Leftovers Make Delicious Hand Pies

Left Over Hand Pies JENRON DESIGNS

Leftovers Make Delicious Hand Pies

Have a bunch of food leftovers from your last event? Well I am here to share that Leftovers Make Delicious Hand Pies. Check out my yummy recipes below.

After the holidays we are all left with a refrigerator full of tupperware filled bits and pieces of meals that are hard to make anything decent to eat. I am hear to tell you that leftovers make delicious hand pies! Check out this super tasty meal that went together in no time and tasted great.Left Over Hand Pies JENRON DESIGNSThese are the ingredients I used to for this Turkey Day special leftover hand pie.

  • 1 box of refrigerator pie dough (2 rolls)
  • sliced Havarti Horseradish cheese
  • leftover mashed potatoes
  • leftover smoked turkey breast
  • leftover cranberry relish

Left Over Hand Pies JENRON DESIGNS

First step is to roll out your pie dough and cut into individual pie shapes. You can use a round cookie cutter or simply quarter the dough into wedges just like cutting a pie. Next, layer your cheese on each slice and spread a thin layer of mashed potatoes.

Left Over Hand Pies JENRON DESIGNSThen add a spoon full of your cranberry relish to the top of your potatoes, and top with chunks of your smoked turkey.
Left Over Hand Pies JENRON DESIGNS

Then take your second piece of pie dough and repeat the same cutting pattern to create the tops. I actually rolled mine out to stretch the dough a bit once I made my cuts. This gave me some excess dough which I used to create the cute star shapes. To adhere the top you will pressure the dough together and I used an old fashion forking method to crimp the edges. This is how my mama made hand pies.

Left Over Hand Pies JENRON DESIGNSMake sure to cut some steam slits in the top of the pies, for the moisture to escape. Then bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes to warm all ingredients, melt your cheese and brown the crust.

Left Over Hand Pies JENRON DESIGNSJust add a side of sweet potato fries, side salad, steamed veggies or a cup of my famous Butternut Squash Soup and you have a complete meal.Left Over Hand Pies JENRON DESIGNS

5 Great Hand Pie Combinations for your Holiday Leftovers:

  • Ham, Gruyere, Sweet Potatoes, & Pecans
  • Roasted Beef, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, & Goat Cheese
  • Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Stuffing, & Cranberry Sauce
  • Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli or Steamed Veggies & Cheddar Cheese
  • Chicken (or Turkey), Ham, Dijon Mustard, Stuffing, & Swiss Cheese

Left Over Hand Pies JENRON DESIGNS

My Favorite Baking Pie Picks:

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Holiday Leftovers Make Delicious Hand Pies PIn JENRON DESIGNS


  1. You can bet I will be making these pies the week after Christmas. What a great idea to use up the leftovers and then we can freeze and save them for work lunches too!!

  2. How festive!! These turned out beautiful! The crust looks so flakey & delicious!

    -Madi xo |

  3. Can’t believe I’ve never seen this idea before. I feel like I’m the only one who eats the leftovers but I think I can get my family on board with this fun recipe!

  4. Oh my yumminess, these look so good. And mindblowing how easy they seem to make. Thanks for this.

  5. Why have I never thought of doing this? Absolute genius! I will try this out this year.

  6. I never thought of combining these leftovers into a pie before but it looks so good, I will definitely be trying these out this holiday season!

  7. I love your ideas, they are so creative! I would never have thought of putting these flavours together but now I’m definitely going to! Thank you!

  8. Bibi

    Omg why have I never thought of making pie with my leftovers! I will definitely be trying this soon! 😁

  9. Vonetta

    This is such an awesome way to use that mush mash of leftovers! And yours are so pretty! Vo

  10. I tried this recipe yesterday and WOW it was delicious!! I had made some cranberry relish and needed to use it up. Although I didn’t have Turkey, I used chicken instead. Great Recipe! This one is a keeper! I started looking at your site and found this recipe a few weeks back. I am so glad I bookmarked the page!

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