Our All Inclusive Adults Getaway


Our All Inclusive Adults Getaway

Today I am sharing our All Inclusive Adults Getaway we took last week to Key Largo.

I know you are probably thinking, Jen this is a little out of the ordinary for your home blog. Honestly, I know but after my Instagram hacking, we really needed a getaway, so our All Inclusive Adults Getaway to the Bungalows in Key Largo last week was perfection. It was perfection so I wanted to share all of the amazing details with you, especially since I have been getting flooded with questions all about it.Key Largo Packing Cozy Earth JENRON DESIGNS

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So as many of you know we recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, and “the Jen-Ron have known and dated each other for over 31 years at this point; so we wanted to plan a trip to celebrate. Prior to the loss of my entire Instagram, I eluded in my stories, that I was getting all of my Cozy Earth summer essentials ready for an upcoming trip. However, I was unable to finish those stories to show all my cute essentials being packed up with the promo code: JENRONDESIGNS40 to share with my followers, along with my packing list:

Little Resort By The Sea JENRON DESIGNS

First of all let me say I am not a travel agent and I found and planned this vacation all by myself. Second as far as the resort goes, I am not receiving any compensation to promote it, we just loved it so much and really wanted to share it with others since we had such a great time. We stayed at the Bungalows All Inclusive Resort in Key Largo. I can tell you it was pure perfection, and we have stayed in many all-inclusive resorts in our lifetime. First of all, this is one of the first all-inclusive resorts we have found in the United States. All the others have been overseas, which requires a passport and airline travel. Plus I love the idea of keeping our hard earned money here in the US right now.Key Largo Resort JENRON DESIGNSI loved that this resort offered only private bungalows, so you had your very own private suite with outdoor tub and shower. These were in addition to the indoor bathroom as well, so no worries you had plenty of options. The bungalows came with options of ocean view suites for an up charge or garden suite, we opted to do the garden view since we would be on the beach all day and really wanted to make sure that we had a “private” garden tub.

Helpful Hint: While the resort offers bath salt in the room, you can pre-pack some bubble bath or Lush bath bombs for a nice fun bath every night if you like. The resort also offers an in room spa night with rose petals, champagne and specialty baths too for an up charge. 

Garden Suite Outdoor Tub & Shower JENRON DESIGNSI am very happy with that decision, because while the ocean front suites were nice the tube and shower were in direct eye line of the beach, so it never really felt like it would be very private, unless you drew the curtains and then you would lose the beautiful ocean view, but that is just my opinion.

Resort Bungelow Garden Suite JENRON DESIGNS The room was very cute and reminded me of a tiny house in its construction. It had skylights in the bathroom, and individual air conditioning which worked great for those hot southern Florida days. There were rain tree showers both inside and outside. A Keurig coffee bar, stocked mini fridge and microwave in every room. Plus, a ton of pillows and blankets (which I totally want to snag, loved it wished they sold them in the gift shop would have bought one for sure) for your snoozing comfort. Resort Schedule JENRON DESIGNSThe Bungalows offer a full list of things to do if sitting on the beach is not your plan. They have daily morning yoga on each of the beaches depending on your endurance level. They also have many boat excursions you can book as well, and the spa also offers many massages, facials or body treatments. Garden Suite JENRON DESIGNSEach bungalow has a cute little front porch sitting area with and private cabana area with breakfast area and outdoor sofa lounge by your soaker tub. Your bungalow also comes with 2 beach cruiser bicycles for pedaling around the resort, which is also a fun little thing to do. Ride to breakfast or the beach and park your bike. All non-motorized beach crafts are included as well, so go kayaking, take out a paddle board or the big wheel ocean bike. Pizza on the Beach JENRON DESIGNSIf you head down to the beach, you have the option of chaise lounges, pull up tents, or the coveted cabanas by the sea. The resort has two separate beaches, the pool side beach and the quiet beach with smoking teepee for spiritual cleansing. The seaside cabana is at the far end of the pool side beach, but you can still order food and drinks to these cabanas.Island Iguanas JENRON DESIGNS However, as a heads up the green Iguanas inhabit this beach because of the food. They are not mean, but they will come right up to you and may climb right into the cabana with you for some pizza, lol! The green Iguana is now considered an invasive species in Florida and you can shoot them on site; even though they are relatively harmless. Apparently, they are ruining crops and taking over the islands, much like the chickens in Key West. This nonnative Iguana started as a pet that was released into the wild years ago, you can read more about them here.Tiki Boat Cruise JENRON DESIGNS If the Iguanas are not your thing book an hour-long tiki boat cruise, if the waters are calm on the bay. Be sure to BYOB, which should not an issue just double fist your favorite drinks before you get on board. Things like a frozen Pina Colada or Dirty Banana hold up really well for the trip or maybe a bucket of beers if that is your thing, and again they are all included in your stay, so no additional charge here.Unlimited Alcohol JENRON DESIGNSI do want to take a minute to discuss the all-inclusive alcohol as well. Along with your basics like beer and wine, the hard liquor is included and unlimited. The brands which are a part of the included drink selections are very nice I saw a lot of pours including Patron, Jack Daniels, Crown Royal, Maker’s Mark, Grey Goose, Bombay & Kraken. I am sure if you wanted boutique brands or some of the harder to get brands those might have an up charge, since they are not pouring Pappy 25 for free or bottles of Cristal. Cristal Champs JENRON DESIGNS Another fun thing you can do is the Champagne Sunset Cruise or the Tapas Cruise. These are both options you can pre-order for special occasions, like an anniversary or honeymoon if you want to do something that is just the two of you. The catamaran has a full bar and chef to prepare your meal on board as you chill and watch the sunset.Renting a Catamaran JENRON DesignsLet’s talk a minute about how good the food is, look at my Filet Mignon with Shrimp Scampi, and Ron’s Osso Bucco in the background. During our tapas tasting, we had an amazing selection of Chimi-churri Steak Kabobs, Pesto stacked Caprese Napoleons, Polenta Topped Grilled Scallops, Shrimp Cocktail & Crab Stuffed Mushrooms and they were all were very tasty. The food was AMAZING for an all-inclusive! Most of the all-inclusive resorts, like Sandals or Excellence that we have traveled with previously focus on quantity of food, and I find that the overall quality is not the best, and tastes similar to the institutional style of lower grade cruise ship buffets. Breakfast seen below Eggs Benedict with Bacon, Mediterranean Egg white Frittata with goat cheese, & Strawberry smoothie. On another day we had Nova lox Bagels and Avocado Crab Toast, again all of it was wonderful. Bungalows food was 5 Star all the way, and we are foodies! I mean just look at us, we are not skinny LOL! So, we know good food and this resort did not disappoint on that level at all. It was quality, cooked to order, all day long. The service was also amazing, if it was not on the menu, they would still make it happen for you. I can not say enough good things about this resort!Dinner By The Sea JENRON DESIGNSOne night I wanted Key Lime Pie, it was not on the menu at the Mexican restaurant, but my server Navarro made it happen and I got a piece on the beach. You are allowed to  order half orders of pasta dishes,  as sides, like the Lobster Ravioli, which was amazing, instead of regular potatoes. The goal is to make you happy, like your own Fantasy Island. Mimosas for breakfast sure why not! You want a Sazerac with dinner we can do that, they never say no.

Spa Day JENRON DESIGNSWe also decided to schedule a spa day for us at the resort. We had a couples massage, which was amazing! Especially since we have not had a massage in over 2 years. I forgot how much I missed this self-care treatment. We opted for a CBD oil to treat our sore muscles and hopefully the damage to my knee from where I fractured it back in May and I am still healing.Spa JENRON DESIGNS The spa allows you use of the private steam room and Himalayan salt room during this time. I have to admit I was deeply intrigued by the properties of the salt room and how it was designed. I have studied up on this ritual and yes, the interior design wheels are turning in my brain and inspiration had struck me like lightening, yet again.Spa Day JENRON DESIGNSThat evening I decided I would finish off the day with a moonlit soak in our garden tub with room provided bath salts, some fresh orchids and an exfoliation bar. After the sun goes down the succession of your own garden tub in the moonlight is enchanting. We packed our outdoor mini speaker so we could have some soft music to add to the ambiance. Beautiful Pools JENRON DESIGNSThe resort also offers two amazing pools, the ocean side pool which is more of a social party style pool with free-flowing drinks and food all day long. It also has a quiet Zen spa pool, seen above, if you just need a little time to rejuvenate and unplug from the world. This is a great place to meditate and reconnect with each other, also no lizards here, we only saw a cat or two, our kind of place. Key Largo JENRON DESIGNSEach of the pools have separate Jacuzzi’s located nearby and a towel bar for nice fresh towels each and every time you get out of the pool. So, no need to bring your own, you won’t need them, they have thought of everything. The Living Room JENRON DESIGNSIf you are into the after hours scene, the Living Room right off of the Hemingway Bar is the place for you. This is where the cocktails keep flowing after the sunsets until midnight, with the open-air breezes flowing into the living room from the ocean. Again, I highly recommend this amazing resort, for so many reasons, but I really love that it is on US soil and supporting our own economy.Bungalows JENRON DESIGNSHonestly, I cannot wait to try out all of the other resorts too. They have two all-inclusive resorts in Montana The Rustic Inn & Parkway Inn along with a new one in Utah near the Capitol Reef National Park, however these resorts are not 21+ adult only resorts and families are welcome.

We hope you enjoyed our little adventure, to see where we are headed off to next in our Travel Log, sign up for our Email updates at this link!

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BEST All Inclusive Adults Resort JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. Tisha

    This looks absolutely dreamy!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, everything about this is perfect! But you had me at CBD massage! So glad you had a great time!

  3. Amber Myers

    This looks so relaxing! I need to get here with my husband.

  4. Amber you will love it, honestly one of the best I have been to in a while. It is still all new, fresh and clean. The food was amazing you can have as much as you want, but the quality is so good you really don’t feel the need pig out, as you can get anything whenever you like. The alcohol is nice name brands and they make any kind of drink you can think up. Private bungalows it feels like a private island, I can not say enough good things about it.

  5. Monica Simpson

    This looks amazing! That room in the bungalow is gorgeous. I want to go here for our next anniversary.

  6. Monica it does not disappoint! Honestly by the time we priced out higher end hotels like the Ritz on Amelia Island or Sea Island the room cost the exact same price but included our food and alcohol so we saved money.

  7. The message was wonderful I have never had a CBD oil message before. I have had messages and I have used CBD creams for arthritis and when I fractured my patella recently but the two together was heavenly! I do admit I was a bit out of practice on the message since it has been about 2 years with the pandemic, so the CBD kept all the soreness out of the equation, which was amazing!

  8. The beauty of this place is amazing! Looked like you had a great time in paradise! Love the ambiance!

  9. Nina

    I have never done an all inclusive vacation resort but I’ve always wanted to. This one looks fabulous! I LOVE the outdoor shower area, so pretty and relaxing!!

  10. It was such an amazing trip I would recommend this resort to all those looking for a romantic getaway!

  11. We have done several all inclusive trips over the years like Sandals, Breezes and Excellence resorts (fine if you are in your 20’s) which are all outside of the US. This was our first inside the US and it was better than all of the others far. The food was a much higher quality which was a huge difference, and then the alcohol which was a good quality for the never ending drinks, verses a cheap quality you find at the others. It is the difference between a frat party and luxe resort lifestyle, a well traveled person and someone that has never done an all inclusive before. This resort was 5 stars all the way.

  12. Tisha

    I definitely could use an adult get away

  13. I think that was the best part 21+ only so no kids at all. No even teens or college kids really since the price would have made that a stretch for them. It would make a great wedding destination or highschool reunion for adults only.

  14. Aster King

    What’s up to all our peaceful aqua lovers! This is the most dreamy vacation I could think of this time of year, warm sunny and tropical. This all inclusive part is really amazing to be located in the states, you hardly hear of those.

  15. Beverly Bradley

    I so need a vacation this looks like the perfect one for me. I love the water activities that are included and the food looks great too. Usually the food is always lacking at all inclusive so it good to hear that it actually tastes good too. Not that tasteless cruise ship crap you usually get.

  16. MaryBeth Hanes

    Hey, just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the excellent work!

  17. Jean Paully

    Hey! Thrilled to find this amazing platform! What an amazing vacay you guys went on and this island is perfect along with your sweet little cabana. The outdoor tub is pure perfection it looks like a dream and all inclusive too?

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