recipe updates, where can I do it?

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